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  1. Oh really? Intresteing. I donno. I mean, I run the game okay, I get a tiny bit of lag..but I know it's due to my vid card. I found a Radeon x1600 pro with 256mb cheap $100... I might get that. By the way, I noticed that there's no in game console.... Any other way to display my frames?
  2. Yeah. I have a pretty high end system. My video card just happens to be my worst thing. I'm running a 3.0 P4 and I have a gig of (I forget I'll have to look) but fast bussed DDR2 ram. I played the demo on the x600 and the frames weren't the best but it ran okay. But yeah... If the geforce isn't even on there then I guess I'll stick with the x600. Thanks for the replies.
  3. Alright I have a serious issue here. I have two video cards currently in my possesion. One is an ATI X600 Pro 128mb PCI-Express card. The other is a NVidia G-Force FX 5500 256 MB PCI card. Now, here's where I'm stuck. The X600 has faster memory clock speeds (400 mhz, and 600 mhz) while the 5500 has memory speeds of 290 mhz and 350 mhz. However, the 5500 has 256 MB of memory while the X600 only has 128 mb of memory. Now, which is more important in GRAW...memory speed of a video card..or amount of memory of a video card? I'm not sure which one will run it better. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Anybody around here from the old GR community at Clan Ladder? Sorry. Just looking for some familiar faces to see if the game is worth getting...
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