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  1. GRAW2 needs a complete add on made available,not just a patch. That wont bring bring people back.[GR] did with Island thunder,Desert Seige, Ravenshield with Athena Sword ect. I bought COD4 only because nothing has been happening with GRAW. Love the graphics,gameplay is Arcade with eye candy.Anymore than 10 guys on those maps and its just utter kaos.its ok to hack around in but thats it IMHO. UBI and GRIN need to step up to the plate and put out a substantial download complete with a bunch of maps,bug fixes and not just in a patch. The add on for [GR] kept that game alive for years. Whats the big deal in delivering that for GRAW? I keep checking back here hoping for just that.Maybe im holding on for nothing. Prove me wrong GRIN. Love GRAW, but 3-5 full servers worldwide is pathetic.Im old and stubborn in my ways and having to give in to bunny hopping, summer salting, arcade shooters annoys me to no end but it seems that with 28000 some odd servers running in COD4, that speaks volumes as to what the average gamer wants these days.Look at BF2, still running 5000+servers strong. I considered getting RVS Vegas but heard theres no one playing it either. UBI needs to s*** or get off the pot and figure out whats wrong with this picture.Give your customers the support they deserve and they will support you. Its not rocket science. Sorry for the rant but I to want this game to do well.Just think its a little late.I'll dust off the disk when I see something happen.Until then its back to a 60 dollar headache in COD4,wheres my advil
  2. Agreed man, thats why i unistalled it 2 weeks ago. Never will I spend another dime on an UBI title. Been there since the start and its finally over for me anyway.Just sick and tired of their ###### poor support with every title they release. Maybe we can hook up in something actually playable soon enough. Peace out, been a slice.
  3. Thanks V, played them last night with you guys and not one issue. Was great to get that old GR feel back.Now if we could get a few more peeps playin this thing would rock. Thanks again and great work. An Embassy or Vilnius map would just be the bomb, hint hint...lol.
  4. Cool,thx Rugg, we tried to run a few of the trr maps the other night and kept getting "out of sync" and freeze ups. took it off and not an issue since. May be related or not. what the hell do I know lol. i'll try those bundles tonight with the guys.
  5. So for Rugg or anyone that designed this, may be a stupid question...if I put this mod in and have the TRR one in as well am i lookin at trouble with crashing ect? Havent tried both yet,Thought i'd ask first.Or are the versions of castle the same ect...reading the other posts its just a bit confusing. Thanks
  6. Community awareness is your best defense against the boogereaters, you will never stop it completely but as I found back in the old GR days, it will over time make for a better cleaner gaming experience for everyone. Every little bit helps. Hiding the thread wont accomplish much of anything. Good find, one more kiddie exposed!!
  7. I personally like both styles, spawns and no respawns. I use the respawn servers to keep my game sharp , but can still slow down enough to play it smart in a no respawn game when I need to. If and when the time comes for me to join a clan,I will definately go no respawns full time. the pubs are fun,just ignore the idiots and play the game. What makes a player great is the ability to adapt to being "pinned in". I get more satisfaction knocking off 4 guys who think they have me than just complaining about it.Thats just me. I also dont blame the map design, I blame the lack of teamwork, some of the "old schoolers" will agree that with 8-10 guys on comms all doing their job,no map is impossible to conquer with the right tactics. It is however harder playin in a pub with no comm communication..thus the "Rambo" style.
  8. I know personally that most of the CDN guys waited around patiently for some good news to finally launch this game to a playable and matchable level. Unfortunately most of our guys have simply given up and its a shame because we all waited forever for a GR sequel. I think maybe 3 of us left that dabble in it a little here and there but for us the game died a slow painful death. Im tired of getting kicked for no reason by the game itself or waitng for server only to have it hang forever ect ect...the game runs great on my machine but the lack of people playing and all the continuing bugs made the novelty wear off fast. On a side note, the spawn raping is just outta control . All this adds up to less than an enjoyable experience. I havent said much of anything on any of this until now as I feel its better to give something the benefit of the doubt rather than just start screaming the minute some little thing goes wrong. I may still play now and again but I have lost the interest in it I had when it first arrived so i really dont care either way where it goes from here. just my lousy 2 cents. Play on!
  9. Its happened a dozen times to myself and some of my clan mates. If your in a full out run and stop and immediately your gun comes up and the thing will not fire until you click a second time. I dont know if its a bug or lag but I never saw this before the 1.30 patch. Im runnin this game at an average of 48-55 fps and its frustrating as hell to have that happen when split second precision is called for. Just throwin it out there in case anyone else has seen it. Oh and just an FYI, im not tryin to fire to quickly before my gun comes up. Like I said it happens after it is fully raised.
  10. Just wondering, will this app allow me to utilize my dual core cpu 3ghz even though GRAW wasnt programed to utilize dual core?? At least thats what I have read in recent posts. Maybe im wrong but dont want to start messin around with something that could make a big mess LOL . thanks for any help.
  11. I have already installed and played on multiple servers with the Filefront Patch with no issues. It is the actual patch. I was not part of the beta testing.
  12. Gamespy itself has been having some connection issues in the last few hours. I keep getting the messsage when trying to refresh the sever list or when it attemtps to connect to a server.
  13. Same thing here, I noticed also that servers were listing say 5/32 players when in fact no one was in them. We tried to play in at least 6 different ones with either severe crashing or being dropped individually. Started for us on Friday evening and continued throught the weekend. On a side note, I am getting this GRAW has encountered an error and needs to close when I shut down the game. Not always but wondered what may be causing it. Appologize in advance if I missed a post on this already.
  14. He better have a gun if hes gonna take me out LMAO...6'2 260lbs
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