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  1. Well i never played GR..but i did play GRAW quite a bit.it turned stale to me..and if u look at the BF servers.there still goin strong..its a shame GRAW turned out to be such a dissapointment..it had potential,to be a long lasting game..and atleast get the demo so u truly can say the game sucks
  2. Same here in the southern Ohio Wal Mart. Lockdown (Letdown) also got the heave ho! Maybe when it gets closer to Thanksgiving they'll bring them back out since turkeys sell good around that time. oooh that was a CHEAP shot! No harm in a little humor every now and then. Admit that it made you crack just a little smile. It wasnt the advertizing it was the game
  3. Well i wasted my money on GRAW...dont think im gonna get suckered in on a GRAW 2
  4. First off..see if your driver is up to date..go to Nvidia.com..and get the latest driver..also get coolbits..just type that in google..you'll find it...Yes and tweadguides..damn helpful site..also see if your directx is up to date.Good luck
  5. Who did UBI and GRIN payoff for such an honor
  6. My system intel core 2 duo e6600 2gb corsair ddr2 6600 xms2 extreme 2x geforce 7900gtx 512mb 1280/1024 100 refresh I am gettin..and no lie..high 70's to low 100's..depends on the map..all on high
  7. If ever there is an expansion pack, which marketing ploy do you think we should we look out for to suck us all in? HalfLife: Advanced Warfighter SuperMario:Advanced Warfighter How about.."we fixed everything...we promise"
  8. Well i guess i'm the only one that carries the sniper rifle..also carry the mini m8 as a back up..hate nades and gl's
  9. You know..i feel like a hungry dog being thrown a bone..sure it satisfies my hunger for a little while..but it doesnt fill me up..thats what GRAW is to me a bone..every time i get hungry theres another bone to shut me up..And you all have to remember..there a coperation..there in it for the money not for us dogs..keep throwing bones.. and the dog will run away.Its nice that willie comes with his bag of bones..Fill us up WILLIE!!!!..And this last bone was alittle stale. You guys should listen to the people that put money in your pocket,instead of yessing us to death..But i degress..And thanks for the bones.
  10. We have seen the same thing in SCE-server..we only play our special maps on weekends.But now we have our new maps in a self-extracting file,puts it right into the correct folder..no muss no fuss,So visit the site,leave a post say hey and D/L the new maps.They are well worth it http://www.shadowcompanyelite.com/forum/in...php?download=47
  11. Yea he is truly amazing..ever see him go off map..or on top of cars..this guy is a glitch whore..besides bein really good with the M9..wink...wink
  12. I would love to see a semi_auto sniper rifle
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