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  1. Well, I have updated my video drivers, and modified XML as BOTA:X said and it has gone better, i have to go nearer to see "pixels", thanks all. but, real Antialiasing will finish the job perfectly here...
  2. Hi I'm Smash, I've just registered but have been reading you for long time. I have GRAW since it's release and was hoping for AA, and this new "blur effect" doesn't do the work (i've had to turn it off). But the reason of the post is other thing that spoils the good graphics of the game, the awful trees and bushes, they look acceptable form far, but near (no needed to be too near) they look horribly pixeled, and if you try to hide behind a bush you think you are playing with an spectrum (incredible machine however ). it's only me? do you have same trees? I would "pay" frames if they look little nicer (as many other games) Example: Look the nice water and the horrible "pixeled" tree in the middle (and nearer is worst) (resolution of the image scaled down) Specs: AMD A64 3800+ Nvidia 7900GT Kingston 2GB Ram HD 300gb
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