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    On this map here, the situation is the recovery of a blackhawk down crew that went missing after a crash. (Not those you see in the screen shot.). I'm still playing GRAW alitte more to see what i can add and what not. I want to make this for [GR] first before all the other stuff. But i'm such a noob on how to make vehicles move or fly. I want to intergrate Marines a litte more (Since i'm going to be one), i plan on putting a few snipers for the mexz and have at least a platoon of Marines helping out, with some Scout Sniper teams in view. I work on just about everyday and every morning but in a couple of weeks you will see some improvements.

  2. This is from another post on this forum

    Step 1: Download my handy uniform templates HERE.

    Step 2: Create your own camo.

    Step 2.1: First create a new document 300 X 300.

    Step 2.2: Fill the base layer with whatever base color you wish your camo to be.

    Step 2.3: Create a new layer.

    Step 2.4: On this new layer, go to Filters>Render>Difference Clouds (make shure your colors are set to black and white). Keep doing this untill you get a pattern that looks vaugely camo-ish.

    Step 2.5: Go to Image>Adjustment>Brightnes/Contrast. Throw the contrast to full. You should see a patern of black and white splotches.

    Step 2.6: Select which ever color makes the niftier pattern using the magic wand tool.

    Step 2.7: Fill that selection withthe second color of your camo.

    Step 2.8: Go to Select>Inverse. Hit delete.

    Step 3: Repeat Step 2 untill allyour colors are in your camo. Don't worry if it doesn't look perfect. Optionaly, play around with the blending modes on your different layers to try new effects.

    Step 4: Go to Layers>Flatten Image.

    Step 5: Go to Filters>Pattern maker. Set Hight and Width to 300, Smoothness to 3, and Sample Detail to 10. Generate untill you see a patern you like. Hit OK.

    Step 6: Go to Edit>Define Pattern and save your new camo.

    Step 7: Load up the uniform templates and use the pattern stamp tool to paint you new camo onto the color layer.

    Step 8: Paint in all the other details.

    Step 9: Add in any patches above the wrinkles layer.

    Step 10: Flatten your skin.

    Step 11: Save as .DDS. Save with DX5, and use existing mipmaps.

    Voila, you have a new skin.

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