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  1. I wouldn't mind seeing a Navy SEALs mod for GRAW, seeing as SEALs are my favorite special operations force in the world
  2. I don't know, I kind of get a kick out of Anderson Cooper referring to "50 caliber sub-machine guns", he's a hoot! LOL, I hope you're kidding
  3. Grenade Tip: Press the fire key to throw the grenade softly, hold the fire key to throw it a long distance
  4. Never stand in the doorway to open a door. Don't be afraid to fire on the move (preferably the shuffle, default: left Alt). Peak around corners. Use M67 fragmention grenades. Use the M203 UGL to clear rooms from the outside if they have non-boarded up windows.
  5. You can usally find 100-200 playing on Ubi.com
  6. Great map, just downloaded it. That mission is so hard. They're shooting me through the floor when I'm in that building!
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