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  1. I just updated the "Control Center" (which is the closest thing Logitech seems to list to a driver, I suspect the driver is included), along with the mouses firmware (I got a good laugh out of the idea of doing a firmware upgrade to my mouse... I mean its a mouse, come on) but neither did anything. Tomorrow I'll try mapping a different button to run. Thanks again, InsaneSnyper
  2. My copy of Ghost Recon Gold just arrived today (it shipped on the 12th...) and I'm absolutely loving getting back into this game. I haven't played it in 2+ years. The only thing is, I can't seem to run reliably. Like I hold down the right mouse button, but the actual running keeps toggling on and off apparently at random. I suppose its possible that there is something wrong with my right mouse button, although I've never had any trouble before. I have a Logitech G5 mouse, and am running XP SP2. Thanks in advance, InsaneSnyper
  3. Ubisoft conceals everything in sight just for the hell of it. Look at the DXEs.... If someone other than GRIN were developing GRAW2 they would probably have to use a different engine. There are lots of really nice engines out there (Unreal Engine 3 comes to mind), but I rather imagine that it would be a lot of work to totally redo GRAW in a different one.
  4. IMO it hardly matters what weapons are included with the game, what we need are simple to use mod tools, and a game designed from the ground up for modability. If I recall correctly all of the content that came with [GR] was packaged as a mod called 'origimiss' in the mod folder. Thats what we need. A tactical shooter is never going to have a huge following, what its going to have is a faithful following, and us faithful followers will get thoroughly bored of whatever is included in about the same amount of time regardless of how many guns there are.
  5. Might be better to set a date and approximate time, have everyone write up an email now, then send them all at the appointed time. If you're really serious see if you can't get Rocky to post it on the front page.
  6. Dont think so, iirc he wrote it in a weekend then released it. That was back in like June.
  7. What about GRAW: Black? That was looking pretty awesome.
  8. http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=35599 ^^ First Steps with Modding GRAW Dang, this spell checker doesnt recognize "modding" or "GRAW". I just got the Firefox 2.0 RC3
  9. Translation (I think): As you all know few modded weapons are being released right now. I searched the forums and realized that some new sniper rifles are being created, but no one has put up any files for testing. I would like for someone who has made a new sniper rifle to upload it for the rest of us. Aside from these mods does anyone else have any new weapons that have not been released? ************************************************* In reply, to my knowledge there are no new weapons ready for release. While a few people may have tweaked xmls for the existing sniper rifle, if anyone actually had a finished mod I would think they would release it. Not sure on that of course.
  10. I'm getting tired of waiting. If someone can point me in the right direction I'd be willing to consider taking a crack at this. But I dont even have any idea where to start. Open the .dxe as a binary in c++ maybe?
  11. I would think you might have to actually model new characters for a seals mod, since SEALs definetly dont look like astronauts or whatever the guys in GRAW look like. Actually, some of the mexican soldier models might be a good starting place.
  12. I have to assume that the mod comes with some performance hit, I dont see how it could be done otherwise. I'm not sure about anyone else, but I dont exactly want anything thats going to slow GRAW down in the next patch. Also (and I'm not sure exactly how this works when one person is editing something another made) there are copyright laws that might well prevent GRIN from using Papa's work. But great job on the mod Papa, I may have to check this out.
  13. Oh, yeah, basically unbundle with Nemon's program, edit the .tga, then follow the instructions in that tutorial.
  14. I think the map editor automatically runs the bundler, there shouldn't be any need for you to do it yourself (this is coming from a guy who has opened the map editor once in his life, so beware). If you are trying to bundle a non map mod, then just follow the instructions in the tutorial linked above. If I remember correctly you want to point the bundler to the folder that is on the same level in the structure of your mod as the Data folder is in the structure of the game if that makes sense. The same folder that you could put into the languages folder as a mod is the one you should point to. Sorry, I'm a little rusty on this, I havent touched GRAW since August.
  15. There are tutorials about how to make terrain. They may not be able to give us everything, but they gave us the tools to do what your talking about, then gave us tutorials on how to use them.
  16. His profile says when he was last on the forums. Generally it says today. I'd say that if he doesnt answer PMs its because he doesnt want to, not because hes not getting them.
  17. I know, this is pretty intense stuff. To assist us I submitted this question to NASA... hopefully they'll have a reply soon enough to relieve us of this boggle. Dude, judging by the rest of the post, I'm fairly sure that he wasnt talking about that question. Has anyone noticed that Wille has more posts than 3/4 of the members of these forums? Keep them coming Wille!
  18. I'm all for having a 'mods' folder in the GRAW root. Then you can put bundles in the mod folder. Each bundle has a little text file with it that GRAW reads to give ingame mod info, then you can enable/disable mods ingame. All mods of all sorts go in the mod folder, they are just bundles with a directory system like quick.bundle, and they all automatically overwrite both quick and patch bundles when active. Last I heard the maps folder does this, but can only be used for addons, not to overwrite. So just allow overwriting, and ingame mod menue and there we go .
  19. If your server is running a mod, and is running anticheat, then people cannot play on the server unless they install an identical mod. Now this isnt true of everything, there are certain xml files you can tweak (I think including some HUD stuff) that the A/C does not check, but if the mod prevents you from playing non modded servers, then non modded clients wont be able to play a modded server. If that makes sense
  20. Or could write a simple script to do the same thing. One to load mods, one to unload them. Could even launch the game through them (wouldnt need to take mods out of the folder after you quit as long as you use the 'no mods' script to launch the game the next time). If I get a few minutes I'll post some scripts to do that.
  21. You can sentence a person to death with a higher probability of innocence than this IP gives. When you consider the number of IP addresses available, the chances of some other computer inheriting that IP address are high enough that I wouldnt "ban an IP from the internet", but when you consider the chances of one GRAW player inheriting an IP from another its just such a tiny tiny probability....... Anyway, if GR.net servers keep records you should be able to go back and see if that individual had the same IP back at the same time as m9whore is *known* to have had that IP. Can't have two computers with the same IP to my knowledge. I say string'em up with what we already know, but go back and check if it makes you feel better.
  22. Heres what I'm seeing: 40% of the stuff that you PC forum (as opposed to the modding forum which I encourage you to read, but please leave your negativity at the door) people were bitching about when the game was released has been addressed. Tons of issues that have been identified by people who didnt microwave their game or whatever have been addressed. 10% of the issues have yet to be addressed. The other 50% of the issues is the fact that its not [GR]
  23. Just so you guys know, there was a 'mod launcher' of sorts written fairly soon after GRAW was released. Search for it. Basically it was a little program that would drag the mods in and out of the local folder for you, then launch GRAW when you were done. Good stuff.
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