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  1. Well, I started playing Operation Flashpoint Goty and enjoy it much better than VBS1, go figure! Maybe because it's not as brain dead, and the graphics are just as nice, in fact sharper. Notice that a group of soldiers will walk right by one of their dead comrads and not even turning their heads? See ya over in OPF.
  2. Thanks for the tips. I did get two programs, DSSQ and OFPWatch. DSSQ doesn't seem to work at all and OFPWatch has VBS1 and add-on download compatablility, but can't find any servers other that OFP. I'll check out your leads, thanks.
  3. Sort of . I started getting into this simulation after playing out some of the better mods along with the default missions. I conceed that many commercial war simulations are often used as training aids for the military, in fact the COTS game Doom was once used by the Army as a training device. It was called Marine Doom, created as an internal mod back in 1988. You may be interested in finding out more about these specialzed softwares by going here: http://www.dodgamecommunity.com/modules.ph...&file=index Now, Multiplayer. It's possible to play on-line via a LAN, but is there any utility or helper program to scan for servers running VBS1 on the Internet, so I can prove out the Multi capabilities?
  4. Okay, bought the VBS1 Core package and every other add-on, module and enhancement package they had in stock, plus a few third party missions to test out. Granted, the graphics do look better than OPF, but this is, IMHO, simple eyecandy enhancments. The load times with all of the add-ons are extremely lengthy, and why is my Lan being accessed during this load time? The only Multiplayer options are Local Net only, unless you are lucky enough to know the IP addresses of other players on the Internet. AI does not seem all that better, but the action figures move very realistically. Weapon implimentations are true to form, ballistics are accurate, and movment seems smooth, however, it's still OFP. The only difference is that it was made as an After Market product for the Military, for the simple fact that OFP cannot be licensed for professional use. I conceed that OFP is a fine battle simulation game, but VBS1 is nothing more than a slice off the same pie, and a very expensive one at that. Reminds me of my old working days as a government contractor, speaking of overcharging.
  5. Been doing a bit of reading on the game forums, and the popular consensus seems to be than Virtual Battlefield System One is nothing more that Operation Flash Point with enhanced scripting. The game engine is exactly the same, although Bohemia may deny this, and all of the OFP add-ons will work in VBS1. If this is the case, then why isn't the Military using OFP for it's training rather than this overpriced piece of fluff?
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