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  1. This goes Brilliantly with my AusForces mod mate. Great mod!
  2. Consistant in multiplayer when i push TAB to view score. Crashed 3 times today. No mods/files any different.
  3. It says they can be re-distrubuted... It was What more does he need? Atleast i told him it was in it... Why do i feel he is one sad little man who has just gone stomping into the bedroom? Now hes acting like a complete ###### and trying to get eeveryones attention by leaving? I say act like a kid, leave... who cares?
  4. Thats what was done, it was re-distrubuted, by accident... and it was not edited.. Just as your readme says. The M4 SOPMOD is as you created it, and BTW, i cant model for ###### so dont jump to the conclusion that i can.
  5. ahh cool, they wernt modified. just in the folder at the time
  6. Ok, ive made this because there are near no aussie army games. Ive changed the GHOSTs and Marines the Australian skins ect. This also has the M4 mod by SnowFella because it was in my english folder at the time. Hope you dont mind mate. To install simply extract into your "local" folder Download: Link - Size 16.6MB I know the marine shot isnt good but in the levels where you fight with marines you will know the differance. Screenshots:
  7. Its your eyes, They get used to judging at the speed the 78 was. Now they have to judge faster to make up for the 88... Give it awhile, they will adjust. If you dont want your eyes doing this every time you upgrade, throw a ball around for awhile every 2 or so hours, keep them adjusted to the real world. Thats faster than any computer.
  8. I cant get this to work either, im trying to put the scar-l's combat sight and the MR-C Eotech sight on the M249, but just cant get it to bloody work Keeps crashing with the inventory.dsf files (I think thats the ones) Anyone got any ideas? Or, has anyone done this already? Besides Jasons Mod, that doesnt work with the latest patch.
  9. Have you even played it? Run n gun... lol. If you dont take cover you die.... I had alot of what people asked for in GR:AW... I Personally love it.. crank it on extreme and the AI is amazing. the guns work awsome, the range of abilities you have is unlimited... This hammered graw, but it was a differant type of game, GRAW = WAR | RB6V = CTvT
  10. Hey Penrith? I live out near Richmond lol. Grose Vale... ut about the F88, thats understandable mate. Im not a modeler/animator but i no how much goes into it. Maybe oneday there will be aussie weapons in a stock game :'( lol
  11. Any chance of getting you to make an F88 Austeyr for the pack for GR:AW? Attachments like Foregrip Or M203PI Gren Launcher Stock Sight Or ELCAN Scope (Yes some AUG's come with picatinny Rails) Silencer Or Free?? Infomation On F88
  12. Do you want this done for [GR] or GRAW?
  13. If we can have all we have been asking for in the game... but it takes 3+ months longer than expected to make... Who cares? The longer it takes the more testing and things are added in. A demo isnt that important atm because it runs a completely differant way to the consoles, we saw that with GRAW-360 and GRAW-PC, the 2 were dramatically differant.. Simply, if you want your extras, wait it out.
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