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  1. SCAR-H: Silencer + Combat Sight + Front Grip and the MP5 secondary whit scope offcource
  2. i'm thinking about a Wille portrait on my left shoulder
  3. I agree, this should be a forum for GR:AW player's... everybody has their opinion about it now, and said (posted) it over and over again. i think their won't be any mayor gameplay tweaks (patches) to be released. so take it or leave it
  4. Yesterday i noticed the trigger-pull animation, it's kinda kewl. 1. Sound superb 2. Playermodels + animations 10/10 3. Bullet impact on metal (other materials) is awesome. (granade explosions) I still see only the positive aspects of the game, got nothing to complain
  5. disconnect between map change, just like in the beta. (maybe because i installed the patch over the beta?)
  6. can someone confirm this is the final release (not the beta) plz. It's released Gamershell http://www.gamershell.com/download_15452.shtml erm a little to eager to post good news, its a reserved spot on gamershell
  7. He's talking about MP pack 3, that is about to release.. good stuff for Co-Op players; included
  8. Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will. -- Yoda
  9. same here, i can't see whats wrong whit the visual quality of this game. I'am still real positive about this game, if you criticise this product; you can't be all negative. There must be some positive points for you. If not you should stick whit Ghost Recon, and let GR:AW a side.
  10. Then I don't understand? I haven't played since b4 the first patch (currently awaiting the last), but at that time, I ran coop matches over hamachi LAN. Does that help? It ran fine. What on Earth is this about a 3d party server? I am referring to internet service. When you serve a game you are actually serving thru a server (game spy). The other players do not play directly to your IP address but first thru gamespy (must create account) then to your game room. On numerous occassions while playing a player just drops out, the resulting message is "connection to server lost". All we see in game is player exited. This happens all to often, once is more than I care to see. When I serve a game like SWAT4 or Ghost Recon 1 I hand out my IP to whoever I want to play with and ta-da we connect and stay connected with much greater relilability. Of course thats just the tip of the iceberg for my gripes about the CO-OP mode. Its the loss of respawn, the limit of 4 players, no waypoints for restart, no new maps or missions. These additions make the game fun for everyone and the option to disable any or all of them will keep the diehards happy also. I just think they created a gamespy/UBIsoft sponsered worldwide deathmatch and domination game (look at all the UBIsoft servers) and for that it is well suited. But for us 4 or 5 guys (or gals) who want to play private war its GR1 or I'm sad to say we have found most of what we like in another game. We own the CDs so hopefully they will improve CO-OP at least in some respects. I love the graphics, the gameplay, the theory, the current maps and missions but my whole group is dissapointed with the CO-OP interface and reliability and limitations. It was a unamimous vote to find a better CO-OP game. Wait for MP pack 3 to release, there is some nice stuff for Co-Op players. Go read some posts about the beta MP 3 pack , you'll get some answers
  11. Dunno what to say, but this won't hold me from pulling the trigger next time i got you in me sight (thx for sharing)
  12. sometimes when i'm alone i openup the Grin homepage, and listen to the Bodyguard soundtrack.
  13. Hello Tangogulf, I can only tell you my experienc, can't inform you about Co-op; since i havnt played it yet. -Well i like this game alot the sounds (gun, inviroment) are in my opinion really great. -the playermodels look awesome (animations, reloading ect.) being a modern combat freak . -the best part is that you have the feeling you fire a gun, from pulling the trigger to the impact on the foe or an object, and the grenades explosions damn. you see i ain't negatieve on this game, most ppl that are negative on this game are die hard Ghost Recon fan's, you must read some treads about now. the mode i play is Hamburger Hill btw, i think you and your mates will have fun playing this. well i aint a detailed story teller, just telling i like the game!
  14. thanks, found the pictures http://www.cryeprecision.com/product1.asp?P=C04 thought it was inspired on something that doesnt excists. you guys don't need shouldertaps, but its an identical match whit the pictures. soo sweet
  15. it's exactly the same ! Any picture's of the helmet? px. are the models in the pc version of GR:AW designed by Grin? (inspired by the xbox360 vers.) it's not exactly what i mean; sorry i can't express myself in english that well found this http://www.defenselink.mil/news/Jul2004/2004072705b_hr.jpg
  16. lol, really nice review.. looking for a place to order
  17. That is a very interesting viewpoint. I believe number 3 will happen if/when GRIN releases the coop patch and other fixes. I'm keep playing this game, whit in the back of my mind it wil be point number 3. So i can go whit the realism.. and maybe there will be a Realisme mod released in the future. Is Grin telling (explaining); in wich direction the game will go? a post were i can read what this game is aiming for in the future, ...
  18. I think you're better of whit an 7.1 Mobo, whit an Creative X-fi sound card. you win some fps now that your mobo has some ram left for the ghrapics (if iam correct) -just bought myself a Creative X-fi fatality- thinking about ordering the audio XF Headphone's- (looking for some reviews)
  19. it's true what you say, but if you have a death limit; let's say set to 3. everyone is more afraid of dieing.. so they wont run to the other spawn whitout a care. Still think GR:AW is more tactical based then a fast pased shoother, or mi wrong? (what i really like in this game that it "feels" like you shoot a person, not some pixels on your screen)
  20. ROCOAFZ, can you post that server name here.. and will it be online more often? (whit the death limit)
  21. man it's frustrating to see everyone on a "no death" limit server. M' i the only one that wants a death limit, this game is not playable whit no death limit! (my opinion) Is it the "ingame" serverbrowser that doesnt find all the servers? (i really like Hamburger Hill) But i can't play it, cause i get so ###### when spawn get's raped again and again. I'm sorry that i post this now that iam a little ######, but plz; don't you see its more fun whit a death limit. Or is it only me? Or maybe i should cool down, and go whit the flow..
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