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  1. Are you feeling lucky? Just me but I would have upwrapped that thing by now. Skeptical? Settle down for a long read and...don't forget your waders! Well after being burned by the Battlefield 2 game...Yes I am gun shy. Reading game reviews by PC magazines, I don't trust to be quite honest. I would rather hear it from a non-biased opinion vs. paid hype. If it can't be answered so be it.
  2. Hello all, Did a search and didn't find this already posted. I was in the store lastnight saw the game and picked it up. I sat down and thought to myself....I have been burned by the Battlefield 2 series. Should I check some forums and get some advice? So here I am. My question is since I haven't opened the game yet, should I? Or should I return it? Will welcome all to help, no holds barred.
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