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  1. This tweak works perfectly fine, all you need to do is to restart the level after you have applied the settings. It looks really sweet but I only get around 4 fps on my system 8800gts 640MB x2 3800+ 2GB ram It's probably my cpu that is the bottleneck. this was on the Extreme setting. I will try the High setting next, maybe it will run much better... edit: It ran about twice as good, around 10fps. Much better but still not playable. I guess you will need a really good cpu to run this smooth.
  2. A fix of the widescreen bug is essential, that one is extremely annoying.
  3. Great with mappacks, it's messy to download the maps one by one. I hope there will be a lot of servers running these maps ( in GRAW, a lot means like one or two servers )
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