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  1. I'm sick of designers screwing up decent games..... I have multiple computers and have purchased multiple games so that i can play GRAW2 on more than one computer. You were able to do this in GRAW However, when we try to connect 2 computers to the same server via internet (in GRAW2) one of the computers gets an error message or gets booted out of the server. Is it possible to run multiple computers through one router ? ??? do i have to open ports on the router ?? I have seperate e-mail accounts and disks for each computer ! ! ! ! ! what is the problem ?? ? HELP ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  2. I have similar issues while trying to host a dedicated server for GRAW. Pings are good until about 5 players or a high ping joins, then the pings go through the roof. I don't think the computer is the issue. P4 @2.8 2 gigs of RAM 256 meg video card ( Radeon x1300 ) also, in the gamespy lobby the ping reads 0 but it will let people connect. i was bginning to believe that someone enters the room with a cheat or altered gamefiles and sends the pings Skyhigh. someone plz come up with an intelligent answer. HELP
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