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  1. you misunderstand, i want to make it so everybody must use it, so that no one has an unfair advantage, and lighting actually has an effect on the gameplay. right now anyone can run what they want, i would like an option to force high post effects on a server, so if you join, it automatically changes it and cannot be changed until you join a different server. This is to reduce "cheating".
  2. I would also like other input on this. I would like the option to force high post effects. I have found that low post effects and even medium give a huge advantage over high in view distance with fog and dust, and when it comes to night time, light has no effect on using nightvision, on high post effects though, it makes a difference, you can hide inside the light to hide from people in nightvision. Also, People with low post effects can run NV during day maps and see everywhere fine, no hiding in that dark building so that you are mostly hidden. High post effects counters that. I would like it to be an option in the server settings that it overrides the player side settings. Just a thought, it won't kill me not to have it, but it makes night maps and maps with light and dark areas a little be more fun and realistic.
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