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  1. For the Ubi side, you can't espect more than one guy reading the mail, and press delete after. In the best case scenario, it will be get to some manager or something inside Ubi's HQ, and make this guy rethink about clancy's franchise.

    But, i hope more and more letters like this in the near future, showing to Ubi the real facts of what happends when they don't listen to the community, what feelings and :wall: people gets after some bad supported game.

    If i get the enought time, i will write out myself about my toughts of what they were doing since they have take developing of buyed franchise, as r6 or gr.

    Keep it going.

    Also, making the same to Grin isn't a bad idea. Remember, still no linux ded server files yet.

  2. Hi, i don't know if this is a bad configuration of the server, but every time someone tries to start a vote kick there is like 5 to 10 seconds to write down vote yes.

    1 of 5 people knows how to vote, but its impossible to kick a afk player at a [GR] map because of this.

    Can the admins solve this issue adding like 30 to 40 seconds to vote?


  3. Quick REPORT:

    Connection to the server time has been improved. Like, half of the normal time.

    GL 10 mts bug still crash the client.

    I don't know if this is a bug, but, when i select rdy, it took like 2 to 3 seconds to respawn. I thought thats normal when too many people is respawing, but i was alone, soo, i have no idea why is that.

  4. looking at the "FAQ Server Commands" you could find this:

    Kit restriction
    It possible to disable different weapons with the following commands.
    Disable frag grenade
    Use: /set_kit_fg <true/false>
    Disable grenade launcher
    Use: /set_kit_gl <true/false>
    Disable smoke grenades
    Use: /set_kit_sg <true/false>
    Disable heavy weapons
    Use: /set_kit_heavy <true/false>
    Disable light weapons
    Use: /set_kit_light <true/false>
    Disable sniper weapon
    Use: /set_kit_sniper <true/false>

  5. Well, after just a few weeks of waiting, i recieved my copy today. Played online at IRA server, 125-170 of latency, no that bad, and all i can say..... I LOVE IT.

    Allright, is not GR, i know. I still play it sometimes, also some r6 and rogue. It feels kinda GR, but is not. The lack of maps, and the poor performance on my 6600gt 128mbs makes the things a little bit harder than it should be. Besides that, i feel very happy with it. I would recomend it without doubt to friends, but, its imposible to get it here, only if u got a nice friends like rossiski. I'm very gratefull with you. Thanks again. And thanks all who tried to help me, give me advices and their opinions of the game.

    Hope i make my self clear. (not a big english talker.) See you soon in the battlefield. genarg out.

  6. Hi, i will introduce my self.

    My name is Emiliano, 22 years old, a big fan of GR and R6 series since birth. :P

    I came here after chatting with WhiteKnight today, who told me to make my petiton here too. I'm living in Argentina right now, yeah, the last country in South America, and wanted to get GRAW after release, but no luck at all.

    No retailer, no .com store is able to send me the game. Tried amazon, ebay, gogogamer, ubi's store, NOTHING. No one is able to ship software internationally. Soo, im #####.

    Here is the deal. I have a paypal account. I wan't to pay the retail price of GRAW PC DVD version, plus shipping and another 10 to 20 more for all the trouble to anyone here who i can trust and will make this guy more happier. :P

    As said, no store here have the PC version of the game, only the xbox360's version.

    Thxs in advance.


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