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  1. A large discussion on this issue here. http://www.totalgamingnetwork.com/main/sho...ad.php?t=140631 In my opinion it is a script that does something for you instead of you doing it yourself, therefore it is a cheat and should be banned. I mean why not just click the mouse the required number of times or at the required speed. There is some debate about the scroll wheel firing being a similar thing but I think they should get rid of both and make people play it the way it was meant to be played, with a fire BUTTON. My 2 cents(AU)
  2. I think I read somewhere that you can turn off the music in the server config. I dont think it can be done client side.
  3. Jump over on our forums and we'll sort it out there, this isnt the place. And to the rest of you. Our community spirit is there and always has been, otherwise we wouldnt provide public servers for people to play on, or spend alot of our time creating maps/mods, etc for the community to play. Its only fair to ask someones permission if you can use their work in your own mods isnt it? I shouldnt have to log onto gr.net and chance upon a thread talking about using the maps that we've created in another mod without 1st being contacted about it. /rant on I agree it is only fair to ask permission to use others work you asked him to ask for permission. He has done that. Why can't you just say yes here??? Im not tryin to start a flame war here but what is the big deal???? I would have thought maps carrying the TUG name would have been great positive publicity for your clan? Did you CREATE the maps or MODIFY existing maps? There is a huge difference in creative credit here. You arent the only clan to supply a server for the public to play on and you arent the only people to create mods/maps. In fact some people have created maps without just reworking GRIN'S stock maps with GRIN's editor and arent making a fuss like you. We are a really small community and quite frankly this sort of attitude is not going to help. signed: The Rest of You /rant off
  4. The problem with RS is your dual core processor. Google "ravenshield and dual core" and find the hotfix. The other problem sounds like drivers. Do what they said.
  5. WHAT!!! Only their toenails? I'm sure a man with your level of creativity could come up with a much more effective body part to be hung by to teach the required lesson.
  6. If it was never meant to be then why does the [Ghost Recon] allow the number of respawns to be set anywhere from 0 to infinity? Perhaps it was a function RSE left in by mistake eh? When all we had was the demo there were people posting here that they didnt like respawns and that when the retail came out they would have a no respawn server. Some have actually put up such servers and some people play on them. The large majority of servers have respawns and the large majority of players still play on servers offering respawns. Granted in a match situation I am all for limited or no respawns but in a public server I want to play not watch. I didnt buy the game to watch other people play it. So I would say the collective 'us' respectfully disagree with the collective 'you' my 2 cents(aus)
  7. I dont know how much time I will have tonight. If I am around I may be able to do some campaign coop.
  8. Its good to see that Grin are announcing what is in the patch, it hopefully means that we will get it soon. The modding tools are by far the most important thing to add at the moment. We need to see what the community can do with this game. @Persian. I understand that you see some of the other issues as being of great importance but adjusting gameplay style overcomes most of the perceived issues (and you play well enough to be able to get around most of the problems that you see) . I am sure if Grin are convinced that weapon imbalance exists it will be addressed eventually. As for anti cheat measures, well I dont think they are ever going to satisfy the majority of players, we will get what we will get and we will have to make do or develop our own systems. All in all this is good news for the community and I look forward to further patches to iron out some more of the wrinkles. My 2 cents (1.75 cents US)
  9. Dammit, it has been nearly a whole week and the devs have not been able to completely fix the entire cheat problem. They should be hung, drawn and quartered!!!!!!!! Now seriously, they are working on a patch and we will get it when it is ready. It will probably not include evrything that everyone wants but reworking stuff takes time. Please try to show some patience.
  10. I think we play in the same server a lot Persian. I have seen and received the same sort of comments. Not everyone in the game is like these people but there almost always seems to be at least one of them in the server that we play in. If there were a wider variety of populated servers active in our time zone we might find a server without said whiner, but at the moment it is unlikely. Everyone is entitled to play with the weapon of their choice and if that doesnt suit some players, well they can always leave the server or better yet pick the same weapon and try to get revenge
  11. There seems to be a fair amount of negativity on these forums at the moment, because it would seem that everybody didn't get everything they ever wanted in a FPS game with GRAW2 despite the fact that they clearly informed Grin and UBI of what was required to make the perfect game. While no game is perfect and there is always some room for improvement, I think that Grin have delivered a pretty good game out of the box. There will no doubt be some patches to address some issues and perhaps even add some content and given Grin's track record with patches this can only be a good thing and lets not forget the incredibly talented modding community who I'm sure will really take this game forward once they get a good handle on how things work. This only my opinion of the game we got and just thought it might be nice to have a topic with a positive theme amongst the others.
  12. Well I was a fan of GRAW1 but I have to say that GRAW2 is a big improvement and seems to address a lot, but not all, of the general complaints about GRAW1. I would say buy it and try it. my 2 cents(AU)
  13. The weapon dropping when too close to an object is a good and realistic thing. In GRAW1 there were no peek glitches like in [GR] because if you were too close your weapon dropped. on points 1 to 3 under ANNOYANCES & REQUESTS: learn to use single shots at distance and semi up close like the rest of the GRAW2 players have. The rest of your points have some merit.
  14. On the subject of 8800GTX cards, has anyone found the best driver settings yet? I have tried changing a few things but havent really seen any improvement in FPS.
  15. No problems here Lighty. I have experienced the occasional drop but they mostly seem to be because the server crashed or shut down to change settings.
  16. Im on for a while most nights Lighty, I will try to catch you for some coop. Check your PMs
  17. The patch is back up now, I just grabbed a copy. Also the auto patch is working.
  18. I thought I had made that mistake too it first happened but I checked and I had launched the non demo version, however when I started the game this morning it offered me the patch. So I no longer get the message. Now I just ned the peeps in the USA to get the game so I can play multiplayer
  19. I picked up my pre ordered copy from EB Games Australia today. It has had a release date of July 11th on their website for quite some time now but I figured it would be the 17th before we saw the game. Well I loaded it up and tried to join a server and guess what? You guesed it "wrong version" please download patch from ubi.com. Only problem is I cant find a patch on ubi.com. Also out of about 15 or so servers, everyone of them is empty. Me thinks this is the usual ubisoft release disaster , lol, oh well at least I can play the single player.
  20. LOL the value is in SECONDS I also hope that server admins will set this "ping kick" to something slightly over 300 mS(0.3 seconds). Otherwise any Aussies (and no doubt other nationalities as well) playing the game can forget about staying on a server for long. From what I have seen in GRAW and GRAW2, there doesnt seem to be a problem until the pings hit 400 mS or worse. Of course those of you playing with <100 mS might have noticed something different, however my ability to kill and be killed doesnt seem to vary much till the ping rises to around 400.
  21. There is a single player component??????? MP fun for me. Lookin forward to seeing a different map
  22. While I have no idea what soever what it takes to make scripted missions for coop, it seems to me that GRIN are giong out of their way to hint that you will be able to make your own missions etc. in GRAW2. The rest will up to those modders that want to go all the way
  23. Hey Lighty I can help you with the demo on a if you want. Just PM if you want it and I will sort it for you. It would be a shame if you cant have a look at it.
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