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  1. Truly feel that limiting the HUD elements is the only way to play this game... The only HUD element I'm running is the equipment. I'm looking for some mature players who like the extra challenge of having to plan and communicate. I will be playing tonight around 8pm CST. Hit me up on GR.net PM or in game. Just say your from GR.net and we'll do the damn thing! Aut0Lycus on Xbox Live
  2. We are real OG's!!!!! HAHAHAHHA GHOSTRECON.NET = EPIC HISTORY!!!!!!! ROCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahahahaaaa
  3. They need to add physical models of NVG's to helmet; you'll generally need a helmet or skull crusher for NODs. And when you activate night vision in the game your Ghost should pull down the optics. This simple animation and gear option would add much needed nuance in a game that needs it to be immersive. A better melee kill animation wouldn't hurt either. Can we get a vicious knife kill a la Sam Fisher or Ezio?? This dumbass fake bonking them on their head and they are out forever is freaking retarded. MAKE THIS VIRAL!!!! thoughts? this guy gets it: https://www.reddit.com/r/GhostRecon/comments/5sc40x/night_vision_is_awesome_but/
  4. sup players! anyone up for some GR? I have a game up at IP running the Centcom mod only hope to see someone log on, I'll just be chillin on the couch until someone joins! laters
  5. had a few games today with some dude named Elkhound... goodtimes
  6. I'm up for some games right now if anyone is available...
  7. as you can see... I'm way detached from GR at this point... I posted a year ago asking how the game was and just today read the replies (which were great btw ). Time flies when you're grinding for money so you can eat and pay bills... which I didn't have to do when I used to make missions in college (none of which are available for DL anymore ) I guess I'll try the demo one of these days... although I'm somewhat concerned that its going to bog my system down, but then again I'll never know unless I try! world of warcraft... yeah.. that pretty much killed my drive to play TFPS games... I would need some serious MP action to get excited about playing tactical shooters again. GR.net4lyfe though... these boards kick ass, I can't believe how many members there are! Thanks!!! DW
  8. I say bring them on... i'm young, quick, got lots of guns, lots of ammo, and a couple swords, and even an axe. What slow ass zombie would stand a chance?? Good advice about the stair case though... run up it, then set a bomb and run into a different room to prevent chase!! I like it..
  9. Rocky is right!! WoW can definitely take a grip if your not careful... Not really taking a grip over me anymore, although it did when I first started playing!! It can be much more time consuming than GR ever was to me(aside from making mods; which we know is super time consuming ). Yea... i need to get back into some combat sim action again... all the fantasy is a great escape but I miss the tension of one shot one kill for sure! Anyone still play original GR or is pretty much strictly GRAW now?
  10. whats up GR.net!!! I just wanted to drop in and say whats up to anyone who remembers me!! I used to love GR and script missions and stuff... Since i've last been around I graduated college and got a nice office job where I help build houses (administrative side). Gaming wise I've pretty much only been playing World of Warcraft.. Anyone else play wow? or are GR fans pretty much wow haters? I forget... Anyways hope everyone is doing good!! Shoutouts to WhiteKnight, ruin, sart, rocky, en4cment, and many others!! I miss sniping terrorists with suppressed m4's...
  11. check out this youtube.com movie by surefire tactical.
  12. Anybody here remember me?? How is GR:AW??? I haven't seen anything about it (have not looked).. I've been playing world of warcraft lately.. Does AW have the same feel as GR? or is it too much like a kiddy console game?? And how is the multiplayer?? And are mods as easy to create? I loved scripting missions... good times..
  13. I'm probably part of WK77's second group also.. played GR2 on my playstation for about 2 minutes before I realized what it was and what it smelled like.. never got past the first firefight.. it's as if the developers totally forgot why the community dug the origmiss.. squad control and stealth.. two non-existent aspects of GR2.. I hope this game can be sweet... and possibly make it worth it for me to get a new computer to play it on... until then though, I'll be sticking to Tekken 5, MGS 3, Ace Combat, NCAA 06, ect...
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