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  1. Did you start a new campaign or is this a mission lauched from quick mission menu? If it's a quick mission check if Auto assign stat points is off.
  2. True! I equipped my team with MM1 they fired a couple of rounds and that was it. They are very slow. I equipped my demo men with Panzerfaust primary and AK secundary. They are very trigger happy with these things. They blow up every enemy soldier but they don't destroy any tanks. When they do destroy one it's by accident. It happens when they try to hit a soldier and miss who is in front or behind a tank. I said earlier that when you put your AI on suppress they'll use their secondary weapon (ea. grenades and m203). Now I'm not to sure about that. They probably used their secondary weapon because their primary weapon was out of ammo. I've tested this. They only use their secondary weapon when their primary weapon is out of ammo. I checked certain missions to look at enemy actor files and what kits they use, to find out how they let enemy AI take out your friendly tanks. If you want the AI to take out a tank you must script it. You can only script enemy AI and allied force AI to take out certain targets like tanks or actors on the map. Obviously the game checks if a certain weapon can kill a tank. In the .vcl files you have TYPE2 which stands for tank (TYPE2-4 is armor). Then you have the AT weapon which is weapontype5. I guess the game compares those two things to see if a round has effect on the target. If friendly AI can tell he spotted Armor... (When AI spots ARMOR you get a message onscreen ALPHA: Armor spotted!) It's possible that the game checks the .vcl file (Type 2-4 for Armor) it could then check the AI's .kit file which checks the .gun file where it can find the weapontype Type5 for AT. When all that is checked it could tell the AI he can take out that tank cause he has the right kit to do so. Your AI team mates only attack soldiers, not vehicles or tanks. WHY? Only reason why enemy AI takes out your tanks is because it's scripted. I don't know if it's possible to do something about it, you probably have to write some game code. I don't think you can... or can you?
  3. How can I make an AI team mate take out a tank on it's own. I have his skills maxed out... especially weapon and leadership stats. Still he doesn't take out the tank on his own. I also set the ROE on suppress still he doesn't take out a tank. I rarely see AI use their secondary weapon unless you put them on suppress, they sometimes use nades or use their m203 but very rarely. Only AI snipers switch regularly to secondary (pistol) when they go indoors or when they are running. I asked myself a question... would a demo guy with AT weapon as primary weapon in the kit, take out a tank on his own? Well I tried that out with the kit editor. - I gave one demo guy an AT weapon as primary and a AK as secondary When moving he switched to AK, when stationary and engaging he used the AT. He shot missiles at soldiers and not at the tanks although he did take out one tank. But I think it was an accident, he probably aimed at an enemy soldier who was in front of the tank and the missile hit the tank and took it out - I gave one demo guy an AT weapon as primary and extra missiles as secundary. he didn't take any shot Is it possible to script behaviour or give intelligence to the friendly AI? Like telling the demo guy that tanks are his priority and when he spots a tank he should take him out?
  4. Yes it's been a long time, 3-4 years It's no surprise, we lost touch, the coop community from back in the days is scattered over different game titles. GRAW and ARMA couldn't live up to GR and our clan broke appart, everyone went there own way. Haven't got GRAW yet, storekeeper said it would come back in thuesday or could come back within 2-3 weeks from now I'll check some more stores for a copy of GRAW. Mordred and Brutus play GRAW almost everyday, it's annoying now that I can't join in now, why didn't I bought it when I had in my hands 3 weeks back arrghh When I have it we can arrange some coop games with 9MS We'll see what GR4 will bring in the future... realy hoping ubi would give us some more info on the title... We'll see what GR4 will bring in the future... realy hoping ubi would give us some more info on the title...
  5. When I first heard the new tittle name "Predator" I laughed hard. The first thing that came to mind was the movie Predator with Arnold Swarzenegger The tittle kept me busy for a while, thinking how this game would look like. I stopped thinking about it cause it makes you have expectations... right now I don't have any expectation so I won't be disappointed. If it turns out great good for them. But my fear is... The community will never never be the same again and a game will never grow as big and live so long as GR. What made GR great is not only the game but the community around the game. I remember the early days of GR, I just had finished the campaign and wanted to play online. GR was my first online experience. With founding Omega-Operations with several members from a previous clan we founded a dedicated coop clan. With Omega we participated in several coop tournaments and also hosted a couple of coop tournaments ourselves. GR became great because of the scripting, modding and tournament community around the game. GR brought a lot of talented scripters and modellers to light. GR lived on those people and the players who played the missions and mods. I know that there are other games you can mod and so but not like GR! Those days are over, today no game publisher allows a game to grow so big and live so long with such vast number of dedicated players. They want to build a fanbase around a game and hope that fanbase will buy the next game. As you see now they bring a new game out every 2 years or so. They just see the money they can scoop up bringing out a new sequel every 2 years. They put a lot of effort in making the game look appealing. Nice graphics and special effects and stuff but they forget the core... I was talking about Ghost Recon the very first Ghost Recon the Ghost Recon. I'll pick up GRAW later today for 10 euro even GRAW2 is now 10 euro. One man has the right vision and that is Mr. Jsonedecker with the tittle Ground Branch
  6. What anoys me the most is that there is no lobby like [GR] had You can't go in the server to change anything. You must start up a server and have limited server settings. I can't even set the number of players allowed. When you want to change anything you have quit and restart that annoys me.
  7. Can anyone tell me how to quit a game in this demo I pressed ESC and nowhere I could find a button to exit the game during gameplay or in the server.
  8. I installed DOSbox and a tool named D-Fend v2. I installed the game went to D-Fend ran the game profile wizzard. Then said run game hit enter in DOSbox, DOSBOX said "This program cannot be run in DOS mode" The games I tried are SlamTIlt, Motoracer 1 and Motoracer 2
  9. Thx Dannik I'll try that tool and see if I can run the games
  10. I have a couple of games wich I want to play again on xp but they're all win95 games. I have a lot of problems to run these little old but FUN games on my pc even when I use the compatibility modus win95 Any other retro gamers here that have the same problem. Help appreciated
  11. This is My desktop But I don't know who she is Who is she?
  12. Please do not link to, or post, magazine scans.
  13. What about an airbase in Spain?
  14. It's a lasergun http://www.arilauanne.com/lasergun.htm
  15. Thx for the codecs Snagit is a intresting program with realy usefull neat features. I gonna try camtasia from techsmith for the larger videos. Also gonna have a look at fraps. thx guys
  16. Thx Do you by any chance know an alternative player to play quicktime movies? Looking for this since a long time. Quicktime will never ever get on my pc again. Damn dominant, suburn, hard to-get-rid-off and get-everything-back-right program! thx Didn't want to make another topic on htis
  17. Hi I'm looking for a program that, when you press "print screen", takes a still of whatever is on your screen, moving things and everything!! When I'm watching a streaming vid on a site and want to take snapshot, I press print screen and paste in Photoshop, I get a black space where the snapshot of the vid suppose to be. I tried a few programs, wasn't what I'm looking for. Last one realy ######ed up my firefox browser when installing plugins for it And since I installed ff 1.5.3 I have lots of problems and error messages Anyone knows some good programs to take snapshots of movies? thx in advance
  18. can you do something about the "plastic" look. The clothes shine to much.
  19. Spyro

    Hockey Fight

    No wonder half of the hockey players run around with no teeth
  20. Damn I thought I had a déjà -vu and could see in the future. I posted there(humor section) about the déjà vu, I knew who would post and what they posted lol then I asked ZJJ to delete it so that I wouldn't affect the way things go... and see if I was right. Now I know I'm not a fortune teller and won't make money of it
  21. We're not talking about weapon customisation because GRiN alrealy took care of that. We're talking about character customisation. In GR1 all players of a class looked the same you couldn't tell who was who by looking at them, most clans don't allow IFF so how would you recognise your teammates. So a name written on the back and chest would be nice. There was a screenshot of a soldier wich name 'Brown' you could clearly see on his back. That would be a nice feature. An armpatch would also be great. Putting your own face in game could be a problem. Your face won't always match the shape of the characters head, could look pretty weird if it doesn't match lol. In 360 you could make/selct your own head/face from a dozen head/face models. GRiN doens't have the time to do this. But an armpatch and nametag on back and chest I see doable. [EDIT] Armpatch ofcourse on the upper arm. Nametag on back and chest. Just to make it clear before someone is picking on it [/EDIT]
  22. http://media.putfile.com/IPSC-Jihad What they gonna make us laugh to death?
  23. Yep they're real except they don't do it dancing
  24. One more off-topic than I quit lol. Just to keep things relaxed in here Crazy jumpmaster http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=36...pmaster&pl=true
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