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  1. Upgraded to Vista Ultimate and found the SLi option in GRAW would not engage. It was engaged in the nVidia control panel. Tried Full install, upgrade from XP, 32bit & 64bit, all the same results. Graphics went from great to SUCKED! Apparantly the Vista nVidia drivers are not compatable with GRAW. Back to XP Pro. Athlon FX-57, ASUS A8N32, twin MSI 6800GS, 3gb Patriot memory.
  2. Then I don't understand? I haven't played since b4 the first patch (currently awaiting the last), but at that time, I ran coop matches over hamachi LAN. Does that help? It ran fine. What on Earth is this about a 3d party server? I am referring to internet service. When you serve a game you are actually serving thru a server (game spy). The other players do not play directly to your IP address but first thru gamespy (must create account) then to your game room. On numerous occassions while playing a player just drops out, the resulting message is "connection to server lost". All we see in game is player exited. This happens all to often, once is more than I care to see. When I serve a game like SWAT4 or Ghost Recon 1 I hand out my IP to whoever I want to play with and ta-da we connect and stay connected with much greater relilability. Of course thats just the tip of the iceberg for my gripes about the CO-OP mode. Its the loss of respawn, the limit of 4 players, no waypoints for restart, no new maps or missions. These additions make the game fun for everyone and the option to disable any or all of them will keep the diehards happy also. I just think they created a gamespy/UBIsoft sponsered worldwide deathmatch and domination game (look at all the UBIsoft servers) and for that it is well suited. But for us 4 or 5 guys (or gals) who want to play private war its GR1 or I'm sad to say we have found most of what we like in another game. We own the CDs so hopefully they will improve CO-OP at least in some respects. I love the graphics, the gameplay, the theory, the current maps and missions but my whole group is dissapointed with the CO-OP interface and reliability and limitations. It was a unamimous vote to find a better CO-OP game.
  3. No, the retail boxed, and patched, and patched and patched
  4. I just wanted to comment about the apparent lack of engineering that went into the CO-OP portion of GRAW. I have been a diehard CO-OP Ghost player since its creation and what I now see is a commercialized marriage to a 3rd party server in order to push server sponsored deathmatch and domination modes which are just the old run-n-gun. The CO-OP mode has not been improved but stripped of the ease of direct IP server resulting in numerous loss of connections due to having to use a 3rd party server which is completely unnecessary and complicates what used to be a simple process. Add maps and missions? Sure as long as you play Deathmatch or Domination. Respawn is also a sore spot, nice you put it in the other modes. Why not in CO-OP? CO-OP appears to have been tossed in just to say the game has it, but it falls woefully short of its former self. Sierra Games SWAT4 is a good example of how a game improves its CO-OP mode and doesn’t bind you to a 3rd party server.
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