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  1. This is quite good to hear. In fact I noticed, that even 5:4 (normal LCD) also keeps switching back to 4:3 after a few minutes. I just wish UBI support knew about the coming fix, it is the second time I submit my problem, since the first only got a "we will post it when we receive an answer" line, and then nothing happened, the tickeg got closed. Do you actually know when it is getting fixed? I would really like widescreen better, you just have a wider angle view, that helps with MP ... cheers
  2. 1. Picking up weapons (i do not care about the animation, just make it appear in my hand, or as if I pulled it out/switched) 2. Kit restrictionsand /or custom prices (then all admins please set the nades to 99999999 tac points ) 3. accessible stats in real time and or external scripting (e.g. to make people switch teams in TeamSpeak ) Most importantly : please fix that widescreen bug (keeps jumping) back to 4:3 and let customer support know about it I am happy with the 1.21 patch (except widescreen bug), and had a blast playing yesterday, those HH maps need 1. nades off, max 2 spawns !!! 8 min limit IMO ps: this is my first post so : Hi everyone here, I played GR GR2 RS6, play GRAW SWAT4 BF2(sometimes) nowadays, I hate fragfests, prefer 2-3 respawns max in any game with shorter turns ... cheers
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