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  1. I love how this thread got ######ted on as-if someone hacking was a joke.

    the only joke is the joke of a ###### thats doing the cheating.. but what else can anyone do about it at the min?? this aint Pb no one has proved that the origional topic of the discussion was actually cheating (looks suspect to my eyes though) and untill we get our grubby hands on Grins AC the only way people have got of blowing frustration out at cheats is to come here and ridicule them.. Personally i thimk it's great to see some banter on the site theres far to much flameing go's on as it is banter helps to build the community spirit which is something that at times seems to be lacking

    just my view :)

    plus the roadrunner thing was bloody funny off topic or not :P

    I banned one... LOL!!

    AttackforceZ Forum thread featuring a cheater trying to convince us what he did was right

    I may ban him from the site soon also... i can't understand how he doesn't think it's cheating LOL! If Tiger is... this guy and him are probably buddys.

    Wow thanks for the link on him at your fourms. Can not believe he tried to argue you on that :wall: (what a waist of 50 bucks on the game) to do that . Hope his dad spanks him! or i'll claim him on my w-2's and then lay the smack down...

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