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  1. I now have a map running between Blackhawk Down and Heavy Resistance, and things seem to be working fine. Maybe this is a viable fix.
  2. Agreed to both. By the way, have you had luck getting Heavy Resistance and Blackhawk Down running at the same time on your server? I get conflicts when I try this.
  3. Yeah, I was a little confused when this happened. It seems that when the server is set to one round per map and you use the /change_map command, the next map in rotation is actually loaded. The solution is simply to /change_map to the previous map in the rotation, and then the actual desired map will load. Use the /maps command to see your list of maps; if your desired map is #n, then use /change_map #n-1 to load it. (Of course, if the map you want is #1 in a five-map rotation, you'd choose #5 to load #1, but you get the idea.) I hope this helps.
  4. Yes, I did last night while setting the map up in our server rotation. We're running only one round per map now to avoid this problem, which is fine. Until you're ready with the next release, we'll enjoy the current version. Nice work! EDIT: And just FYI, we're always looking for new [GR] Coop maps, so please keep them coming. This is the style of play that we at Tactical Gamer prefer.
  5. Thanks for this map, Evilducky. Tactical Gamer is now running Black Hawk Down in our [GR] Coop server rotation. We look forward to the next update!
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