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  1. Hi bellerophon: Yes it get's flustration when the game does not run right , but as you can see the only way I could correct mine was by getting a larger vido card and now I have patch 1.20 in the game and it runs great, I didn,t use 1.21 because it seems to be for online play and I don,t play online. I don,t know if this will help your problem ,but just to let you know you are no alone with this type of a problem,it.s a great game so hope you can get it to run right . bob224
  2. Thanks Forrester I took your advice and got a new video card : ATI Diamond X1300 AGP 512 MB and yes the game now runs a lot better. bob224
  3. Thank you everyone for your reply. my computor = windows XP 5.1 cpu 2.60 ghz ram 1536 mb direct X 9.0c gforce 6600 128mb driver 84.12 sound SB live 5.12 So you can see Zulater and Rocky that I have upgraded my system a little since 1989,I just wanted to let you know that I have been playing games for a while( I,m 70 years young) Went to control panel admin tool NOX, but could not see any red icons? And as far as drivers go ,I started with 91.33 then went down to 84.12,trying to find one that would run this game.I found that it ran OK in 84.12 ,no perfect,but good enough to play it As I said I tryed most of the patches but none worked I didn,t try 1. 21 because it said it was for mp,I only play off line. And I tryed most of the patches more then once.So Rocky wants me to try patch 1.21,to see if it will work you know what I have to do for that, make a copy of my game rename it then if it does not work reinstall the game again,and past my copy over the installation and hope for the best. And as I said before I found that the game runs best right out of the box 1.02,it still has a stutter in it ,but I can live with it. I do have register clean on my machine which I run every now and then. One thing I have foud is that UBISOFT games are coming with more problems then there are worth ,like IL2.I figure that us pc game players are a dieing breed ,that console are going to take over from us.In fact I am thinking of getting a Xbox or smething like it because all the new games come out on that first.I,ve even found out that stores like EB will not take some pc games back for a refund or exchange.I have 2 large box,s full of pc games that no one will take back. So on that happy note I will again thank you all for getting back to me.I spent yesterday reading the comments on this form and found that other people are having the same problems as I am. bob224
  4. I got the game about a month ago and have had nothing but trouble with it,I'v loaded the game almost 5 or 7 times and I'v been playing pc games since 1989.I played most of the ghost recon games(ghost recon,desert siege,island thunder) and still have the cd,s. I have an 80 gig hard drive and had to buy another 80 hard drive because my other one was full,with a lot of games .I have IL2 complete which is 8 gig in size. But to get to my problems: 1 Every time I load one of the patches the game will not start again(1.06,1.10,1.16,1.20) I never even tryed 1.21 .The game loads the small green icon ,runs black for about 35 second then stops and I get the message to send to Microsoft err. And other times it just go's to desk top. I though it was my driver (9.31 Gforce)but changed down to 84.12.The game seem to run a little better. 2 With one of the patches load the game ran very slow ,the stutter was about 3 to 6 seconds and if you hold the W for walk ,when you let go of the key he would keep walking for a lot of steps and if you moved the mouse, the gun would not follow it ,which makes the game very hard to play 3 And some times when using the map ,the icon on the map would shot across the map if you move the mouse just a little bit, so you cannot use the map to play the game. Well thats most of the problems there are more but not worth going into .I'v tryed most of the things that I can do to make the game run ,but the only thing I found, was the it only runs best right out of the box,with no updates. Still a good game and will keep at till I can complete it,but I wish UBISOFT would try and do a better job on their games next time(same with IL2) best to everyone bob224
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