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  1. Huzzah! success! GRAW is working at 1.3 got the freakin thing working in all its Hi-res Hi-framerate goodness! Turned out to be McAfees virus scan. "someone" must have changed a setting or two and thats all Im going to say about that...ever. Had to restore my PC to its OEM out of the box state and left the McAfees to its own default devices. Lesson learned. If it works don't touch it. the next thing you have to fix is the last thing you touched. now Im gonna go patch my other two copies of GRAW..cross fingers here.
  2. Awwww Crap! shoe dropped. Man! GRAW works on my other 2 computers....what the heck! granted they are only patched up to 1.21 and I am afraid to patch them to 1.3. The problem reappeared. now It will not run smoothly with any patches. will only run right out of the box. cripes. Could it be McAfees? I dont run McAfees on my other boxes and I didnt see any other threads regarding McAfees and this problem. tried a system restore to an earlier date when GRAW was working and did not work when brought up to patch 1.3, also lost the middle mouse button function, which I've seen other threads with that problem. Just get worse the longer I try to resolve this. Gonna reload Box to original OEM configuration using symantec and reinstall GRAW from scratch. I hope its not my Hardware, this is the first pre-Built system I have ever bought and maybe ever will.....damn wheres that Dell 800 number.......RMA's...RMA's...
  3. first thing I checked when problem started, thought it was McAfees long invasive tentacles. Only thing running is system Idle process @ 50% (didn't check when GRAW is running but will try it later) which I believe is normal for resource hog XP media center edition, unless you've heard otherwise. have been running teamspeak since orig install. worked with it and worked without it. problem manifested in single player and have not been able to test Multiplayer as of yet. I Got the darn thing running with 1.3 patch. took some creative install and repatch. don't know why it worked Im thinking some files got corrupted. Only major thing I did was redownloaded the patch and a full GRAW reinstall and a Defrag which took a whole 15 minutes. I want to drop my saved games back but am afraid it will hooch the whole thing up. will try it this weekend in multiplayer with Teamspeak and hosting to see. kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop...
  4. will try getting the Patch from somewhere else or download and install again too. got this one from fileplanet. havent checked at UBi yet not sure if its there. wonder if DOS FC still works? got latest Nvidia drivers too 91.47 I believe is as fresh as it gets. starting to suspect my Logitech wireless mouse/drivers......probably just paranoia brought on by frustration but we will see.
  5. okay. just reinstalled GRAW. patched to 1.16 tested and worked great maximum video settings patched to 1.20 tested and worked great maximum video settings patched to 1.21 tested and worked great maximum video settings patched to 1.30 HOLY CRIPES! ran like crap, even the looping video was choppy and my hard drive was spinning the whole time. didnt even try to play outcome would be obvious. for me the problem is the new patch ver 1.30
  6. zero fragmented files all drivers are current. the game was running smoothly as I stated, I just finished a defrag and Ive already updated all my drivers even the mouse and changed the batteries for the hell of it and even moved the sensor closer to the mouse. I suspected hardware but just finished running Battlefield 2, Fear, call of duty 2 and black and white 2. all at maximum detail levels and all work perfectly. Now I am positive its something to do with GRAW and or one of the patches. Just cant figure out what it is. Im trying another reinstall and testing after every patch. what a pain.
  7. I ve had GRAW installed since July 4th weekend. Has been working silky smooth at default "high" settings at 1280x1024. worked great in single player campaign and over 100 hours of multiplayer lan and internet. Now all of a sudden here it is September 12 and I go to play and its choppy, I could still play but it is annoying and i shouldnt have to play it that way. reinstalled 3 times twice saved profiles and settings. 1st reinstall ran for one mission and then became choppy again. 2nd reinstall ran for one mission and then became choppy in heavy firefight about 10 minutes into game. 3rd reinstall wiped directory wiped profile and settings. ran once until I quit. then went to play next day BAM same problem. What the Heck is going on? patched up to 1.3 Dell XPS 400 pentium D 820 2 Gigs RAM GEforce 7900 256mb this computer is brand new out of the box DELL Vanilla only thing EVER installed is GRAW. every other program is DELL OEM shovelware. DVD version if that matters of GRAW I know it will run it becuase it was runnning it silky smooth at as high a setting it will allow without Ageia SLI and 512mb video. Has anybody had this same problem? any ideas. changed the mouse batteries updated all video and mouse driver directx. etc. I am desperate to find a solution. I am about to defrag my hard drive (shouldnt have to this computer is brand new and only has about 60Gigs of stuff on a 250gig hd. ) and reinstall for a fourth time. Im grasping at straws here. just a bit of Ironic coincidence, this all happened right after I beat the singleplayer mode on Hard. I wonder if thats what you get for beating the game?
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