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  1. Games are bisnes...bisnes needs money to run..and so on. Bottom line is -> Exclusive typically means not with other things or not including other things. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exclusive Today ALPHA and BETA testing is part of bisnes. It have nothing to do with real game testing like 10 years ago.
  2. http://www.gamepolitics.com/2010/05/06/sega-details-alpha-protocol-drm # Uniloc: SoftAnchor requires an internet connection to activate, though you don't need to always be connected to play the game, and the web site offers a work-around if you don't have an internet connection on the PC you install it on. # The PC version of Alpha Protocol uses an internet based licensing system, where, after installation, the user is required to enter a product registration code (license key) in order to begin playing the game. # You do not have to have the disc in your drive to play the game. # The game does not user SteamWorks, and the Steam version of the game will use Uniloc DRM. # The game can be installed on up to 5 different computers at any one time using the license key the game comes with. # There is a limit to the number of computers you can use Alpha Protocol on at any one time, but Sega says that the company is not restricting the number of computers you can install the game on over the life of the product. # Sega will provide a version of the game without DRM using a future patch that it expects to make available 18-24 months after the game's release.
  3. Everone remember "story line" in ORG. Back then it was good reason to go war is someone is killed somewere, becouse war is fun. Now its bit harder to get war. Pepole what to know "is this only option" and how did we get to this point when it looks like war is comming. So we need a GOOD reason to puplic that we are using more and more money to army. So, it looks like UBI is planing us a GOOD reason to gear up again. I think it´s fresh start if this time we would get more story and not that "I stay so world will stay at peace, now I go to missile silo to comit suside, becouse I AM a HERO" Then again MP was GOLD in [GR]. Nobody was intrest in story. Lets wait and judge after it´s out.
  4. EOTech have 3.x or 4.x zoom. http://www.eotech-inc.com/products.php?id=3
  5. I can shoot it down and I can order team to shoot it down 2. Helicopter have red diamond and I can order team to USE it allso. Team will response "no can do, captain" if I try to use it. This have been only mission wher I seen this problem, so only mission 4. I can shoot it down easy, but if I need save my ZERO for later use and order team to shoot down this helicopter we have a bit problems.
  6. Hmmm... Maybe that one is real then. USE should only show up if it's a prop that can be used or a friendly vehicle. This is what I was telling. It´s enemy helicopter that can shot down with ZERO missile. If Im Team Leader I don´t give order to USE that helicopter. I like see that bird on fire and crach down to street.
  7. It's an animated helicopter that can't be shoot down, in other words a prop and not a real vehicle. Some story required vehicles are like that. It was in misson 4. And point was that I selcted team and then select attack. After that I put reticule on chopper and now USE command is now selected, not attack what I did PRE-select. So I need to use mousewheel to select attack again. So in hurry its hard, but if you take some time to aim that floting chopper it work fine. (edited) OK. I reload sevegame and it was after autosave2, when copper come and drop men on street. I did selecet all ghost and selecet attack-> chopper comes and I point to chopper, when reticule hits red "diamond" it changes and attack command is now use command->now reticule is not on diamond and use command has changed to move command. Now if I move mouse over enemy dimond on/off I only have use or move command in selected. So I need to roll mousewhell to get attack command. Hope you see it now (edit end)
  8. Just bought this game and Im playing Harcore SP. In mission 5 or 6 there is enemy helicopter dropping some men on ground. When I order team to attack helicopter->menu changes so that ATTACK becomes USE option. And reticule is jumpping a bit so its hard to roll mouse up and down to get that attack selectd. In map mode I can easy set chopper as target, but cant fire my gun on same time, you know =) Fix this. Thank you. Napalm
  9. Server info screen show incorret kills and deaths. It shows kills in death count and deaths as your kills.
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