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  1. Being the paranoid ###### I am, I decided to take advantage of my DMCA dictated rights of being allowed a backup copy, and 'acquired' myself a DVD disc of GRAW because I was afraid that one day CDs would be obsolete and my CD-ROMs of GRAW would become unusable.
  2. Montreuil, France - MARCH 21, 2007 - Today, Ubisoft - one of the world's largest video game publishers - is pleased to announce the quality assurance phase extension of the latest installment of its award-winning squad-based military shooter, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2™, for the PC . The game will launch worldwide for the PC platform in June 2007. The extension will enable GRiN to deliver the best playing experience in the entire award-winning Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon franchise and will allow for optimization of the revised Diesel Engine, which will power the revolutionary, groundbreaking graphics present in the game. The delay of the release date will not impact Ubisoft’s revenue forecasts for the fiscal year. Feel free to ctrl+c Ubi.
  3. Well, why would you really need peripheral vision? As you look on the monitor and stare forward to the building in front of you that you want to get to, everything else will be in your eye's peripheral vision.
  4. That is, if they choose to do so. They may as well choose to just sit and do nothing. I mean, really, wasn't the original GRAW delayed to a certain extent, and people thought it was to work out extra bugs?
  5. one day, I'm gonna start my own dev studio and buy every last one of the Tom Clancy franchises from Boobisoft.
  6. Well, has it guys hit you that looking at all the evidence, those of you on the 'other' - i.e. eastern - side of the Atlantic might be getting the game earlier than those of us on the west, i.e. Europe in March, North America in June? Not sure if it's a good thing, PERIOD, because it might mean that GRiN is letting it loose on the Eurogamers first to practically 'give it a runthrough', i.e. beta test it, before some tickler Yank gamers get it. Just a thought.
  7. They're both the one and the same... you can log in to the Ubi.com system for [GR], RVS, SCCT, SCDA with the same account as your forums account. That one account is universal.
  8. Actually, only the OEM version of the XTX will be that long. The retail version will be 9.5" if I remember correctly. ISA... ahhhh.
  9. Meh not to be a fanboy, but ATI really seems to have the drivers down rock solid pat these days.
  10. Yeah if the Dev is promising better looking graphics, but the sys reqs are the same, that probably does mean that the engine has been optimized quite a bit as a whole. Hot diggity damn. I just hope the load times aren't as long.
  11. The selection of insertion points will probably give this somewhat of a Medal of Honor: Airborne feel...
  12. That's actually not too big of a surprise since EA is now selling most of their major franchise soundtracks on iTunes and such.
  13. If you wrote down the basic gists, I suppose I could help translate into more fluid sentences, if that's what you'd like help with.
  14. I listened to all four of the tracks, and to be bluntly honest, I like the main menu theme in GRAW better, much more epic, dramatic, cinematic, and anthemic.
  15. Actually, the Mk48 seems like just real pure pwnage in GRAW, because the sheer amount of lead it puts out makes its accuracy penalty null. I <3 it.
  16. Looks like GRAW1 without the orange tinge to me...
  17. If I reinstall GRAW, do I need to just get patch 1.35 (i.e. is it a cumulative patch) or do I need to dl all the patches before it then reinstall that?
  18. It's not menu_music_wave.bank, it isn't main_theme either. And as far as I can tell it isn't any of the act01 or act02 music things either. D= I've been looking for that one song SO LONG ever since I heard it during the MTV VMA awards Best Music Score award nomination thing.
  19. man this idea got shot down like a raven by a fricking Flakvierling 38. I actually like it. I mean it doesn't make the player restart the entire mission if they make one screw up. Of course it should definitely be optional. Would really help on the lone wolf missions in GRAW imo.
  20. oh dude. I am so sorry. I didn't mean to be a total jackass. D= Now. Could you PLEEEEZEZEZEZE tell me which one of the files is the one with the soprano singing? (GRAW Music Loop 1)
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