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  1. thx th33f ....know where I can go for the best drivers for my setup 2xnvidia 7900 also have duel processor if thats of any importance ?
  2. ok peeps I need a bit of technical info here I thought quad was 4 but from what I'm reading quad refer's to having 2 cards ??? I have 2 nvidia 7900's in SLI mode ...where can I go for the best drivers for my setup ????
  3. I personally use "beyerdynamic DT770" headphones I have got a 8.1 speaker setup but I prefer to just use my headphones......guess I wasted my money on the speakers lol I didn't bother buying a new sound card though as my motherboard has a built in 8.1 card not sure if I'm making the right move here or should I drop down to 7.1 and buy a new audigy card ??
  4. SillyHalfMexican you have every right to view your opinion on here all I can say is thx for posting a reply about this topic and yeah maybe 3 spawns is just right and 5 may be too high I'll have to try and find some servers with 3 spawns and give it ago . As for the MR-C thx for the info I'll have to go give it a try and get back to you about it =)
  5. I also had the same problem I tried to join a server and was also denied access to the server saying "invalid CD key" I tried the same server 10 seconds later and got in without a problem .....my CD is valid since I actually paid for the game lol
  6. Hi peeps I was just wondering if it would be possible to have more spawns in team DM like hamburger hill for instance. I went into 3 seperate servers and all only had max deaths set at 2 . I understand during clan matches the deaths are set at 1 ...but this is public gaming and alot of us are noobs ....including me So is it possible to raise the max deaths a little ....to say 5 ??? This way us noobs can actually game for longer than 2 minutes and maybe get a little better . I know what most of you are gonna say the lower the max deaths the more you have to concentrate and the better you will be at this game....well yes and no ......yes it will make us more carefull and so on...but also with lower deaths us noobs get less actuall play time . For instance if we are pinned back in our spawn then as soon as we stick our heads out we are dead ...but at the same time it gives us a chance to pinpoint their location so the next time we stick our heads out we are hopefully aiming at them ...unless they have moved lol . All I'm asking is that the max deaths be raised to 5 to give us noobs a chance to actually play the game and maybe learn something ......Thx in advance
  7. Ok the music did suck in the video ...but the message he was trying to put across was load and clear ...got to say it did have me laughing =) Ok back to the point ....since the 1.21 update I have also had some minor glitches ...when ever I go to close the game, the game crashes and I get the popup saying "GR:AW has encounted a blah blah blah and needs to close blah blah blah" ....Well since I was closing the game anyway I dont really mind so much but I still shouldn't be getting this error ....and from the looks of things other people have been getting a far more serious error ....this aint right GRIN we wait ages for a patch to hopefully improve the game and now it has finally arrived its buggy as hell ...come on guys what are you doing for your pay packets ??? Another thing I have noticed since the update (I was in Hamburger Hill playing Team DM when I noticed that all the soldiers/players where not actually running on the ground but seemed as if they where hovering slightly and well basically the whole feel of the game seems to have changed for me it just doesn't seem to play the same ...or is it just on my pc this is happening...anyway peeps keep your eyes peeled and let me know if you have noticed anything slightly offish with the game since the update .......thx in advance.....and before you say it must be my pc not being able to cope with the engine used in GR:AW its not I have a high spec rig and it managed fine before the update
  8. TedSmith you hypocritical buffoon you go spouting off about how you dont rudely or verbally attack people for their opinions and you go and say.................................................................................................. "Ruggbutt seems to be of the opinion that if you are not screaming, cursing and foaming at the mouth about every issue then you aren't concerned about any of them. It's a ludicrous attitude and blatantly ignorant as far as I'm concerned, but I can't say I'm surprised." I'm sorry but calling someone ignorant because they have an opinion that you dont agree with is RUDE and IGNORANT on your part ...if you dont agree with their opinion thats fine after all its YOUR opinion just the same as its their opinion no need to go off labeling people ....HOW DARE YOU!!!! and then to go on by saying we are never rude blah blah blah ....all I can say is your a ###### and need to be taken down a peg or 2
  9. Cangaroo from what you described all you did was play tactfully and thoughtfully wich is how this game is supposed to be played with tactics....no point on just running in like rambo all your gonna do is die ....like you said you made the intial push along with everyone else then when you was deep in enemy territory you held your ground and waited for the enemy to make a mistake...since you then found yourself alone this was a wise choice . If I was on the recieving end of your shots then I would have simply chose a different path to your location instead of trying to take you headon because from the sounds of it you was dug in well and to just keep running out trying to nail you was plain stupid . And if a new approach to take you down failed then I'd simply congratulate you on a GG....(then I'd call you a spawn camping little weasel) <- only kidding lol Best thing to do mate it just play the game in a style that suits you best and if others dont like it ....tough either adapt and conquer or sit there crying shouldn't make a difference to you mate ...more power to ya !!!
  10. Hi guys/ gals ...I used to be a member of ETA and I did manage to get back in contact with some of my old team mates....I know some of them have started to play GR:AW....but since then their website and comms have gone down .....has anyone seen any of them around or know how to get in contact with any of them ??
  11. No mate you wasn't spawn camping ......you can only be called that if you where actually sat inside the area that they spawn ....also when and if you enter the enemy's spawn or base you are shown up on their maps as a red dot making it easy for them to kill you. If your on the recieving end of spawn camping its not much fun but hey deal with it .....normally I just take it slow and steady and fight my way out ...if I'm un-able to ...then congrats to the opposing team for keeping us all pinned in spawn
  12. Not being much of a GR fan I cant really say how this version matches up I bought this game due to a friend of mine who told me the owned it and played it online and said it was amazing ....after I bought the game they then decided to tell me "ow yeah I play the x-box 360 version not the pc version" again not being a x-box 360 owner I dont know if that version is better . I'm an ex OFP player I loved that game with a passion I know OFP did not suite everyones taste but I loved it .....the same can be said for every game I guess really you just have to take a chance you'll either love it or hate it. At the moment I'm staying neutral about my feelings for GR:AW ....as in ...Would I have bought the game if my friend hadn't said he had it ..NO Would I have bought it if I knew I had to update my pc to play it properly...NO "old RIG ..alienware ..Amd64 4200 proc...nvidia 6800GT..1gig ram" ..."New rig Amd64 4400 x2 dual core proc...Nvidia 7900 x 2 in SLI...2 Gig RAM" total cost = £40 for the game ....£1400 for the new rig . All this just so I could play a game on decent settings....not really worth it to be honest ...but as the saying goes a fool and his money are easily parted ....I must be Homer Simpson ....Doo!!! Anyways getting back to the game ...overall its not a bad game seen better seen worse will just have to see what these next few patches bring ...but if after these next patches the game is still falling short then I'm gonna put the dvd back in its case.....stomp the crap out of it and throw it in the bin !!! I just hope they can find the time to implement some anti-cheat software and something for the people running the servers to enable them to file check individuals that seem a bit suspect shall we say . Ow yeah I forgot to mention something amongst all my rambings..... If a server is hosting a map you dont have in your game register you simply get booted from the server this is annoying !! Wouldn't it be better if you could simply download the maps from the server just like you could in OFP for example .
  13. I am running a dual-core processor and I've never been accused of cheating ...probably cause I suck so badly at this game lol......but seriously if I was gaining a slight speed advantage surely I would notice it when running along side a person on my team as I'd overtake them. Personally I do like this game but I would like to see a capture the flag map brought out ....I'm an ex "Operation Flashpoint Resistance" player and just loved the CTF maps ...any of you who played this game online may remember me I'm "ETA-CaRnAgE" I cant wait for Armed Assault to be released that game looks cool and will have plenty of CTF maps to keep me happy =)
  14. mines bigger than yours na na na na na na lmao
  15. what do you mean you re-named the exe for GRAW???? how does this help with running speeds ??? please do tell =)
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