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  1. Updating the firmware did nothing. What the hell.
  2. I installed the new patch yesterday and went to start the game, and after I double clicked the icon I got a blue screen with a stop 0x0000008e error. No other filenames were mentioned. The game was working fine before (although I hadn't played it in a week or two). All other games work fine. I updated my video and sound card drivers and reinstalled the game and still nothing worked. I tried the CD in two separate drives. Then, as I was searching around, someone mentioned trying a NoCD crack because sometimes the SecuROM gets all messed up. Sure enough, I installed a [Thing that should not be spoken of here] for version 1.0 and it worked. The problem is there hasn't been a [Thing that should not be spoken of here] released for the new patch yet. Any ideas? I'm going to try and update my CD drives' firmware now and see if that'll work. Thanks, RedHerring
  3. I think I remember them being quite thick from Blackhawk Down
  4. SP Negatives: - I would kind of like to see my objectives before I select my weapon. For instance, in mission 3 I would have liked to take more 40mm grenades since I was dealing with lots of vehicles, but I didn't know that. - While I can understand the checkpoint system, for long missions such as these there really should be more. Getting past three "areas" before a save it too much and it's really frustrating (especially if you get hit by a lucky shot or you don't know where it came from. Maybe a time sensitive checkpoint system would be better, say, after 15 minutes it saves. The game moves slowly, which is good, but replaying the same parts over and over because you keep dying on at another area is annoying and frustrating. - Once in a GREAT while, the AI does something really dumb like running out waaaay beyond any of the other Ghosts. - Hotkeys in the tac map would also be a very welcomed addition. Edit: Please please please add a way to bind weapons to a key. This scroll nonsense has gotten me killed. I could even go for holding down the key then hitting 1, 2, 3, or 4. At first I didn't think it was that bad, but when you're under fire you NEED to get that frag out as quickly as possible. Or an APC comes up unexpectedly and you need to fire that 203 very, very quickly. It's just not doin it for me. SP Positives: - Both team and enemy AI can be very impressive at times. - Explosions are sweet - Objectives are cool and interesting (so far) I don't really have much to say about MP but: - A "Rebuy previous" button would be great - Domination is pretty fun although sometimes maps are too big for smaller games. Thanks Grin
  5. I never have had this problem. I frequently use my teammates to draw an enemy's fire so he stops shooting at me and i can finish him off.
  6. Smoke grenades in SP require the AI to recognize the smoke. Or else the only one at a disadvantage is you. That's probably why they aren't in and will probably never be.
  7. I was wondering what would happen in the next mission if your teammates died. That is kind of silly, can't they just come up with different names? They don't refer to one another by their names, do they?
  8. I don't think they are dumb at all. The only dumb things that they do is sometimes walking infront of my field of fire. But that's it. They've saved my neck countless times and are VERY good at taking cover when under fire.
  9. I think he means only temporarily until someone finally figures out the editor and other things. It would be great if GRIN stopped by and told us if it was possible or not so we wouldn't waste our time.
  10. I swear today I was playing the demo and I shot a guy up close and saw a red poof from his chest. Maybe I was hallucinating. Now blood pools are different, I'm not sure if you can add those in or not.
  11. This is awesome, keep it up guys :up: The flag is reversed because if it was normal it would be flying backwards, in retreat. So one side is flipped so that both flags are "waving" in attack.
  12. It's possible, but not practical: http://www.elitebastards.com/cms/index.php...id=59&Itemid=29
  13. Unless you're using the sniper rifle, I don't have any clue as how you'd run out of ammo. Single shot, man, it only takes one to drop em. Running around the demo map I noticed I could pick up ammo from certain guns (enemy machine guns work for the XM8). I don't know any specifics though. You hear a faint "clack clack" and the ammo clips go up if you run over a "correct" gun.
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