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  1. Sorry Gang, I throw in the towel, this game sux for me. It’s not what I want. It’s way too hard for a self employed dude to take a break from work a couple times a day and slowly work ones way through a game like I have been doing for years. Like I said, I’ve played the first GR, the Rainbow Six’s, Fear, Half Life blah blah blah and, being in my mid 30’s with hours of gaming time since a kid, I haven’t come across a game like this ever. Yes, I’ve tried everything mentioned above and am not an idiot and doing the same mistakes over and over. I’m a quick learn and am so thoroughly fed up of going around the same map and dying over and over that this isn’t what I want in a game. Too hard, not enough save game points, and the AI of the team members is ridiculous. I can’t believe someone further up here was defending them, they’re the worst I’ve ever had to baby sit. They get in the way and kill your chance at a kill. Threads and other forums state the same thing after a bit of research now and apparently I’m not the only one that is going to do an uninstall a couple weeks after purchase and feel this was a waste of $50. Thanks though to all those that helped and had a genuine concern in helping me with tips and advice. Cheers.
  2. Thanks man, appreciate it. Drone? I don't have a drone on this level. There should be a game save after getting the vip in the helicopter. I'm getting sick of hearing the intro to this level. I certainly hope someone other than a seasoned gamer beta'd this... One of my guys is sure stupid. He likes to come up past me as I'm crouched with the scope on waiting for a tango to pop his head up from behind a car and sit right in front of me. I can't believe it! So I shot the dumb ass just for the hell of it.
  3. And again. Here I am on night four of half a dozen attempts trying to get through "VIP2 Is Down", Check point 6. Stupid hard for an easy level. Who beta tested this?
  4. alrighty! i made it out of there! now i get to call in an airstrike tonight! thanks again all.
  5. thanks, i'll go check it out. and thanks for the warm responce and manners everyone. i've read a few forums over the years trying to figure things out and man do they get out of hand with some of the childish remarks. i usually just play games sp to take a break from work but if a complete noob wanted to go online, is there a walk through process on setting up servers and such? cheers again
  6. thanks everybody, I appreciate it. I just played for another hour and this game is no fun though, I'm throwing in the towel. I've completed Farcry, the first GR, all the Rainbow Six, and I've never been so frustrated with such a lack of advancement. There seems to be a lot of 'save game' points up until this part and then nothing after many encounters with the enemy for a long time and back I go. Having more 'save game' points would be a big help. cheers.
  7. get harder as you play longer? Not sure I follow. Sure games get more challenging but what I am saying is that at previous points in the game if say I come around a corner, you can take a shot or two or have near misses and back out and still be alive. This isn’t happening all of a sudden. I just die out of the blue. The repsonce of the enemy is faster as well. Like you would expect on the easy level, you get a second or two to scope in and shoot, but no siree, not now, it’s instant death. It’s like I’m playing master level or something. It sucks. I just went and replayed back a couple save points and it’s so much easier than what is going on here. I’m getting a totally inconsistent skill level it seems. I’m running it on a 64 bit windows box, a8n-sli deluxe with 4 gigs of ram. Can’t remember my video card but it’s there along with everything else though.
  8. I’m finding this game really tough, like beyond what the level should be called “easyâ€. Rather, it got harder all of a sudden. The training and the first bit were great and could advance no problem at all. Now it’s like it clicked up a notch or two on me. With no warning or previous fire or any radar heads up to help me, I’m getting killed, in sp, with one shot or out of nowhere with rockets. All of a sudden I’m just dead and game over. I’ve only played a handful of fps games and this one just isn’t enjoyable compared to the first GR or Rainbow Six series. It started off fine but for days now, and half dozen times a day I can’t get past “VIP2 is Down†Check Point 3. and weird, the load screen shows two check point 3’s as saved when everything bellow it climbs in the proper sequence. No matter what which check point 3 I load, it places near the same spot at the fountain. I’m finding my guys aren’t that bright either. I just installed the latest patch hoping to find a “granddad†level that’s easier than easy, but I’m afraid this game isn’t enjoyable going around the same bit of map dying over and over. It’s definitely harder than when I first started out. I’ve checked all the settings and it still on easy.
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