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  1. The admin have decided to only have 2 updates a month. That way you do not have to check everyday. We have a self exrtractor also. There is one mappack to DL right now and one addition map that was forgetten to be included. Please DL and come check us out. Atleast check out the new site.
  2. We are starting see more player on the BDA server. I would like to see even more. Especially after all the hard work that are mappers have done do give us variety. We are starting to see a larger mix of the maps now, including standard maps. I wish that more people would go to www.beerdrinkingassasins.com and download the maps. We use TeamSpeak for a better and more tactical gameplay. If have questions, let me know.
  3. I have tried several servers also, but this one is still the best and most repsectful
  4. Make sure that you delete all previous maps before installing a new map pack. This will aleviate that problem. I have not had a problem yet running any of the map packs from BDA. I have more custom maps in my folder than I can count. I am curious what servers people are playing on prefer.
  5. Who said I was "shouting". I was screaming!! Just kidding. I just want to get the point across that people are missing out on a great server to join and to play on.
  6. If not playing on BDA, then where, and do they use TS. I will not play without TS
  7. I am going to try this again. BDA has map packs so that downloading maps is fast and simple. Here is a link at the bottom to find the maps. The use of TeamSpeak really makes a difference in the game play on this server. The maps are found in the gallery section of the site. The site is all new and looks really good!!! http://beerdrinkingassasins.com/modules.ph...nload&cid=2 One more thing that I forgot to add, the server runs the anit-cheat so that there is no modding. The admins do this for a reason.
  9. I am part of BDA (www.beerdrinkingassasins.com) and I wish that more people would come and get the map packs that we have so that we could see more people on the server. This is a group of mature people that have respect for other people playing. We do not spawn kill, and will not tolerate it. We have some VERY talented people making maps for us. We have over a dozen custom maps right now. I wish that we could keep more them in a rotation, but there just are not enough people with all the maps. Come on over and get the maps and play on our server. I have played on SEVERAL servers and this is by far the best. I also encourage you to get TeamSpeak. It is a free download and you can talk to everyone that you are playing with. This makes the game a lot better to play. The admins of the site have went to great pain to make this a great site and a great server to play on. Please join us.
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