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  1. This forum reminds me of the Swat 4 forums. People complaining about there not being a proper anti cheat and what looks like a game thrown out before it was ready without the proper support , Other more hardcore fans complaining about how poor the new game is compared to its predecessors having to rely on mods to make up for a game that was put together poorly. I think that while you can have fun with this game, you are kidding yourself if you think it's a worthy installment of the GR series. I would love to go onto [GR] and play some Coop but like Swat 3 there really is only a handfull of players ever around. As for Armed Assault i will probably get it but the difference with the games i mentioned before was that they were all small squads and you felt elite whereas in AA and OFP you are just a grunt in a bigger army. I guess all good things really do come to an end
  2. Thanks for your advice. Ive tried the demo but on very much reduced settings. Will i buy this game? the short answer is no Unfortunately my PC just about managed to run GRAW demo. I would need serious graphics card upgrade to run it well (which i would have been willing to do had the game been of the same standard as GR 1 was for its time) Its not that its a bad game but IMHO it doesnt deserve the title Ghost Recon as it seems like just another "tactical shooter" if you could call it that. I think i will stick to Swat 4 despite its many failings
  3. I am considering buying GRAW but only on the reputation of the previous PC versions of Ghost Recon that i liked so much. Unfortunately it seems like a completely different game from the Realistic tactical games of the past. From what little i have seen it reminds me of the way great games like the Rainbow Six series and to some extent the Swat series have gone. So is it worth buying and why?
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