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  1. At the bottom of every page there is a drop down menu on the left hand side where the skin choice can be changed. Ah, I was thinking it was in My Controls. Thank you.
  2. First off, thanks for making it so there are images now! In the old theme I couldn't tell if there were new posts, which gave the forum a dead appearance to me when in fact tons of people have posted and visited. Now I need to find where in my profile I can change the theme. I don't see it.
  3. I've really been liking the M4 lately, however when I'm in a sniping mood Ibrahim's M98 gets me giddy.
  4. I've gotten to love HKMSG90. It's powerful, quick, accurate and really really sexy.
  5. While we are on the topic of room clearing or is it me or did the game say an M249 could be used to open a door? Or am I thinking of Americas Army?
  6. I'm starting to dislike Ubisoft. I don't see any reason why a "Charlie Team" couldn't be in the XBOX version. It makes no sense to me as the XBOX was "all the buzz" around when Ghost Recon came out. I have a Ghost Recon website so I'm thinking of creating some guides that I could submit here if it's alright with the administrators.
  7. Hello, I saw in the mission walkthrough a Team Charlie. How is this accomplished as in the XBOX version there is only Alpha and Bravo? http://ghostrecon.net/html/WT_M01.htm
  8. I usually take a frag to the door, then take a SAW to cover my approach as I move closer to the door. Or, a frag to blast open the door, then throw another in. That will usually clear out any immediate threat and you can crouch next to the door as slowly shuffle in. I enjoy room clearing. Here we go here go here we go![/AmericasArmy]
  9. On Veteran there is a guy on the upper level also, but he should shoot at you so you will see him anyway, but in the event he doesn't check up there also. Other than that like jchung mentioned check the back room.
  10. This map on Veteran can be tough, I don't want to imagine what it's like on Elite. I never worry about silenced weapons on this level because I generally try to go through quick to get the POW's. I first arm Alpha with a sniper, then arm bravo with two M4's and a M249. I use the sniper to take out the watchtower guards and the perimeter. I avoid the back of the compound until I get the POW's. Once my sniper finishes with the outside I position him at the far watchtower in Recon in the prone position. The enemies won't see him and he won't feel tempted to shoot anyone. I then take control of Bravo, and take them through the first watchtower through that area with the buildings, and get ready at the next tower. I then retake control of my sniper, shoot the two guards next to the POW's take Bravo over and make a mad dash for the POW's while Alpha attempts to cover me. Once I've rescued the POW's, I get some cover, hunker down and assault until it's safe. Then I take Bravo, clear the hospital get Moroshokin (spelling?) and head outside. I'll send Alpha with his sniper rifle to clear those guys patrolling near the extraction zone and make a mad dash to the extraction. This always works for me but everyones style is different.
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