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  1. Sorry to ###### on your bonfire cangaroo, but by saying that graw had 35 patches eg 1.35 and that Graw 2 has only had 3 eg 1.03 is very misleading even by a fanboy like you.
  2. Just wondering, is this game still being supported by Grin and if we can expect a patch anytime soon?
  3. How about the ability to pause the game in between rounds to give time for sorting the teams. Also the ability to move players from one team to another by admin.
  4. After publishers treat customers the way Ubi do how can they moan when people pirate the game. They dont deserve a penny or dime of our hard earned cash.
  5. I hate to say I told you so but . Just a thought tho, if they stop support after 4 weeks how is the anticheat going to be effective? Now you know how us Vegas players feel. Just dont buy the game!!!!!!!!!
  6. Hi, am I missing something here? Does the full game have SADS as promised by GRIN or not ?and does it have full server controls too? [Merged with existing thread]
  7. Mine didnt reboot but I found that updating my creative soundblaster drivers fixed my freezing at loading screen problem which was similar to your issue.
  8. I only apologised because I have been very negative in these forums due to my experience with Graw 1 and vegas (not grins fault I know) . But I am sticking to my guns if it doesnt work out of the box I aint getting it.
  9. I wont be buying the game either until widescreen is fixed. No point in buying a product that u know is faulty hoping that it will be fixed at a later date. Just my opinion sorry.
  10. Dont knowif its been mentioned yet. But I have a bug whereby none of the default weapon keys 1-9 work. Also sound doesnt seem right in the game, like theres something missing.
  11. Please note that Bo said dedicated server files not standalone dedicated server files on release. There is a difference, just out of interest have grin fixed anything from the beta in the demo.
  12. Im from Uk and so are about 5 of my clan =CCI=
  13. When the demo comes out could the beta testers please point out what bugs still havent been fixed from the beta to the demo (if any).
  14. Hi just to clarfiy, if I only play team deathmatch, how many maps are used for this mode not including night cycles. Same question for Hamburger Hill. Is it 9 or is 9 the total for all modes.
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