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  1. Ministry, Enjoy your maps, but had the same issue with your last gobo rework (3). I'm assuming it's because the same name is used. You're previous gobo-reloads, I didn't remember them having that issue. Can this be fixed? or should I just live with it. Thanks ================================================================= You can unbundle the bundle. change the name of the bundle and script and world file to what ever you want then export it again in the editor Ministry-ASN
  2. that means you got 2 of the same maps in the custom level folder, get one out and it should work. Ministry-ASN
  3. it should look like this: <script_data> <xi:include href="/data/levels/common/common.xml#xpointer(/common/*)"/> <area_group name="area02" area_name="area02" group="mp_players" interval="0.3" condition="1"/> <area_group name="area02" area_name="area02" group="mp_players" interval="0.3" condition="1"/> <area_group name="area03" area_name="area03" group="mp_players" interval="0.3" condition="1"/> <area_group name="area04" area_name="area04" group="mp_players" interval="0.3" condition="1"/> <area_group name="area05" area_name="area05" group="mp_players" interval="0.3" condition="1"/> <user name="area01" type="once"> <trigger type="UnitInArea" area="area01"/> <event name="area01"/> </user> <user name="area02" type="once"> <trigger type="UnitInArea" area="area02"/> <event name="area02"/> </user> <user name="area03" type="once"> <trigger type="UnitInArea" area="area03"/> <event name="area03"/> </user> <user name="area04" type="once"> <trigger type="UnitInArea" area="area04"/> <event name="area04"/> </user> <user name="area05" type="once"> <trigger type="UnitInArea" area="area05"/> <event name="area05"/> </user> <event name="start_game"> <element type="UnitInArea" area="area01" state="activate" start_time="10"/> <element type="UnitInArea" area="area02" state="activate" start_time="10"/> <element type="UnitInArea" area="area03" state="activate" start_time="10"/> <element type="UnitInArea" area="area04" state="activate" start_time="10"/> <element type="UnitInArea" area="area05" state="activate" start_time="10"/> </event> <event name="area01"> <element type="TriggerEvent" event="activate_area01" start_time="0.1"/> </event> <event name="area02"> <element type="TriggerEvent" event="activate_area02" start_time="0.1"/> </event> <event name="area03"> <element type="TriggerEvent" event="activate_area03" start_time="0.1"/> </event> <event name="area04"> <element type="TriggerEvent" event="activate_area04" start_time="0.1"/> </event> <event name="area05"> <element type="TriggerEvent" event="activate_area05" start_time="0.1"/> </event> <event name="activate_area01"> <element type="ActivateGroup" group_id="group01" start_time="0.0"/> <element type="UnitInArea" area="area01" state="deactivate"/> </event> <event name="activate_area02"> <element type="ActivateGroup" group_id="group02" start_time="0.0"/> <element type="UnitInArea" area="area02" state="deactivate"/> </event> <event name="activate_area03"> <element type="ActivateGroup" group_id="group03" start_time="0.0"/> <element type="UnitInArea" area="area03" state="deactivate"/> </event> <event name="activate_area04"> <element type="ActivateGroup" group_id="group04" start_time="0.0"/> <element type="UnitInArea" area="area04" state="deactivate"/> </event> <event name="activate_area05"> <element type="ActivateGroup" group_id="group05" start_time="0.0"/> <element type="UnitInArea" area="area05" state="deactivate"/> </event> <player name="player1" mod_name="OnFoot"> <spawn unit_name="ghost_player" object="spawn_player1"/> </player> <player name="player2" mod_name="OnFoot"> <spawn unit_name="ghost_player" object="spawn_player2"/> </player> <player name="player3" mod_name="OnFoot"> <spawn unit_name="ghost_player" object="spawn_player3"/> </player> <player name="player4" mod_name="OnFoot"> <spawn unit_name="ghost_player" object="spawn_player4"/> </player> <gametype_info name="enemies_to_kill" value="80"/> <spawn_manager> <!--<xi:include href="/data/levels/merge_xml/common_spawn.xml#xpointer(/to_include/spawn/*)"/> --> </spawn_manager> </script_data> I think he was missing are01 script from the beginning see if that works Ministry-ASN
  4. There could be 2 problems: 1: do you have too many map folders in your work folder? if so only keep the one you are currently working on. 2: your far clipping plan is up to high, its found on your menu screen just above new, load,save and export. set it to 600,000 you should be go then, if none of the work then I have no idea but I hope this helps you out. Ministry-ASN
  5. <event name="start_game"> <element type="ActivateGroup" group_id="group01" start_time="10"/> <element type="UnitInArea" area="area02" state="activate" start_time="10"/> <element type="UnitInArea" area="area03" state="activate" start_time="10"/> <element type="UnitInArea" area="area04" state="activate" start_time="10"/> <element type="UnitInArea" area="area05" state="activate" start_time="10"/> </event> the bold line my be your problem, try: <element type="UnitInArea" area="area01" state="activate" start_time="10"/> how that works.... Ministry-ASN
  6. Hey guy, I love the original FEAR BLOOD MOD, dont mind the glitch but I have experience a another problem. When I shoot an Ai they dont go down, even if I unload a whole clip on them, they wont go down . they go down when I'm in my own server but they dont if I join someone elses. Strange? The only way they seem to go down is with a head shot, on top of the head. Has any on experienced this? I used the up- dated version of the FEAR MOD and the they to go down fine but I miss the extra blood....lol. I really like the extreme blood so I would like it to work. So any solutions? Ministry-ASN
  7. Great mod, Great job on this, one question, is there any way to turn down the rivits that come off the ground when you shoot? It's kind of wierd seeing )))))))))))))) off the ground. LOVE THE BLOOD............ Ministry-ASN
  8. That would be really cool, but the only thing, you need an AI graph on the roof so them to patrol and move from corner to corner. Its really hard to connect the AI graph from the ground level to the roof top of a building. At least the snipers duck up and down...lol Ministry-ASN
  9. This is a really awsome map, I really like the detail in what this person put into it. The guys move and patrol and evrything. It looks great and a great co-op one life mission. I would only like to see the turrets working and a bit more placed snipers. I was just wondering if this person used random spawn points? Plus who made this map.....2 thumbs up bra.....nicely done......love it..... Would like to see more maps from this person..... Ministry-ASN
  10. Hey, Good map and nicely put together. If I may put some suggestions again : Try to have all the enemy AI patrol constantly throught the map so the player will never expect them being in the same place. I feel its like a shooting gallery. Make it harder, add the suspense. I like the panhards, tanks and the chopper. But have the tanks patrol back and forth. They all meet on the east side in one pile and just stay there. Maybe have the some, not all of the panhards come rolling up to the point, it gives the "oh #$%^" "," a panhard is coming " effect. in the main city and construction areas: Have the Ai patrol alot more and put some snipers in well placed areas (not too much) Try to make a tiny bit of a challenge to make it to Zulu. Just some tips if you want to take them. I may have a different style of mapping than you , I just like the crazy challenge to get to zulu....lol. But its your map, " a really good map" Keep mapping you got some good ideas. Ministry-ASN
  11. Ministry-ASN here, I found that the GoBo maps are well put togther beautiful I might say but I feel they lost something. I feel that the AI enemies don't run around and patrol and hunt you down when spotted. So I, with Gobo's email saying it OK to use his map as freely, redid his map GOBO6 to "Gateway". I made the AI more active, and added some of my own touches to make the map more excitable to play. His maps are well put together but lose that fighting edge. I really dont want to go around a whole map searching for enemies and have them sit there and wait for me to come to them. I want to be hunted down...lol. This map is different than my passed maps: 1. Not the much Ai enemies, enough to make it good. less than 300 2. Map good enough to be played with One Life. 3. No lag (hopefully) 4. No bottlenecking maps So if you like play it. If not trash it. But play it on Hard or hardcore it's pretty good Feedback would be great . http://www.4shared.com/dir/687371/3fdf192a/sharing.html Thx again to GOBO and his map, nicely done Ministry-ASN by the way, here is the email, we all got the ok to use it freely. MOD TITLE : Gobo4 VERSION : 1.0 CREATOR : Gobo / Finland E-MAIL : xxxxxxxxxxxxx WEBSITE : http://graw.no-ip.info CREDITS : -- MOD TYPE : MAP ([GR] Coop/Firefight) INSTALLATION : Unzip the "Gobo4.bundle" file into your custom_levels folder. DESCRIPTION: Feel free to use files anyway you like (Copy, share, eat...) More map found: http://graw.no-ip.info KNOWN ISSUES: -- REQUIREMENTS: Ownership of the PC version of GR: AW 08/12/2006 (d.m.y) Readme file version 1.0 w
  12. ========================================================================= Check ur AI graph the my be holes in it or it could be in scripting, you may have placed guys there and didnt scripted them in to spawn..... Ministry-ASN
  13. Hey guys, Ministry-ASN here, I just want to know who built Assault on Hanger 19. The reason why, I would like to redo that map with my kind of touch. I just had a couple of ideas running through me head..... Basically, I redid it anyway, but like to get the ok to release it. Ministry-ASN
  14. I checked out the map. Its good but your snipers and troops will not move on top of buildings, you need to put them near the edge. And plus we cleared the whole map, but there is a ghost GL somewhere on the map and he is constantly droppping gls on us. Where the heck is he?.....lol Good map, cant wait to see the next one. Ministry-ASN
  15. Good job Bra Enjoyed it alot Best part, love the garage scene..... Great work, keep mapping...... Ministry-ASN
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