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  1. Well I wasn't being sarcastic about that, I was just saying that even if you didn't get in, you wouldn't mind 'doing a service', i.e. hearing in on all the latest details.
  2. Yeah I'm sure you 'wouldn't mind' doing a service to the community. A GRIN-dude's reading this, with any chance you'll get in sooner or later if he reads your plaudit.
  3. Why are you trying to grow your resume with game testing? Is it your intention to break into the Video Game Quality Assurance and testing field? You sound vaguely cynical. Might as well. Most people in the game industry start out in QA then work their way up.
  4. Exactly what I thought. i hope it'll be the announcement for the next Splinter Cell (with PROPER WINDOWSXP SUPPORT) with all the big shaz.
  5. <chuckle> I prefer the term Popeycock myself. Or Balderdash if I am dealing with one of those blokes from across the pond. I personally prefer ######. But whatever. *Crosses fingers* I really hope I make the beta. That'd be another one two add to my resume of game testing (LOTRO Beta 3, GRAW Patch 1.3, STALKER: Shadows of Chernobyl MP, Phylon).
  6. Personally, I like having all that stuff displayed on the screen, because I really think it ups the immersion factor of being an 'Advanced Warfighter' and having any of those resources available at a glance or at your fingertips. I was highly disappointed when I bought GRAW1PC and saw the rather... barebone HUD.
  7. Holy bejesus mother######! It's an RSE person! Can I have your autograph?
  8. Well, if they threw it as hard as they could at the wall 2 feet away from you... wouldn't it explode?
  9. Where is our media? In Ubi's supersecret vault that is. Go hack it to open it. Oh, just remember to spin the scroll wheel up to max speed before you try to pick it. Otherwise the tumblers won't spin.
  10. I'd assume that either a high altitude unmanned drone or a satellite maintains position over the engagement and marks objects that it analyzes and determines to be hostile toward its allies with some uber complex algorithm (Is the being armed? If so, has intelligence suggested a high percentage of hostiles in the area? Based on the intel, is it likely that this subject is a hostile?). Just have a special tag on friendly uniforms that marks them automatically as blue icons on the HUD. Keep in mind that this is indeed completely possible.
  11. Dude, shut up, you made the same comment in a whole nother THREAD. It's a part of the Advanced Warfighter Crosscomm premise, it's not going anywhere, just live with it. If you can't deal with it, go play some other game. If you don't understand it, just don't comment about it. Anyways, it WOULD be great if the on screen crosscomm was full video, because I doubt it'd be wireframe in the Future Force Warrior implementation. And besides, I doubt they'd change the multiplayer mechanics too much. They'd probably leave the diamonds, or at least the hostile ones, off permanently in MP for balance purposes.
  12. Yeah, desmond, I gotta say the sound effects in this game are great, especially the explosions, because to me they seem different every time. I'm gonna assume you use Adobe Audition? Also, are any of the gunshots recorded live?
  13. Hey, don't be jackin my idea! But that WOULD be great, as well as the ability to have that 'blue marker' appear where you want your teammate to go as well as an in squad order system.
  14. Ubi Montreal uses Max too, I'm almost certain. I know of an artist who used to work there, plus SC making of videos talked about max and biped and stuff. You sure? I'm pretty damn sure I remember reading the Maya user list or something like that and seeing Ubisoft on some PDF file that showcased quite a few Maya user dev houses. EDIT: As a matter of fact, here's the link to the game industry brochure. http://images.autodesk.com/adsk/files/game...trybrochure.pdf
  15. You can always model and map in Maya, export to Max and export from Max to diesel. EDIT: But I agree that Maya support would be nice. When I'm working in Max is like working with my hands tied behind my back... Agreed, it's actually kinda weird seeing as Ubisoft itself uses Maya.
  16. GRRRRRR(iN) what if you want to mod for GRAW2 using Maya? I just started learning Maya and don't want to switch around and crap.
  17. Jesus it sounds like some sort of Viagra ad Anyways, I doubt it'll happen.
  18. GR Series? Tom Salta has only composed for GRAW/GRAW2. The music for [GR] was done by Bill Brown.
  19. Excellent. You think testers for 1.3 (I think it was 1.3 that had the big Beta Shabang) will be given any sort of priority? I have Beta experience with STALKER: Shadows of Chernobyl, LOTR: Online, and Phylon as well.
  20. So... you're telling me that a mouse is a huge advantage when you have to adjust sensitivity for different situations to be truly flexible, while the console has its autoaim/sticky crosshair? Ich think nicht.
  21. Well... it may sound correct but it's very wrong. I'll leave it at that. How so? Enlighten me. Well, if it was that easy then UBI would have released GR2, wouldn't they Console games are not developed for Windows. They are made for consoles. In GRAW's case, it's the Xbox 360. That is, a 4x 3 GHz processor, 512 Mbt RAM and a X1900XTX (if I remember correctly). Even on this extreme machine the FPS can sometimes drop below 30. Developers tend to use as much power the console can produce and if the Xbox 360 sometimes isn't enough how do you think a normal PC would handle the game? A PC game has to work on several systems. It has to work on ATI cards and Nvidia cards. It has to work on AMD processors and Intel processors etc etc etc. Actually no, it's not an R580 in it, it's a modified version of the R600, with less unified processors but an ondie 10mb memory to somewhat compensate for that (It gives an unbelievable performance boost anti-aliasing wise though). And there's only 3 processors in it. And really, it's not that much of an extreme machine either. The most extreme of computers these days with a QX6700 Core 2 Extreme, 4 gigs of DDR2-800, and 8800GTXs in SLI could whoop that sucker's ass if a developer ever decided to spend time optimizing for that particular configuration the way it does for consoles. But they don't.
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