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  1. Yeah, even better, in complete song, lossless WAV format. That's how I have the GRAW Menu Theme on my iPod and enjoy every moment of it. So damn epic. If SOMEBODY found out/told me which one of the files the one with the Soprano/Alto singing was, I'd hug them (glares at GRIN).
  2. Preciate the effort, but anybody with audacity and GRAW installed could've made that. Which one of the song files is the one with the Soprano singing? I know the rest are from the GRAW main theme and the menu theme (which, believe it or not, are different).
  3. well i suppose that if you assume the email format for Ubi employees follow the email address format for the hundreds of other companies out there (e.g. bgates@microsoft.com), if we found out the names of the employees, the possibilities are endless as to the person we should email.
  4. Hold position command, as in stay there and dont move your ass one inch. For example, in the Embassy level, where you protect the VIP (dont remember the name of level), once you've got them in the perfect hiding spot, you don't want them moving. They will regularly move to chase down and shoot at bad guys. If you do hold, they won't move an inch, or at least not move more than 5 meters or so from it and return after they do
  5. I think, as i've suggested many times before, a squad-based cross-com in adversarial MP modes would be nice. "Move there" "Cover that position" "Attack him" "Stop" Also, GRIN, can we have a Hold Position command?
  6. wrong, obviously, as there is an NDA. and even if there wasnt, people should have enough common sense to not give away any specifics.
  7. damn i shouldnta missed this. !@#(!@(#^@*&^$!&@%#!(@#&!@)! I bet GRIN people have some sort of secret GRAW console they use to give themselves god mode and instant headshots :-D
  8. lol. Personally I think GRAW had a much more sweeping cinematic score than HBM and TESIV. They're all splendid however.
  9. oh ######, I ALREADY HAVE THE ######***** file downloaded for the beta. I just CANT get to the ######*** page to report bugs and crap. I TOLD u it just refreshes the ######***** page. I have a pic posted on pg 2 damn it.
  10. okay god damn it. I'm still having the same Beta.UBi.Com problem as i did in my first post. ANYONE?!!!!!!! HELP ME?!!!!
  11. ... any help with my problem? after all, that IS the point of this thread... sorry.
  12. No, random people cannot see the D/L URL for the BETA package, that is where the problem lies. Postals post put the link out there for the world to see. O i meant anyone can go to beta.ubi.com HELLLOOOOO? Anyone help me?!!!
  13. I click the DAMN link on the index page, but all it does is refresh the ######ing page. Viiper chill. Any idiot can go to beta.ubi.com and look at it.
  14. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v601/dannyman02/GRS.png thats as far as i get. Thats after the first time i clicked on that link, leading to the Login page that says "Subscribe for Info!" or whatever, I login, and i get kicked back to that page (notice i AAAAMMMM logged in). I click on the link there, and i KEEP GETTING KICKED BACK TO THAT DAMN PAGE. Yes I am SURE i put in THAT username when i applied. Image changed to link.
  15. god damn it anyone having the problem with the Beta.Ubi.Com? damn damn damn i was planning to be the most damn hardcore tester and get the GR goodies.
  16. sorry to bring an old topic to life, but there is another way into the castle which i found much easier. After u destroy the second AA vehicle, u go down the hill and to the left. Then the chopper pilot will tell u "2 bad guys approaching ur position" and they'll be coming down the road to ur right. Take them out and go down that road. If u go down south far enough, there will be a route leading up to the innards of the hill and very quickly to the south arty piece. Take that out. And the rest of the castle, including the MG, will be much easier, as the enemies will all be looking somewhere else. Plus, u can get to the Extraction point much faster from the Northern Arty Position. Voila
  17. then my apologies, my friend. RS is t3h pwnzor. I think Ubi is now getting way to interested in making money and not making quality games. And they're slowly but surely killing the essence of the Tom Clancy franchise as well IMO. GR2 was the first GR game to have pointless action sequences that defy the nature of the franchise, and RS: L totally killed the tactical planning oriented nature of the RS series that had been present until RavenShield. And now, as far as I see, Ubi wants to do the same to Splinter Cell by letting you "pick sides". No doubt the non-NSA side u can pick will be dumb and action oriented, as they dont give u the stealth gadget of the NSA. This will probably make it pseudo-hitman, where u can be all action man if you want to. That isn't the point of the SC franchise. SC is supposed to be about pure stealth. Get a grip on your work Ubi. GRIN please go tell them that.
  18. damn damn damn. fsking beta.ubi.com i swear to fsking god.
  19. In reply to the original poster, if i heard u right, u said Red Storm doesnt know Tom Clancy. BS right there, B-****ing-S. How can RS NOT know Clancy when Clancy himSELF started RS (and Ubi later bought RS)? To GRIN's chagrin (pun intended), I think RS would've done a more critically acclaimed job with PC GRAW.
  20. damn it that's not what i mean. I meant BETA.UBI.COM. Jesus. The problem is THERE. The site where I put through feedback on the beta.
  21. I got my email 4 hours ago. I go to the beta site in the email (beta.ubi.com, where u put through feedback, yes I know where to dl the actual patch file), and click on the beta for GRAW MP 3. It tells me to login. I do, using the ubi ID i provided to the beta app form (dannyboy1026/dannyboy1026@gmail.com). It kicks me back to the screen where i choose the beta after I login successfully (I can see from the Log Out bar at the top). Now whenever I click the button for the GRAW MP 3 Beta, the page just pretty much refreshes and I dont move at all. ######. I mean BETA.UBI.COM by this.
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