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  1. I think due to the diffrent scripters to each mission, the whole campaign didnt quite dovetail, as I have had so far 3 CTD's which have all been fixed by reloading.
  2. That doesnt mean anything other than that a crash occured. Doesnt tell us anything as we have no idea what the code stuff means. If it was just loading then it was probably a one off error, try going back in and trying the mission again and it will probably load. A couple of missions have CTD'ed for me but come up ok the second time I try. I think some of the mission scripting has some how carried over to the next mission causing problems, I have no idea how or even if its possible to do so but thats my theory, and Ive been working with GR long enough now that my theorys are nearly always right. The only things worth looking for are missing game files or the last thing loaded before the crash. The missing darkmap one I have that, so thats nothing to worry about.
  3. If I never left, how come I have most missed member, surly I must have left to be missed!
  4. The real question is, in Urban Assualt; Single Shot or Burst. Single Shot or Burst. I can never decide.
  5. Are you saying AA isnt real life?
  6. The problem with this sup, (I meant to say on MSN the other nite) is I know your doing it for the fun of it rather than winning, but if your sort of modeling with these new "Mudbox" type modelling process, you have to show a target of what your trying to achieve, a concept or a definate plan, you could easily look at your last pic and say, that looks like someones testing with the poly bump tool there or whatever. I personally think it looks pretty good, but Im no organic modeller, and always with something purly from your brain you run the risk of having it look random. I think if your model has elements of Lizard/Dinosaur in it, so you should build on that, using your textures to really show that it was a planned development. My 2 Pence worth!
  7. GR looks dated doesnt it? It makes me cry, why havent they bought out a GR1 with a sexier graphics engine. That aside, I look foward to playing with all the new bits in this mod.
  8. I get 512 with my 8meg BT broadband. Is it just cause of the area your in that its low? Well its meant to be 512 the actual stats say: Statistics Downstream Line Rate 8128 Kbps Upstream Line Rate 448 Kbps
  9. Sounds good, whats the upload speed now?
  10. Im telling you man, AA is like the real thing. Thats what all the people on the forums say.
  11. When I was using the M16 Ive only ever had one jam. I think Ive jammed maybe twice with the M4 but I use it more cause im in Special Forces. The M9 Ive never had a problem with, or the M249. Pretty sweet. My only real problem comes from punkbuster, cause that is poo.
  12. Good to hear, and also that your hands and the rest of you are ok.
  13. El_Davido


    Im not saying I disagree It was just I was under the illusion for a long time they were quite like the production cars. Yeah the power a 2litre puts out is amazing, but whack a big fat tornado on any car and it will fly. There is the GroupN which is more standard cars, like the Fiesta ST with major mods but basically the same car.
  14. I remember the days you where a knowledgable "book warrior"
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