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  1. yhea I have, but I remember some guys on team speak saying it had something to do with my net validation or something like that. I cant remember exactly what but it was the only thing they knew of that was on a twenty minute scale. What I just dont get is why no other game I play online has a problem staying on for hours. I even have a new mother board, hardrive and gpu and I still have the issue.
  2. bump, got to bump this man this needs to be fixed it burns not being able to play.
  3. No i get disconections no matter what. Others dont get them. Map change or map stay I get the disconnect.
  4. No matter how low my net speed is or how high I set it, no matter what map, server, or game type; I get disconected with an unknown error and have to bring the MP screen back up and rejoin the server. About ten to twenty minutes later I get disconected again and have to rejoin. These times are often varrying between 5 minutes and twenty if I get lucky but it allways happens and I seem to be the only one of the people I play with who has this issue. No game I play online has ever feinted of doing something like this and In that I have no clue what to do. It has to be fixable right? I am at the point now since often times with the disconecting and joining with deaths I didnt die since grin couldent come up with a competent lobby system, essentaily spending the whole game as dead since as soon as I get in I get disconected and come back and so on to the point where I have spent over an hour outside of the actualy game. I cant play like this, if I do good like this it all gets erased usualy when I get disconected and either way I cant play a game like this, nor should I have to and for some reason other games, meaning all my other games do not put me through this tourture. I want to go back to playing this but there is just no way I will even bother till I get a difinitive answer as to how I can fix this. Thanks for any help that you guys can give.
  5. I say <deleted> Please think before you post, comments such as that are not suitable here. Rocky
  6. Common man I'm hanging here, all I want is to get as close as I can to the first GR, and every body had a puddle of blood under it. Games often have blood and gore that covers the floor and stays for ever or for considerable amounts of time (RIDDICK, smod (hl2 mod), SiN: Emergence, FarCry). All I need to know is what to tweak.
  7. Your not helping any case of discouregment to this, lol. What I want to do is take out your non blood particle effects and replace them with Smith's since they dont look quite good enough for the upclose clip dumping into some one performance drop. Not that it matters to much since all you have to do is stand back five feet, but still, how can I edit this since I looked in your texture files and you only have one dds and a bump that goes along with the blood in the game, the other is some grenade effect. Basicly how do I change the length of stay of the blood, how do I increase the frequency of it sticking, how do I darken or at least make much larger (and dear god hopefully darken as well) the bullet hits so they look realistic and show up due to that floaty bug, which tends to obscure them from some angles, larger would help this along. I just want to be able to regulate it so that it has a reliablility to not look as if it were a console port job like Brothers in Arms was, where a blood texture would apear some of the time if at all (they made up for it with severed limbs but still). Can you point out what I need to adjust or modify, I looked everywhere and couldent find anything plausable, or at least that I would spend several hours changing by trial and error, edit, load up, quit, edit, load up, quit... ect... Thanks again for making this mod and all, and if the things you are adjusting outside of the blood and gore reach some point of finality that looks pretty sweet too. Again any help from any one would be great.
  8. It depends on what build it is, if it is anything but 1.20 (ie:1.10) it has an error messege about at the end of the level load saying it cant find something like starting place or entity deathcam or some s--t like that. I re installed twice and same results, try it your self and you will see it, I havent tried it with his mod but your mod does it every time, figure I should just stick to 1.2 for now since the mod I am using is a combo of your mod and his, though not as intergrated as I would like, at least I got my explosions back, dont know why in the hell he took away the cars blowing up. Any how do you know what file I should edit and where to make it so that the blood that shoots out and pools, does so when you are shooting at the live target (the blood only comes out on the ground when you shoot the corpse). Also bullet holes dont stay on the ones you shot once they die, and to get them you have to shoot them while dead. It's not that I dont have a problem riddling corpses with bullets and all but it dosent compare to seeing the effects of your work as you move through the map fluidly like the first GR. I also cant find what I would need to make the blood decal last for ever or at least a lot longer. Thx for any help if you can.
  9. Also can you release a mod that just has the blood or seperate them into mods on their own so we can add them as we need?
  10. I was just going to talk to smith about this but I do hope to god that you two are working together on this whole thing, so I'll just assume for the moment that smith is following this as well. You both could possibly equate to what would be demi gods for doing the work that you do. The pussification of Ghost Recon for the T rating is a slap in the face to not only the first Ghost Recon but to Tom Clancy himself and if he actualy knew what his games now consisted of these days thanks to UBI and RedStorm's degrading console ports to the more childish audiance of the consoles he would die of a heart attack, while simontaniously beating the Red Storm devs and key UBI employees to death with a number two pencil and white-out dispencer. It would be a sad day but I'm guessing its hard to take vengence out when you are taking it with a number two pencil and white-out despencer. Tom Clancy is one of the most adult and graphic authors I have ever read and GR's incredibly realistic, detailed, blood and gore was what got me into the whole Clancy thing in the first place. You two are slowly putting that back into the game and making GRAW bit by bit a little less imature and far from Clancy like (now if only we could re-record the voice acting spots to display the kind of dialogue that is present in Clancy's writing). Just wanted to say that and get it out of the way. Thx a lot you guys for what you are doing. On the subject at hand I was woundering if a 1.21 compatable patch can come out since Smiths mod crashes the game with it. Also one thing I tried to do and couldent get the DDS right was make the wounds darker and more realistic. The ones from Smith's mod barely show up on the dead bodies unless you shoot them a couple of times and it never apears on the head. If they could stand out a bit more that would be perfect, basicly getting rid of that sickly light red allmost pink colour and going with something more of a purple/blue/red colour, something that would signify a realistic wound. Another thing is how the hell are you guys doing this? What do you need to modify to get these things to do that? This is incredible and if VtF's mod works out this game could be allmost fixed completely, save the MP servers disconecting a good amount of us every five to fifteen minutes, that and acutaly getting the MP server hosts to run the mod (or GRIN making client side mods like this legal such as games like CS, or CoD; since we arent actualy cheating and just changing a retarded default skin or, hey adding much needed gore!).
  11. Thats actualy surprisingly comfertable to know. Thx for the info. BTW I was looking EVERY where for smiths mod a couple of days ago and I couldent find any links on his site (all in german it seemed) or anywhere else for that matter so thanks for that. Also in the tank situation there were two tanks, I had to shoot one and he had to shoot the other, trust me if I could have done it my self I would have. I think what ###### me off the most about the whole thing is that in the intro cutscene that plays in the menue, they show things like the FN-2000 and that counter-sniper rifle at work that you cant use. They also show a more Full Spectrum Warrior like tactical movment which dear god if that were true this would be one of the greatest games ever, but that one still at least isnt set in stone like the weapons functions they show, or rather flaunt and taunt. My biggest concern is that the multiplayer will still be kicking me every ten minutes via little Disconect BS, if any of you are a fan of the kickass mic comunity that the BDA server has set up well, with a max death of 5 and the new players get the amount of deaths that the person with the highest amount of deaths has when they enter... I usualy get about 5 minutes of play and two hours of wait since the disconnects make me come back in with 5 deaths each time usualy. On other servers its just that small little feeling of rape when you are up twenty kills and down three or four deaths and you forget to screen shot that and you get kicked and finish the map off on reconect with 0, 0. Not cool.
  12. In an insperation brought upon by writing this I went back to try and finish up the main campaign and got pretty far but the fact that it was miered in frusturations that made no sense realy puts me even more off than I was before. Hell they dont even do what you directly tell them to do sometimes. I spent about an hour* trying to get a guy to take a tank out with his rocket, it was essential, he had a rocket, I had a rocket, we had two rockets together, there were two tanks... a match made in heaven right? BULLS--T! I say this cause even with a direct line of sight to the BOTH tanks he couldent find a target, then when I moved him up enough to do so he got behind a grill and shot the rocket off and blew himself to f--k. He got behind that grill TEN TIMES to shoot that rocket into it before I stoped trying to get him to be resonably smart and had to circle back (one of the rare situations that had a proper flank with out that leaving the mission area crap) and hit the plaza from the other side, which funny as it was I had to run up and down after getting my guy in position so he wouldent shoot the rocket off into a wall or tree instead of moving to a position since they dont do that they just shoot or say they cant. Any how I had to run up and down to distract the tank while he took and I counted, THIRTY F--KING secconds to shoot the tank. Several attempts had him getting infront of a tank than taking his rocket and putting it away and getting out his m8 before the tank blew him to hell. I mean ######! Another situation involved a tank that was right infront of a MG nest I mean right the f--k infront of it and he couldent think to shoot it, I was wasted by the MG nest several times thinking that the tank had actualy taken it this time till finaly i just said f--k it to the two useless tanks and used one of my sparingly placed grenades. JESUS CHRIST GRIN DID YOU BETA TEST AT ALL!!! I hope now you learned your lesson about the value of FINISHING THE GAME vrs. an early release date. Damn GRIN I would say your goddamned obligated to fix this game and NOW. No more 360 content, FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED AHHHG. *(just cause I realy didnt want the guy to die, I kind of have this thing where I dont let my team mates bite it unless ive spent the last twelve hours crying over a map cause of their retardedness)
  13. I dont care what I have to do anything that keeps me in the game for more than one single round. This discconecting issue is unexeptable and there has got to be a way around it. I want to play so bad but I know in ten minutes time ill get disconnected from server and my kills and points will be null again. Does any one not have this issue?
  14. Hey GRIN, first off I just wanted to say that you guys are some of the most active developers in terms of responding to your players on the forums. I was truly blown away to see that actual GRIN people were answering questions, and not just dancing around things like Gear Box or some of UBI's internal development teams, you actually respond to feedback and help players work out tech issues; most notably is your direct input on the modding which most devs would send people on their own with an SDK in hand if that. My first impression of you guys was as most PC gamers look to cross platform developers, but once I got on the .net forums I realized you actually gave a s--- about making a good game and even more so whether the people liked it or not. It's rare to see a cross console developer have standards for them selves and it's one hell of a welcome oddity. Beyond that I was reading in an older issue of Computer Gaming World a preview for this game that showed a very similar game to this just with several subtle differences. For instance the XM-29 which sounded incredibly badass (shooting around corners and all) is obviously awol as well as the "Counter-Snipe" rifle, which sounded like a redux of Raven-Shield's thermal scope only built in. Both of which would have been more than welcome, but I understand how some things just don’t work out right when you actually test it and they need to take one for the team. The biggest difference has to do with the interface shown in the previews. The tactical map shown in CGW has the same map portion as the current one but where as in the older model instead of cover, attack, move, and stop tabs you have move, engage, hold, cancel, assault, and recon tabs. Both have a waypoint system that I am assuming is similar enough as to leave it be since they don’t talk much about it in the article. The massive difference between the two lies in the control. RVS and GR where games that I used ROE selective liberally. RVS had a different style of play that made recon and such a less useable function but it had other things that let me adjust how my other guys would take to the map. GRAW now has the modablility of RVS, even more so to a point (course there aint 50+ guns to mod). I now finally have a game where I can equip my team to the most personal level and more importantly actually use these specialties to the max; but since assault and recon modes are taken out your guys wont be doing any quiet slipping by, you wont have a stealth oriented point man to quietly get flanks and positions as you clear the tangos now robbed of an MG or caught in crossfire. In fact your teammates wont swap their primary for anything, kind of makes it pointless to give them other equipment (exception on tanks). Another pointless restriction is the wire frame display of the selected units field of vision. This is a major hassle and pretty much nulls its whole purpose especially with the amazing graphics of the game and the stark contrast of the vr rendered screen. The only way to actually use the video feed sent to you from your other units is that it points out tangos they see on the tactical map. The master of the eye piece vid screen is SWAT 4, in fact GRAW seemed to use the system that SWAT 4 uses to command the team, almost exactly except that you can see what they see and more over actually command them via this screen to perform complex actions, hell for fun I played through a couple levels using the vid screen input from my two teams alone and it worked amazingly well. GRAW uses the same set up, where it falls is in its dependence on micromanagement (an echo resonates from that word and the reviews of this game). SWAT 4 had the ability for the most anal of micromanaged overlay command, but whether you used it all or just took what came in front of you, the game stayed very playable. If you set a chain of commands to hit two doors at once and you wanted to take one obj. with one squad while the other did theirs they would do what you specifically told them but they would also fill in the rest for instance an awareness of surroundings (aka deal with tangos in the harshest most efficient way possible) and hell SWAT 4 didn’t let you kill half of the crazy's. In GRAW the Ghosts are like, well, um... Forest Gump clones. You tell them to do something they do it to the very narrow specifics of what you told them to do. Taking cover in comparison with the arrangement of tangos doesn’t enter the mind either. I set up a SAW to lay down cover fire and pin down the large space just right of the machine gun on the Coup de Tate mission, the first major open contact point in the mission. I had practically walked my sniper to a position and qued up waypoints for him to move forward and take out the MG when heads were down and I had fire coming from the other side of the MG emplacement. Well the Support man decided that he wouldn’t actually get behind cover in comparison to where I wanted him to shoot and he practically walked out into a rain of MG fire that he wasn’t even supposed to be involved in. My left unit was given waypoints to carefully get just barely of the MG reach enough to attract it while me or the sniper would take it. He didn’t go where I said to go he went to the wall next to the car and didn’t get down or anything, well, he was knocked down a few before officially biting it. The sniper in other attempts is useless since he doesn’t know how to kill the targets I mark out for him on account that he will walk out into major enemy fire to shoot a guy who is mildly concealed in an MG position. Unless you spend a lot of time mapping out all movement on the tactical map to the last detail your squad will do practically anything but support you. The CGW article talks about the enemies reacting exponentially and advanced AI, well this isn't inherent in the team mates and since a carefully laid out plan is scraped when you reload a checkpoint whether you had it made before the save time or not causing major frustration. Using the SWAT 4 style point and mouse-wheel click would compensate for the tediousness’ of the tac map but your men rarely actually follow through what you tell them to do, move, cover, attack, they may go one day and not the other or vice versa. They also don’t peak corners like enemies do, nor will they use grenades on entrenchments or take advantage of a nade launcher, course they have to practically be face to face to kill properly. Also bringing up the full screen of the cross com video feed is useless since you can see finally what they see but you cannot control them with the mouse, so you might as well just stay in the overlay map. Among the screens in the article the hud is similar but looks better (plus the real video feed) and the glairing yellow post effects are replaced with a much more natural white in even the maps with afternoon and morning sun light, still glares but it doesn’t look like a school bus scraped paint over everything. I list these issues and the examples in which they apply because these are all tweak able options pretty much, most of them were there originally and improving the squad AI would be simple considering you did so well with the enemy AI. Basically giving more control to the player (one more thing no more leaving battlefield crap when executing a proper flank at times) and making it so that the squad AI is an equivalent adversary to the enemy. As for the sun glare, any help on making it less of a super crayon like coloring effect and instead making it a glaze of brightness that doesn’t distort color but still limits visibility. Its nailed perfect in the screens in the CGW article. On a separate note the MP in this game has an issue where it disconnects the player from the server, any server, about every ten minutes or so, some times its longer some times every time you join you have a ten second practical count down to a disconnect. That and the sun glare issue above applies here too, and it also can unbalance a map, one side not being able to see the other at a distance cause of the sun but the other having perfect view. That and a viable anti cheat that allows client side mods like blood or skin files such as what Valve has or what PB has offered in many cases. But disconnection issue is the major deal breaker here. I hope you have the time to read all this because your game is truly great but its got some chinks that make no sense as to why you changed the huds and tactics from this older version seen in the CGW article. I know that you are still releasing gobs of content and such and if I am out of place in that these are things that will be fixed in future patches pending some sort of complication just let me know. Also in terms of the new content will more weapons be added to the limited arsenal given in the game? All I ask for is an M4, its a fetish thing lol, can't help it. Any how thanks for any feedback and good luck to you guys in your future endeavors, I look forward to when the expansion like content for PC comes out, which if the MP disconnection issues get fixed, Ill have plenty to do until then given the addictive badassety of the core game play you provided us with. Thanks in advance, hope you guys start getting into the M rated blood and gore of the first GR and thanks for all the help you have given us so far despite the many un-grateful flamers over on the UBIsoft forums.
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