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  1. No word on the logfiles turned back on in de dedicated server. *SNIF*
  2. I tried to apply the patch to our dedicated server and i got this message " the game version is to old for this patch, installer will exit" ???? Our server is running patch 1.01.. Anyone else got this ? I am uninstalling and installing the server again and maybe then i can install the patch. I will let you know. EDIT : That worked.. : EDIT
  3. Strangly enough, after a few hours from the new install it suddenly works..??? Don't why, but who am i to complain about it.. Tnx anyway for the reply sunraa
  4. from my server there is no download activated at all .. am i missing something? is the map_downloads.xml the only thing thats needed to activate a download anyway ? thanks, Ed Can you post your map_downloads.xml in here? Maybe there is an error in your file. Lawnboy, there is almost 1GB of files in that directory, that is a bit too much. But you can download them all from our download section or GR.net download section. But if you have some special maps in mind let me know. I seem to have trouble getting the server to direct people to download files. When i run the server no map_downloads.xml is created, so i copied the one from my game pc to the server and entered everthing manually. Cross checked it with the server of a clan mate of me ( everything looks the same) but no option to download the map when you join the server. Did a clean install of the server, repeated the steps, but no luck. Anyone any ideas The OS where the server is running on is win2003 tnx in advance Rhoov
  5. Stats tool ready.. Check http://support.corps7.com/news.php for download and http://www.november-rain.nl under the servers link for the demo
  6. we need xml files of all gamtypes that are currently available for GRAW So if someone has a server and has got xml files from the different gametypes, i would be very thankfull.
  7. Yes.. i am working with a programmer form DS CORPS7 to make atool for stats and for controlling the server we need 2 weeks
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