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  1. hi, so is there a time limit on how long we have to do all 4 missions ? and do we send each mission in on compltion ie.. one at a time i only got the first 4 on sunday and done one mission up to now
  2. hi guys, maybe you guys can help me, ok i have just got a different computer and a new isp but now i cant join any servers, now the install of GR went fine no problems . but i have been able to join after about 2 hours of attemps not joking then get disconnected after 1 game i have bt homehub-2 , all ports are ok and open the firewall is ok to, my guys in the clan say that i have no ping when i go to join and when i create a game on one can join my server i am happy to give more info if i have left anything out or and i am running XP . thanks chaos
  3. hey guys when will this tournament be starting i have just found this post just cos i will have to see how many guys i can get cheeres
  4. thanks for that but is there any links for them , but i will try to google them my x-fire is all ways on links are good to i may get the wrong one is Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended ok and Gmax which as far as I've told is almost identical to 3ds max, what do you think
  5. Hi guys I`m looking to start to make a map of my own for gr. so i just need some advice not sure where to start so can anybody tell me everything i need before i get started i know ya use igor but is there anything els i may need thans guys
  6. hi............ just to let you know that i have recieved my disks today yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee............... cheers for the quick delivery
  7. yeah its gona be something to hand down to the great grankids and no im not that old yet
  8. nice work rocky a verry BIG WELL DONE
  9. yeah me 2 please i have sent you a pm
  10. yeah my drivers are all up to date for the running of vista i think thanks guys
  11. hi thanks ROCO you just made up my mind for me i`m upgrading thanks
  12. hi guys i was thinking about upgrading my comp to vista, so i`m just asking if GR will run ok with no problems
  13. is there an addy i.e....(X-Fire ) so that we can request the next missions looking forward to this tournament
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