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  1. Is ghost recon future soldier multiplayer with dedicated server? - Yes or no.
  2. 1. Tactical / no run and gun maps 2. Team play / Minimaps with better coordinators 3. Realism / gimp and no imagination weapons.
  3. Hi SvistoTheOne "i would not like to make my score like that." That is the cardinal questions of the game; are you playing for high score only or are you playing for the tactical and psychological challenge the game can give you.
  4. Hi Gron 1. Many use GL in close combat, mostly new run and gun players. Because they can’t hit any. For example; you have fight the hole way up to your favorite spot and two meters from it, you meet an GLnoob, you start to aim, he just send you a grenade in your face. 2. It’s a hack – you have only one hand grenade.
  5. Hi AnthonyLunkwitz When do you think Black Foot Studios is finish with Ground Branch as a playable game and not as it look likes - a forum project.
  6. Hi Admin, as the title suggests can you please change my username to Drot as this is the name I use in multiplayer Thanks for a great site Drot
  7. What a rifleman need is: 4 Mags/Clips for Primary/2 for Secondary. 2 handfrags, no smoke Regards Drot
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