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  1. Dear GRIN, Thank you for creating a visually stunning game with many features of the [Ghost Recon] series incorporated with many good features of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. The finished work speaks for itself. I was able to play it on a 7900GTX NVIDIA with a big ass High definition LCD TV, and the game looked unbelievable. Truly impressive graphics. Equally impressive sound. Much improved AI especially on harder settings than any other Ghost recon game. The only aspects of the game I didn't like are systemic in all computer games today. I would prefer to have two scripts for the game one 18+ and one for the kids. Lines such as "you're the finest soldier I've ever seen" etc, took away from the credibility of the environment you created. However this is merely a target audience issue, an issue that I think took away from the previous Ghost Recon game. I think this game could have done with an exceptional story. Not just an average one. I posted several times after playing GRAW last year. I got carried away in some of these posts regarding my dismay at GRAW. (Having been completely new to posting on forums and playing games online). Truth be told I have played GRAW online a lot since and thoroughly enjoyed it. I also made positive posts but ultimately drew the conclusion that participating in an online community was not as interesting as it initially appeared. Also, I really prefer to be outside doing things than in front of a computer. Why I like games is really down to my love of film, so to me games are like interactive movies. When they turn into clicking matches I am no longer engaged unless it's after work and I'm just killing time so to speak. I think computer games are an exciting form of entertainment, but I do not think their potential is being realised by modern games. The great stories of conflict throughout the centauries have never been about the technology used in them. They have been about the people of those conflicts. There are plenty of great conflict stories out there, from Bernard Cornwell's "Sharpe" to Tom Clancy's "The Hunt for Red October". Again maybe this is really about target audience and I am just not part of it. I hope you continue making ground breaking games and I hope in the future people want to play more interesting games than are currently available. Having said this, GRAW2 has some very nice features for moving on the narrative. Cross com news flashes were done well, and a huge amount of story was crammed into a tiny time interval. The 30 seconds of video provided tactical and political story lines and kept the pace of the game high. Another great addition was the placement of individual units. One improvement I would love to see would be a drag feature after you click, so that you could point the unit in a direction. The placement blue circle alone greatly enhanced the tactical experience of the game. In my opinion GRIN, you done exceptionally well. You managed to get loads of terrains, guns and action into a tactical framework that gave the gamer the number one commodity in my book: choice. I experienced only minor bugs that had no impact in my satisfaction with the game. Did GRAW2 deliver the perfect game for me? No. But my perfect game probably wouldn't interest a whole lot of people. Just to say it; my perfect game is action, story and tactical puzzles rolled into one. And you definitely realised a good sized portion of that. I am more than happy with what you achieved in GRAW2 and I hope you're all extremely proud of the work you've done. Personally, I just like the Ghost Recon series. It keeps me coming back to playing games. My compliments to the chef.
  2. I just had a few quick questions for Grin thats a little off topic ssorry. I was wondering how does the development of GRAW2 actually happen? Do you guys work in tandem with the 360 version...or are you completely seperate after intial design/concept stage is sorted(are these different for each platform?).... how much do you stray from your(ubi's,whoevers) original concepts? Secondly.And this is purely hypothectical.... The various content that is in the 360 version of GRAW. If said content could be extracted would it work in GRAW PC? i think i know what you're gonna say here,but anyways... With regards software rights and such, I was wondering who owns the actually game and all the stuff in it? Do Ubisoft own it all after you fullfill your contract to make the game to release standard? Or do you have some artist ownership of certain elements? And finally..... How did GRAW 2 make its birth? was it half way through makong GRAW that you were able to start work on second one?... and where did the original concepts come from? i'm sorry if you have already answered these questions . Maybe I should have searched more. But its typed now so.... feel free to just say search creten,search
  3. Just like to say thanks Grin_desmond for the help! I've got my custom sounds working, and that's really solely down to your explainations and tutorials. I would have stumbled around and probably have given up. I was struck by how well organised the sound system in GRAW is. It's quite easy to modify original files, and not that akward to bring new sounds into the game. The hard part seems (for me anyway) to make them "fit", and that's just a matter of adjustment. (my farm animal noises don't really have a place in GRAW...even if it was lol funny) (animal farm mod anyone?) So thanks again to Grin_desmond. Your input really does make a difference. Happpy Christmas!
  4. doh! me too.. GRIN have already explained it and I missed it. All of what we want to know is here: http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...26&hl=sound I would try to explain it,but I would probably do it skew ways, as my understanding has a ot of this in it: .. you get the picture.. But the link above and fireflys post have all the info we need. Just have to work through it I'm afraid. If you're really stuck pray to grin_desmond22 - he is the guy who created the entire sound in GRAW.....reminds me of a certain genisis.."and on the 7th day he didn't rest..but prepared for GRAW2 " edit:don't PM GRIN.....be wery wery wuiet....they're working.....
  5. there is a de-banker out by firefly2442. search for his thread and you will find it. It's quite easy to replace existing "small" sounds or modify them, but I am stuck on getting custom music into GRAW (help anyone?). GRiN_desmond22 has already explained how all the sounds/xml fit together and that is on firefly's thread. Have fun trying to figure it out! I sure as hell did LOL!!
  6. Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 We bring you the world-exclusive first look at the next evolution of Ubisoft's Ghost Recon franchise that will be appearing next year on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Everything that made Advanced Warfighter excellent in its first incarnation on the 360 will be taken to the next level in this sequel, from the Cross Com to the outstanding visual effects. Advanced Warfighter 2 will take players to both sides of the Mexican border this time around, and we have the inside scoop on what this will entail for squad-based action fans. It's a custom engine from the Ubi Montreuil team, a big evolution from the one used in GRAW. They are *really* proud of what they achieved, and they really love working on the 360. This could be a serious problem. They are redoing the whole engine, it's been completely reworked. I'm not a genius and my brain tells me: who will convert said engine from console to said PC???? Who will make sure PC gamers get the kind of game they save money for??? Who will invest in a small vocal group of opinionated forum posters??? Who will make sure Michelle (PARIS ubisoft version of Mitchel) doesn't run around like a lonny-toon on speed??? I Know.......it's gotta be...... TOM "the man" CLANCY SUPER TOM TO THE RESCUE!!! WITH HIS RARE POWERS OF REALISM AND FUTURE PROJECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S SUPER TROOPER TOM CLANCY EVERYONE!!!!! GIVE HIM A BONE AND HE'LL MAKE A COUNTER TERRORIST NOVEL BASED ON HIS OWN MOVIE BASED ON SEMI-REAL EVENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO TOM GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously. anyone consider asking Tom for help and/or best infiltration techniques to UBISOFT PARIS????
  7. I agree. Good post. I only think people in the industry or people who have undertaken huge mods really understand how much work there is to create the game experience you (as in the team working) are aiming for. And as a developer you'll have to cut down to bare minimum to get it done as fast as possible to get some income. Yes Wolfsong I am a IT Manager I know thats not much to do with the gaming industry but I do understand the concept of it. I don't understand why some people are yelling and screaming at Grin and Ubisoft. They know there is a lot of problems with the game and are sorting it out. Do these people think there going to gain anything from Grin by doing this(no). Its not going to hurry them up and its not going to fix the bugs faster. As you all know this game has been built completely different to any other game with the new physic card introduced. And like with anything new its going to have bugs no matter how many times you have checked it. They have to account for every peace of hardware out there that you have in your computer. Its not the same as a console like (XBOX) because nearly every single XBOX has the same hardware in it so they don't have to account for it as much. Do you know how hard this can be for them. They also have to account for the software in your computer. Believe it or not this also can cores problems. Sorry again if this seems like I am ranting Also Wolfsong this is not in any way directed at you or any one else. Its just that when I start typing I don't stop lol Also sorry to Vox*BDA* Sorry mate for the misunderstanding I would also like to say sory formy little rant... It's that Friday state of mind..lol! Really I agree with you completely. Yelling at GRIN wouldn't do any good. (you need to poke them ) No , I'm not saying that. I'm saying it's important to discuss what is good and bad about the game. I had hoped that GRAW would have had fan input. But it really wasn't on the level that I think would do the Ghost Recon franchise alot of good. Still, it's interesting in it's own right to talk about the game and see how others percieve and interpret it. I think the other point that should be made is that more comunication between developers and fans is needed. It would be really interesting and unique if the games industry used their fan base, even if in a limited way. Interactive medium,to me, seems perfect for interactive development. Take the movie industry as an example. How many terrible sequels are made? Thousands. Why? No one asked people what they thought would be cool. And often they're made just to capitalise on the originals success. I firmly believe GRIN/UBI have pushed the bounderies of gaming with GRAW, and they really pushed the concept further in a new direction which shows great creative drive. I do not think they were merely using GR1. But my criticism stems from the fact that this new direction appeared to come from someone realising the potential market for a game like Ghost Recon in the future. hence the console focus , etc,etc. All I'm really saying is, it's worth thinking about at least, the good and the bad. And I still think it's worth discussing, if discussing is still possible. =EP_Geez no hard feelings and it's good to see proper arguments put forward, rather than my opinion is my opinion and that's that. Now that we're all friends.... ....there is one thing...the scale of bugs in GRAW...it would be fine if it was a few people,but all the time there are disconnects,and the close gl thingy.. And there is noting to be gained from complaining. But I think there is a lot to be gained by debating the merits of the game. Do you know how many painstaking hours go into building a house...office block..etc..?orhow many hours of study a doctor goes through to practise medicine? is that a reason not to criticise a doctor who mis-diagnoses or an office block that leaks? Just because somethings seem extraordinary does not mean that they are not completed without 3 things: TIME and MONEY and EXPERIENCE You cut any of these and the office block/diagnoses/game will suffer. In GRAWs case GRIN were not given enough time to have it ready because of all the console work. I think that was a mistake. And Ubisoft was in charge of time and money.
  8. GRIN ran away with petty cash god rolled another wacybacy pole-like cigarette (sry nothing to do with graw ) Ghosts run around without proper coordination GRIN's rage accredited with posts circulating
  9. ok ... that was uncalled for. No one is atacking GRIN. How many times do I have to repeat myself. Read the posts please. And for your information during the summer I was one of the best on Ghost Squad.Server. Had great fun their too. Ask C8DOOM, ATF_Rad etc. Don't be so predictable.... And why is there a SERIOUS LACK OF HUMOUR HERE??? Jeeeeeeezzzz....I mean come on.... !!!!!!!! G etting R elentlessly A nnoyed W hen P eople C omment !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heres some more, balanced so no one has to get bent Positive: Great recreation and winning polished construction Go rant away without passing critiscism Got refurbished adding wonderfully positive content Negative: Going rancid and without pleasing critics Glitter rusted as wondergame poorly created Game reality awash with pastiched creativity
  10. You know what's more annoying than listening to someone whine? Someone whinning about someone whining. Make a funny one liner of GRAW and show me you're not humourless... otherwise .... i rcommeend some anger management in the form of btw..who are u? content or whiner? i thought it was whiners logging on posting? If you're a whiner too... I better get you the offical T-shirt..otherwise it wouldn't be fair... send me $50 and i'll send it to you... Another one liner... Greatful Reconner's Against Whiners Provoke Conversations Gullable Reconers Against Witty Proper Criticism Great Reasons Again Walked-over, Producing Consternation
  11. You know what's more annoying than listening to someone whine? Someone whinning about someone whining. Make a funny one liner of GRAW and show me you're not humourless... otherwise .... i rcommeend some anger management in the form of btw..who are u? content or whiner? i thought it was whiners logging on posting? If you're a whiner too... I better get you the offical T-shirt..otherwise it wouldn't be fair... send me $50 and i'll send it to you...
  12. I was responding to this post. If you read this post it makes reference to those who have been "negative towards GRIN".examples "you don't know them" " you don't know how hard..." I started thread named :" GRIN and UBISOFT got it all wrong" - I believe I fall in this category. "you shouldn't put the GRIN guys down" - I tried responding but as usual people read what they want to read. I said: "I apologise to GRIN and Ubisoft if I sound anti-them but I think these thoughts are worth discussing. Maybe I'm full of s-h-i-t...maybe right now I have nothing better to do.() Maybe GRAW is the best game and the worst at the same time... I was curious as to what people thought about the game. So that's why I posted here. I ask questions to see if others have thought the same,or to provoke some kind of thought. But I realise now that I'm probably thinking too deeply about it! I guess that's the most disappointing thing I found about GRAW was how limited most people's response was to the game...i.e. "I hate it" "I love it" obviously excluding the numerous posts that can be found with the search button...lol..." you have since said: "You really should step back and think about what you are saying. Do you know what hard work and pain staking hours and personal time these guys have put in to this game. " you have also since said: "are expressing that we like the game and saying well done to the GRIN and Ubisoft guys and saying thank you for making the game" This is clearly not all of what you said in original post and, as I’ve said I was responding to that post. people have since said : I agree. Good post. I only think people in the industry or people who have undertaken huge mods really understand how much work there is to create the game experience you (as in the team working) are aiming for. And as a developer you'll have to cut down to bare minimum to get it done as fast as possible to get some income. So how does this information enlighten this discussion? You are saying because a lot of effort has gone into GRAW that means it should be applauded as a piece of software,or art. I will give you an example. There was a famous building that was built. It was built in a time of opulence. A wealthy group of men had bought a plan of an old small building that they felt if brought to a bigger scale, could be a great way to make huge profits. They selected another group of poorer men who they controlled ruthlessly by way of wages and time. This group of poor men worked tirelessly on said building. When it was almost ready the rich men unveiled the building. The public flocked to see it. The roof leaked and there was a floorboard everyone tripped up on, but they had never seen anything like it so they fell in love with the building. Everyone bought an apartment there and the rich men became even wealthier. But alas, there was a small unhappy group who saw through the glittery walls, and they didn't like the leaking roof. This group of very poor labourers would have given anything to help build the building. The rich men wouldn't allow them. The other poor men who made the first small plan had given these poor labourers a dream. Now this dream was distorted by the rich men. These poor men could never afford to build such a thing, so individually they tried to modify their rooms. They found it difficult, as the rich men had not wanted people to make changes to the rooms, as they felt the essence of the building was theirs. The group of very poor men began to become disillusioned. They became annoyed at the other poor men who thought the building was incredible. They couldn't understand why the faults were not obvious to them. So one by one these few poor men who disagreed left and never returned. The roof was patched several times,6 the old folk say, but it still leaked. the poor happy men said that these rich men had done all they could and applauded their effort. Maybe one day the rich men will make these happy men unhappy. Until then the poor unhappy men remain in limbo, attacked by all sides. In conclusion, I am saying 3 things. There will be separate sentences for each. 1) I do not intend to put GRIN down for their creation of the game. I have said over and over I apologise if it appears that way. 2) I feel like I have rollen over because ZERO of what I wanted in the game has materialised. And I hear you guys celebrating as if no fan input is a good thing. Also the money Ubisoft have made off the ghost recon franchise is illustrated on another post and shows we have been shafted so Ubisoft can make sickening profits. 3) I am trying again to have a discussion that appears impossible. So I will quit trying. (this is in fact a new point and unrelated to the last 2). Fan input has been killed already, which I find particularly heart breaking. As input from the community in GRAW was limited. So, in essence, I disagree with your assessment and attitude towards GRAW. Likewise I assume you disagree with mine. I will leave it at that, and hope that the future of ghost Recon is in the hands of people who are not so easily pleased. This post sounds condescending on reading it. I don't think I'll change it. I'd laugh but I know someone will get a good jab in ... Sory for being cranky. It's the end of the week fu*kups as usual getting me down..
  13. Why can't there be compromise? Why do we have to roll over.....There's a good dog..Now wait here comes the treat!GRAW2 ... oh wait...no ...not yet...ahhh... here comes the treat...no not yet..now roll over....go on rollover! Who's a good dog! here you go...you can have the treat in a few years.......................................... GRAW's a cool game. But it doesn't live up to the style of game [GR] was. My stance is say what you feel and if it goes against what the suits want...then all the better. They want my money: I want my game.let's compromise...not have me roll on the floor like a dog. woof..
  14. GR:AW PC Game Ruined: Accomplished With Partial Completion Keep 'em coming!
  15. Personally I have no problem with any person or development team, etc. I do have a problem with coporations taking the art out of art. I have played the game throughly and thought it had some brilliant moments. But after completeing it a couple times, (still working on hardcore), it's limitations were obvious. Multiplayer is great fun when it is bug free. But even when I was playing on 7900 GTX , i would get crashes , disconnects regularly. And when you have a limited time to play these games it is irritating to say the least. I know GRIN have put in many many hours. I feel bad for GRIN because they were asked to do an impossible task. they were never going to be able to please everyone. For a discussion forum people here don't really seem to discuss. They take sides and hold at all costs. Where productive thought comes from in this atmostsphere, I don't really know. Anyways, everyone likes to say they own opinion and be right. And if that's all anyone wants then I guess it's ok. On the other hand this forum allows people like me to talk to others who like these games for free. I thank ghostrecon.net immensely for that. Maybe that's more important than anything we agree or disagree on...Again I don't have any answers...!(and i'm running out of good questions too!) I apologise to GRIN and Ubisoft if I sound anti-them but I think these thoughts are worth discussing. Maybe I'm full of s-h-i-t...maybe right now I have nothing better to do.() Maybe GRAW is the best game and the worst at the same time... I was curious as to what people thought about the game. So that's why I posted here. I ask questions to see if others have thought the same,or to provoke some kind of thought. But I realise now that I'm probably thinking too deeply about it! I guess that's the most dissapointing thing i found about GRAW was how limited most people's response was to the game...ie "i hate it" "i love it" obviously excluding the numerous posts that can be found with the search button...lol... If we were talking about Serious Sam, the above would read "Wohoooooooo!"... But it's Ghost recon.... I'm delighted you love the game all the same!
  16. Ok guys..you can do better than that... Think of this as Vox's PC GRAW Quip Competition Extraordinare!!!!!!!! Winner will recieve a Special Forces Thermos full of hope......... Now lay 'em on...but only you're finest! "re-runs" - not bad ... but that's about the post...not GRAW,, If you don't like the post ...here's an idea...don't reply! Take all your sorrow, pain and dissapointment, and forge it into a sentence of succinct poigency... The winner gets the chapel on "church" map named after him.... And don't forget the thermos... (NOTE:HUMOUR)
  17. With figures like these why would Ubisoft give a **)* about what we think. They can count on new gamers loving their product which will sell enough copies to break even on PC. PC gaming magasines will sell it for them. Meanwhile they reel in the cash fromthe kids with the consoles. And we're left with disconnects and poorly tested software. No one can claim that this software was well tested. So ladies, gentlemen and gamers.........................................Have the suits won??? DUN DUN DUN... Please.. only reply with your best one liners.... Ubisoft six-month earnings up 13 percent Six-month sales top $218.4 million in gross revenue; GRAW singled out as prime revenue driver. By Tor Thorsen, GameSpot Posted Oct 24, 2006 4:19 pm PT Today, Ubisoft reported its earnings for the six months ended September 30, 2006, the first half of its fiscal year. Like many publishers, the company beat expectations, reporting 172 million euros ($218.4 million) in gross sales--a 13 percent year-on-year increase from the same period last year. "Ubisoft achieved a strong first semester, exceeding our first expectations by 25 percent," said CEO Yves Guillemot, referring to the company's initial projections. "This performance results from the quality and diversity of our catalogue [and] the strength of our distribution network, which allows for efficient promotion of our games and brings us an increasing number of publishing and distribution deals." Of all Ubisoft's titles, Guillemot singled out the Xbox 360 version of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter for particular praise. Developed at the publisher's Montreal studio, the critically acclaimed third-person shooter's premium map pack was downloaded 150,000 times on Microsoft's online service. Ubi's announcement did not break down sales of the map pack by territory, but it did say the publisher received 3 million euros ($3.8 million) of income from sales on Xbox Live Marketplace, most of which came from GRAW. Looking forward, Ubisoft now forecasts sales of around 270 million euros ($342.9 million) in its third financial quarter, which will end on December 31, 2006. If the prediction proves accurate, the publisher will enjoy an 8-12 percent year-on-year increase in quarterly income over the previous year--up from the previous estimate of a 5-10 percent increase. Another topic of confusion brought to you by Vox..... Don't worry my sporadic posts will be continued...but they'll be ..on...off..on..off..on...off..on..off..on...off..on..off
  18. I have a Acer aspire 2023. I get 16-24 fps on GRAW in multiplayer.It's just about playable....as long as you are patient..lol I would recomend you invest in the best laptop you can afford. Put all your money into processor,ram and graphics card. I bought mine in 2004. I was able to play half life 2 etc. on med - high. I have to say I found Acer to be the best value for money, but their chasis is not as solid as others. The pentium M processor I found to be very good on battery. But if it says 5 hours .. it means 3 max.. And if it says 3.5hours , it's closer to 1hour 15 mins with full use. One other word of advice. Don't get anything you won't use. I know it sounds silly. I have a multi photo card reader jobby that I've used 2 times in 2 years. The exapansion port I'll never use. Firewire I don't use, but will if I get external hard drive.... The other thing is if you don't need to use it on battery:: then don't buy a laptop with good battery life. If you want to play games you will almost always be somewhere near a plug socket. Battery life will never be any good playing games. Buy the biggest, ugliest,heaviest beast you can and it will last you. The thicker the better. Makes it look like its from 1993 and worth nothing. Get a bag with it! It's a pain in the ass to get one later. If you want a powerful machine it will be heavy. Ask yourself how much you will be walking with it and how far. Not walking around the world? Most people aren't, and if you can, ignore the adds and go for a heavyweight. You'll get more features and less design b-u-l-ls-h-i-t. Laptops are not upgradable. ie the system is sold to you missing components for optimum performance.NOT the other way around. Remember this. As I have friends who were convinced of upgrading their machine in 2 or 3 years. Which they can't. All they can do is buy more RAM. I bought the 2Gb's for my machine and GRAW jumped from 10fps to 16 - 24 fps. This means get the RAM in the beginning so you have max performance always and you know the limits of the machine. Oh...and one final point in this rant. Get a desktop instead, if you can. You will save 50% for the same system. I should note that I'm in europe and in the states competition actually exists so you may be able to get good deals on laptops. But generally you can put together a top of the line system for the same price of an average laptop. You can get a flatscreen and fit your whole desktop into a suitcase. If you're in colledge/work/etc and need a laptop, it's probably for word processing. Buy a cheap second hand piece of crap!!!! Word processing can be done on literally ANY laptop. Spend the rest on a super gaming desktop!!!!!!! Most people are sold laptops because of a truely mesmerising advertising campaign. But most people do not need the type of machines that they are buying. It's this "I'm buying a lifestyle" attitude that feuls laptop prices rather than bring them down. Use your head when buying. Most people don't. (is watching DVD's on buses/trains/donkeys that important?) Online shops can have great deals if you find them. There is no miniumum when it comes to games. You buy the most advanced hardware and then the software surpases you in 2-3 years. If you buy minimum now you will have to upgrade next year to play whatever is out then. Buy the highest you can afford. Why not make the machine more affordable - get a desktop ($1500)+ piece of crap laptop ( for word processing , internet , etc)($300-500). 1 laptop @ $2000 = Toshiba G35-AV600 Now: $1,899.99 Powered by Intel® Centrino® Duo Mobile Technology, this system offers a 17" WXGA TruBrite display, high end NVIDIA® graphics, dual HDDs, and DVD burner. New 1bit Digital amplifier and harman/kardon® sound, make TV viewing a pleasure! Intel® Core™ Duo Processor* T2400 [1.83GHz, 2MB L2 cache, 667MHz FSB] Genuine Windows® XP Media Center Edition 2005* Windows Vista™ Capable* 1024MB PC4200 DDR2 533MHz SDRAM* (512MBx2) 17" Diagonal Widescreen XGA+ Ultimate TruBrite™ Display* (1440 x 900) NVIDIA® GeForce™ Go 7300* with 256MB GDDR2 discrete graphics memory 160GB: Two 80GB HDDs* (5400rpm, Serial-ATA) DVD SuperMulti (+/-R double layer) drive* Intel® PRO/Wireless* 3945ABG (802.11a/b/g) Bluetooth® (v.2.0) + Enhanced Data Rate (EDR)* Ok now for a desktop: @ $1,600 from Alienware ATI Radeon X1600 XT Processor manufacturer Intel Processor type Core 2 Duo Clock speed 1.86 GHz 1Gb ram 4 ssupported,, yada yada yada ANd for piece of crap laptop: $575 IBM ThinkPad R40 $ 575 On Sale P4-M 2.2GHz, 512MB, 60GB, CD/DVD/CDRW, 10/100, WiFi, 56K, 15.0" TFT And I just did quick searchs on them but you get the idea. $1600 + $575 = $2175 versus $1900 for a worse machine And this is besides the fact that for $1600 you could put together an incredable machine. Don't forget the huge advantage in having PCI express slots. This is the only way to be able to upgrade a graphics card at a later date. I hope this helps. As you can see your money goes down the drain with higher end laptops. But if you are determined to get one follow the rule of "get the best". This is help it "live" longer. All of this is just my opinion,btw. PS - Every time I post on this forum it turns into a rant....must be the color scheme....
  19. I hope people here check out Armed Assault.(www.armed-assault-zone.com) If you're looking for a game that asks you to use terrain,various military units,weather,time of day,etc to your advantage in a massive realistic combat simulator , than look no further. This game deserves attention as do its developers. They left codemasters and made it on their own. They almost didn't get published untill a small publisher from Czech rep. took them on. I believe the future of FPS in the vein of [GR] is small dedicated groups who will use limited graphics with extraordinary intellegence. I want smarter games,not flasher ones. FEAR is a good example. I played it on a high end machine and while the visuals were stunning the story and the climax ween't. I felt it fell short of the hype...but it did scare the ###### out of me..LOL. As far as I'm concerned when I'm [GR] style games I want to use my brains and get the thrill of exciting action. SWAT 4 was a great idea,but cumbersome and a little slow. But it made you think..and when plans went wrong you had to react. This is the key to a game that engages your whole brain. You can then feel a sense of accomplishment for tactically outwitting the game. GRAW had few moments of this nature. Generally linear, the few times your choices make a differrence you are forced to do something that seems nonsense. Like assault bunkers with 4 guys. Sure. At least in Flashpoint you have the option of sitting 1.2 miles away and sniping them with a barret. Armed Assault will be a good game but almost defineatly with flaws or cutbacks. However, Operation Flashpoint enjoyed an enormous amount of modding. Truely great stuff was produced and still is being made today. 5 years later. The modding of Armed Assault will be very similar to Operation flashpoint. And I can assure you great things will come from this modding community. Do you think in 5 years anyone will play FEAR or GRAW? Not unless they are heavily modded. And Ubisoft have made it intentially hard for modding since the beginning.I mean how could they think no one would want to mod GRAW? did they do a google "ghost recon mod" search? Rabbi I hope you give Armed Assault a chance...I know you don't want to..LOL . Keep safe...and whenever you feel like leveling the place...try an AH64 in Armed Assault.
  20. Rabbi.....do yourself a big favour and get "Armed Assault". Out in Febuary..(lol-so they say..) But if you now german or czech you can play it now!! buy it from amazon.de and wait for some enterprizing modman to give you english subtitles. Trust me it will be worth it!! Just passing through .. I thought there was a 1.35 patch out...guess not. Got GRAW to run on 1.6pentium M , 9700 radeon mobility... needed 2 gb's of ram though. 15 -22 fps...wow is right. What really annoys me is that I have so much more fun playing Operation Flashpoint. And that's 5 years old... I thought game's were supposed to get better? I think FPShooters are turning out like boxing...We had the glory early years,then the heavyweight greats then ... Mike Tyson ....GRAW = MIKE...ie,amazing but totally unbalanced and needs much work... And boxing now?...stagnant with falling viewers.Audiences switch over to K1 etc.or similar extreme ######.(imo) Funny actually,When GRAW was released it was like Tyson Knocking everyone out in 2 mins flat. GRAW was far superior in every aspect. Now GRAW appears to be entering "ear biting" phase. Saw a boxing docu on tv last night.lol) UBISOFT DON'T REALISE HOW MUCH THEY HAVE SHOTTHEMSELEVES IN THE FOOT EITHER. There will only be a target market of 10 year olds when they finish. That means they will lose us older folk. Which may well be a good thing as hopefully the games we want will be made by smaller more dedicated teams....like Armed Assault..(ok i'll stop plugging it!). This could be great for those of us who like intelligent games. btw...check out DEFCON for another cool game. Movie graphics is not the answer to future games. Intelligent use of limited graphics is. Unless you can convince the kiddies to play games with patience, I see a bleak future for ghost recon. Anyways EVEYONE HERE should check out Flashpoint and defineatly "Armed Assault".(last time promise!) They are excellent if you like military shooter types. I agree with everything you said Rabbi. forget about GRAW.....maybe take up water polo? Fort Bragg must have a pool for Delta/short bus people, to go swims swims in....lmao ...man i'm funny.
  21. This is haappening regularly to me. I never had any problems before 1.30....(maybe some substance abuse....debt...etc) (!) GL: Using GL at close reange causes immediate crash desktop DISCONNECTION: I am being regularly disconnected by all types of servers.*And no...its not cause i'm banned STARTUP GAME WITH M9 PISTOL: sigh...no chance to pick kit.. This is quite annoying.To say the least.
  22. Ritalin? You've GOT to be joking.... Vox's "got-the-shakes" fix all gumbo: Put in blender: 100g Finest local horse tranquilisers 200 pure crystal meth 400g local Valum, fresh preferably 1L Jameson Whiskey,stolen perferably 8g pure base Mix throughly for 3min or until the fumes make you dizzy. Sip....try not to pass out and enjoy. Try not to do this: As you may go But you should feel like this which should pass to this And then probably some of this Which will pass to leave you (For those special monday morning blues add some of your finest acid..makes the rain just melt away...literally) any one who doubts AA must of not played OFP. =P -agree totally!!
  23. RABBI - You get my MALE LOCKER RooM SKIN ON SKIN ASS SLAP AnD HOLD OF THE YEAR AWARD!!!!!!!!!! DAn-SAI...u are a lucky man i guess. Congrats!! You Really need to see this....
  24. Okay . Time to set the record straight. I really lov...e...ergggh..ah...erGGh...hat.....e GRAW. I mean what other game is so completely ERGHUMPPhhhah....aarGgGHHH..eeh, from beginning to end. Seriously, GRAW will prove to be one the the most AHHHHGerrrr,,,umop.,,,JuggakoolwoHHE.arGGGh games that we will ever see. (StOp WiTh ALl ThE CRaZy TaLk - DoN't LEt ThEM KnOW yOu'Re InSAne!!) Of course...yeah....I mean.....ah......as I was saying..........eh.... (...................iT pUtS ThE GrAW DiSc IN tHE DriVE.....................iT pUtS ThE GrAW DiSc IN tHE DriVE.....................iT pUtS ThE GrAW DiSc IN tHE DriVE.....................iT pUtS ThE GrAW DiSc IN tHE DriVE.....................iT pUtS ThE GrAW DiSc IN tHE DriVE.....................iT pUtS ThE GrAW DiSc IN tHE DriVE..) wel....ah..I gotta go...you see......there's this ah..... (ImPOrtANT "DeVEloPER COUnCIl ELdER MeeTIng" whiCh WilL REveAl All AnsWerS To THe GamE IndUsTRy...) there's this ... eh... meeting elder developed ...ah... cancers..... in ...ehh........... (NO YOU IdIOT!!! - ThaT'S WAY TOO CRAZY!!! NOW WHAT DID I SAY ABOVE?????!!) you said...ummm..that.. (SON OF MARY@S oNLY LEgiTImATE BOWeL MoVEMEnT!!!!!!!!!!! THEY CAN SEE THAT ! STOP! in thE NAMe------- VOX GETS A SMACK FROM A PASSING GIANT FLY woo....that's better.....too many nachos I guess....nelly.... so anyways, I put the two posts up to see what kind of reaction I would get. see what people really thought of GRAW. And to see what kind of input fans of the game might have in the future releases of GRAW. The answer?....well we'll just have to ask the elder council I guess..... (ThATs WHAt U ThINk SmARtY sMaRTy) (he hE he HO) he...he...ho?
  25. Rabbi - for your own viewing pleasure PLEASE check out these mod site of original OFP: www.ofpnam.com -u guessed it VietNOW! www.ofp-sgc.com -Stargate MOD 1.3- beautifully done ! www.ballisticaddonstudios.com Basically Delta and Rangers and vehicles from "Black Hawk Down" - plus insurgence campaign which is brilliant!!! www.operationflashpoint.filefront.com has a general gist of what's out there. Unfortuneatly a lot of sites are gone or have bad links but you can see the amoubt of modding that has gone into OPF.....it truely is magnificent !!!!!!!!! From CAS to SEALS, and Aircraft carryers to civilian aircraft, claymores , trip wires - you name it -someone's made it! Maybe graphics aren't GRAW standard - But isn't is GREAT to see a game developed for it's concept and gameplay? rather than it's Hollywood look-alike appeal. Not that I'm not in love with launching a grenade that tears the world around me into beautifully shaded pixel heaven,screaming on teamspeak that I got the son of a b-iti-ch with the last snap of my M9 - that I keep locked and loaded..........................just in case. LOL.
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