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  1. So do Activision and it's already been made. It's called Call of Duty 4. Good luck for the future UBI
  2. As GRAW2 has got a lot more peeps talking about matches and ladders, does anyone know if Foolish Entertainment are going to develop ATC for GRAW2? I'd check but their site is down and cannot find concrete evidence anywhere else.
  3. Can GRIN look into allowing server admins to turn on/off auto kick if you have a minus score of x? Where x is set by the admin. Consistent kicks results in a Ban on the server, dumbasses would soon get the message. I think!
  4. Guys, GRAW2 is a cracking game and I think GRIN have finally developed a product they can REALLY build on. However... No matter how much we promote it and generate income (for UBI). It's always gonna be UBI who decide where that income is invested. And I say it will be invested back into the 360 and PS3 NOT the PC If GRIN was able to break away from UBI and support their product (GRAW2 PC) I would back them to the hilt, but it's not possible I'm afraid. Unless UBI have plans for GRAW2 PC, we are stuffed. Simple as that!
  5. I was talking if a modder (non-ubi or non-GRIN) would port the contents of GRAW1. All contents of games are published under copyright. Therefore only the copyright holders (developer GRIN and publisher UBIsoft) are able to make such a thing happen. I stand corrected, apologies :|
  6. You could always shoot at your buddies feet to get his/her attention, point to a place you want him/her to go like a lampost then shoot the lampost!! Seriously, GRIN should have taken GR:AW and built on these advanced features for GRAW2, not removed them
  7. Thanks SUI317, I'll give that a try "Copyrite issues" - what are you guys talking about, GRIN can add the MP maps to GR:AW2 today if they wanted, they own the copyright. I could understand if RedStorm had made GR:AW2 and I was sking the same question, but we're talking about GRIN who developed GR:AW and GR:AW2.
  8. Hi GRIN, Big Question; Will you ever import the maps from GR:AW MP into GRAW2 MP? Little Question; Can I get rid of the red dot that appears when I hit someone? Have a nice day
  9. Hi GRIN, loving GRAW2 so far I noticed the sound bug yesterday playing multiplayer, sound is always fine to start, but my sound went after picking up a RPG and then picking up someone elses G36K (I couldn't hear the G36K) X-Fi Fatal1ty is my card, onboard is BIOS disabled. I'll look out for the exact situation in future
  10. Yes, but me personally, I want to see Desert (Desert Siege), Jungle (Island Thunder) and Snow (Frostbite) type maps etc. Also different theatres like the castle map etc, it's all in this map pack the 360 is getting. What's planned for the PC? Or do we get GRAW3?
  11. What is planned for the PC community for GRAW? If I look at this thread it makes me want to go out and buy the 360 because their community is getting everything we (PCers) are banging on about. Is any of this type of content planned for the PC community?
  12. I must admit the scenarios in [GR] were spot on, we had everything; Streets, buildings, castles, fields, rivers and then we got two add-ons to give us Deserts with shante towns and then Jungles with fortes - not to mention all the mods like Frostbite etc - ah the days
  13. At least in Battlefield series EA have actually created a game that was aimed at the PC market and not Xbox/PS3 crap market. They've also created games that have lastability, I'm still playing BFV for god sake. GRAW only managed like 6 weeks on my pc and R6V a week. I still have BF2/SF/EF/AF/PoE and PR installed as well as BF1942 with DC and BFV. If Grin and UBI don't sort their PC customers out with appealing games to the PC community, EA will be taking over
  14. Welcome Mast. I personally cannot buy another UBI title until I have, A: played the demo and, B: listened to what the community are rating it at. I jumped right in with both GRAW and R6V and got stung with a product that wasn't finished. Whilst GRAW was a most enjoyable game from a SP perspective, the MP and lastability of the game was a write off. R6V never even took off full stop. They say "your only as good as your last performance" and UBI have R6V to come back from I'm afraid
  15. I'm not saying SP should be an after thought, I said it's a bonus - it should have maximum impact but not bore you out of your mind. MP should be the main focus purely because of the continuity. Look at how many peeps love say Pro Evolution Soccer, it's great but you get to learn the computers moves. Same with [GR] in SP. Give them PES online where there is a human behind the opposition (real intelligence countering your intelligence) and how is the game going to sell, better still who is going to promote the game? It won't be the computer that's for sure. [GR] anyone! And stop giving us console like games for PC, terribly dissapointed with R6V
  16. For PC users, MP must be the main priority, decent SP is a bonus. If we have urban maps in GRAW2 can we have some house clearences going on with the classic Ravenshield style of opening doors, either slightly ajar (enough for the flashbang or nade) or straight open all guns blazin
  17. Are you guys talking Client runs at 100% CPU or Server? If I join a server my CPU runs at a constant 48 - 51% video maxed, sound extreme
  18. Hi ROCOAFZ, Yes, he has downloaded many maps for example dragons something, this shouldn't cause a kick though should it - they are stored in his custom maps folder I downloaded the dragons map specifically to get into a server, and the game gave me that option to download the map, so you shouldn't be kicked for a custom maps!? How do you stop the game kicking you? Thanks again
  19. I have a squad member who has been disconnected twice tonight from the BPR server on 1.35 - reason "altered game files" and he's only just started playing the game. Believe me he doesn't cheat, so he's unsure what is causing this disconnection, any ideas?
  20. Is the patch out today sometime (28/11/06)? Does Rocky know something we don't?
  21. granted! Obvious indication: The green ARROWS on the minimap are your squadmates, the green DOTS are not. Didn't you read your game manuals?!?!?!?!
  22. Any idea how much longer we have to wait for this patch? The MP problems are still there! I couldn't believe my eyeballs earlier when two of my clan leaders were in our GRAW TS channel this afternoon, and were actually playing GRAW. So I decided to join them and explain how everything works i.e. picking kit etc, their views were as follows: General description of the game was nicely finished in terms of visuals with some interesting maps that we could definitely war on. Weren't to impressed with the disconnections, 4 times one of my leaders was disconnected bless him and he still kept coming back for more, myself and the rest of the server were disconnected twice!! We didn't see the GL bug. This was on the TuG London server. PS he was disconnected for altered game files, note he's only installed the game today lol - ###### MP feedback was, although you can join a squad, there was no obvious indication who your squad mates are exactly, like BF2 your squad members show green. You cannot spot enemy for team mates like you can in BF2 to mount a co-ordinated assault on the tower for example on the warehouses map - thank god for TS! Please sort the MP issues soon
  23. Can't be Stormin from Lockon - he didn't even give it a mention. 6 titles is what you call support, I will definitely give it a go, do you know when it will hit the UK Pritzl?
  24. 1C Maddox is bringing out IL2 1946 soon which has all previous content and more, I may get this
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