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  1. UPDATE I've found the missing link in this puzzle. It seems that the latest update from Microsoft + Kaspersky Antivirus (latest version) = NO GRAW. Fortunately I was only trying the demo of Kaspersky. It also caused my Mother Board Monitor to crash my system about every 3rd startup. I don't think I'll wait for a 3rd strike. The think that threw me off was that GRAW worked fine with Kaspersky before the recent MS Update.
  2. Would Not Start: Nothing happened when executing the program. Using <ctl>-<alt>-<del> to bring up the task list, I saw the program appear on the task list for about 2 seconds before dissapearing. No error message, nothing in my system logs, nothing on the screen. This happened with the demo version, with the CD Retail version and with the CD Retail version with the latest patch installed. All versions of the game responded when I uninstalled the update in question. This update was a critical update that was released this past Tuesday. I first tried to play the game Tuesday night and after trying everything from reinstalling my drivers or turning off my antivirus to several reinstalls of the game, I tried going back to an earlier version of my system (drive image backup). That is how I started to narrow it down - luckily I had backed up my system Tuesday morning before the updates were installed.
  3. I could not run my newly purchased copy of GRAW on a machine which did run the demo. By going to my backups I found a working copy of my system. After several hours I finally narrowed it down to this: GRAW will not work if I install one of the latest Microsoft Updates: KB917422 After uninstalling this update, GRAW works just fine. I don't feel safe running an unpatched version of Windows. Any suggestions? System: Pentium 4, ASUS P4C800-E 2 Gig DRAM evga NVIDIA 7800GS Audigy 2 ZS Plat. Pro WinXP Pro on Raid 0 (2xSegates) Running KIS 6.0
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