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  1. I have no clue. Good to know people seem to know what I'm referring to though. XP
  2. Hey everyone - I'm currently creative director on a game project at my university, and I'm trying to find a reference image for our promo artist to look at for the style I want for our teaser poster. The best one that came to mind is one I remember seeing in gaming magazines back in 01/02 for Ghost Recon - it was a "painting" of several Ghosts walking in the wilderness toward the reader with the following text: WE ARE THE NATION'S CHOSEN FEW WE ARE SWIFT, SILENT, AND INVISIBLE. WE WILL NOT FAIL OUR COUNTRY. WE WILL NOT FAIL EACH OTHER. WE WILL NEVER SURRENDER. WE FIGHT, SO THAT PEACE MAY REIGN. WE ARE THE GHOSTS. To find it, I've looked all over the internet with a bunch of different search terms in Google images, but I've come up with zip. Can anyone help me out and see if they have an old magazine with the ad that they can scan and send to me or something? Thanks so much!
  3. I don't think SP3 matters, because I only have SP2 and I'm still having the start game, get through Red Storm movie if I'm lucky, then crash to desktop (sometimes just black/gray screen and straight crash to desktop).
  4. God screw GRAW again, do me a favor, use CryEngine 2 to make a true sequel to [GR]. Just imagine the rural combat with more realistic foliage and shadowing. Good god. Yeah, CryEngine 2 seems perfect for the job.
  5. I just saw a video and it seems that the MP has a cross-comm like thing where you can see the names of either your team or squad mates on the side of your screen like u would be able to in SP (not sure if u can order them around). Is it a Cross-Comm? because if it is it was SOOOOOOOO TOTALLY MY IDEA. *ahem* but is it?
  6. Gimme some more time, I have a $50 best buy gift card that's just dying to be used on GRAW2.
  7. Actually it wasn't just a few months ago, it was easily over a year ago. GRAW 1 didn't use Starforce either, it used SecuROM. Ubi stopped using Starforce after a class-action lawsuit was filed against them because Starforce caused slowdowns and security/hardware issues. Now all recently released Ubi games have used SecuROM (SCDA, R6V, GRAW). The last game to use Starforce from Ubi was either Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones, or Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII I believe.
  8. If they were going to go so far as to make it so that they could bundle TS with the game, they should really have implemented something somewhat like TS-Overlay, except better, that lets you change channels, see who's talking, and adjust settings from in game.
  9. Actually, there's an S rating that's like S - Flawless or S - Perfect or something like that. I might just have been hallucinating, but I'm quite sure. I've gotten it before once.
  10. . What's the PW for the protected forum? I tried the FTP password the way it was last time but it won't work.
  11. Hey, dling right now, thanks for the help Hocks, how big is it? IE won't show me.
  12. 1. Where's your source about it becoming open? 2. Can you STOP. We don't have the beta forum pw either, and are we complaining? NO. So ######. You're asking in the wrong thread.
  13. Those exist? I wish I lived in Sweden. Instead here I am in Virginia.
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