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  1. I tried to apply the patch to our dedicated server and i got this message " the game version is to old for this patch, installer will exit" ????

    Our server is running patch 1.01..

    Anyone else got this ?

    I am uninstalling and installing the server again and maybe then i can install the patch.

    I will let you know.

    EDIT : That worked.. : EDIT

  2. Hi guys, we moved all the maps to the other server. You can use it from here : http://www.armaholic.com/maps/

    Link from Ghostaholic doesn't work any more.

    from my server there is no download activated at all .. am i missing something? is the map_downloads.xml the only thing thats needed to activate a download anyway ?



    Can you post your map_downloads.xml in here? Maybe there is an error in your file.

    Can you make a compressed file of all the maps that would be stellar



    Lawnboy, there is almost 1GB of files in that directory, that is a bit too much. But you can download them all from our download section or GR.net download section.

    But if you have some special maps in mind let me know.

    I seem to have trouble getting the server to direct people to download files.

    When i run the server no map_downloads.xml is created, so i copied the one from my game pc to the server and entered everthing manually. Cross checked it with the server of a clan mate of me ( everything looks the same) but no option to download the map when you join the server.

    Did a clean install of the server, repeated the steps, but no luck.

    Anyone any ideas

    The OS where the server is running on is win2003

    tnx in advance


  3. I registered there to download this script, but never get the activation email.

    Can someone send me this script ( sunraa at ghostaholic dot com).

    I hope it's easy to customize this, cause looks like this guy is a good coder, but he need to work on the layout:)


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