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  1. I didn't test the Beta as much as I would have liked to, very busy. [GR] mode added a new dimension to gameplay, especially with limited spawns. It added a teamplay element you don't get in domination and the other unlimited spawns. You have to work with your teammates to progress, often very slowly to the extraction point. As the AI is very accurate and doesn't hack etc its just you vs the AI and its an honest fight. The tension is very high as work street by street. I think you will enjoy it, it was definately different to all other game modes and I'm sure you'll get to try it sometime this week. I never managed to test siege properly, there were never enough testers in the servers when I was online.
  2. The lighting problems on the new maps converted for other game modes: for more details see http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=37939
  3. Tongue in cheek that, Seriously though, GRAW was ruined by time constraints and forcing them to release it at the same time as the Xbox version. I dunno much about Xbox (and Xbox expansions discs) but I doubt the expansion for PC will be under similar constraints and I hope GRIN will get as much time as they need to get a good product out we can all enjoy.
  4. I found this on gamespot?? Dunno what to think? Is it real? Ghost Recon Advanced Patcher: the Expansion Disc to the 2006 smash hit: Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. GRAP is the eagerly awaited expansion pack for UbiSoft's 2006 tactical combat game GRAW. This expanison will not feature any of the extras seen in the Xbox version of the game like "Characters" and "Weapons" but it will feature all new game modes called "GRAP Quake" and "Online Cheater Mode" as well as a single massive new map rumoured to be roughly 1/5 the size of the current maps in the Xbox version. The new map is rumoured to be set in an as yet unvisited area of Mexico City. Some screenshots suggest the new map will be in set in a room roughly 12m square exquisitly lit by HDR and featuring all new textures. We saw a run-through at E3 where it was revealed that the room will contain enemies in the familiar green uniforms we know and love who are armed with deadly G36's and HK21 machine guns. One thing many gamers have been asking for is a level editor, the developers have answered this call by including an all new "NAME EDITOR" with which you can edit the name of your character. A designer said "Forget level design, people want customization, and with NAME-EDITOR, they can customise till their little hearts are content - I called my character STEVO, but who knows what the hard-core members of the community will come up with? MIKEY? RALPH? JIM? With this, any combination of letters is possible! The sky's the limit!" Something else people have asked for is variabilty. Many players complained that the missions were too scripted and too predictable. A programmer said "Yes, we could add some things that would change missions and make it different and exciting for the player each time they play through but that requires years of coding, instead we have introduced the new MISSION RANDOMIZER. This feature will randomise the original missions in a brand new order. So you never know which mission is coming next - you even could start with the last mission of the game! It ruins the continuity of the plot-arc but that's what people asked for so we gave it them!" A collectors edition of the game will quickly follow and they have special plans for this too. "We plan on including a small packet of human blood for enhanced blood effects, many players complained at the lack of gore in the original version considering the hi-tech weapons on show. They appeared to do very little to the enemies in the game, indeed many of the community released blood effects mods, but we have gone one better! The real blood can be squirted at the players screen to simulate death or injury when they are hit. It is so real you can smell the pain! Unfortunatly it can only be used once and if it dries it's a pain to remove but that's what the community have asked for, who are we to argue!!" All we can say at the moment is WOW!! Needless to say the game's developers GRIN are keeping quiet over such an ambitious expansion, but anyone who has played the original GRAW, will know these guys are capable of anything given a deadline and enough hype. UbiSoft have also confirmed that the first MP Patch to GRAP will be released 2 months after the expansion and will activate many but not all of the new features promised in the pre-release hype.
  5. Those jpegs lose a lot of detail compared to the dds files. Anychance you can make the atlas.dds files available.
  6. Two things, the MR-C mod, if it looking for realism, might consider the ammo. I recall the other MR-C mod reducing rounds to 45 instead of 50 (this was based on crye info I think), also I hear that case-less rounds should have less recoil? Dont ask me why though. Maybe you could duplicate the gun so we can have a 5mm and a 6.8mm version to choose from.
  7. Pressing the middle mouse button will rotate a prop by 45 degrees in one plain. Can you do the same in other plains? I know that you can rotate them manually using the arrow keys in four directions, but they are not defined turns of 45 or 90 degrees making it hard to line things up. Some signposts and other props when created appear flat, so rotating them with middle mouse does not line thme up for fitting to a wall etc. Any help gratefully appreciated so I can continue my map making... Also, shame about props brush.. GRIN can you release a quick fix or xml that will fix this prob for us. The only alternative is going back a version to 1.20. Map making is suffering cause of this mistake.
  8. Not heard anything on these for a long while
  9. With regards to the extra marine - which I like and love getting in massive firefights now!! Instead of 6 individual marines in the order list, could you group them but under a different heading. The drone and Arty and Tanks all have different headings though they are all 1 unit. The ghost squad can be grouped, but can another group of say just marines be made? That might help in moving them around the battle field.
  10. Avenues Hole: See there or hadn't you noticed. Textures don't have bottoms?? Then they should be used as roof tiles should they: this section is ideal for an arch, they just didn't put it in... to... Avenues with extra arch: an easy fix, does not give flickering textures as one static is removed and replaced with this arch, looks good on all sides. This fix required a new light map - 18 hours i couldnt use my pc as it did the calculations, another 45 minutes to pack the lightmap into an atlas.dds!!!! TDM Downtown. example this van. The sun is from the upper right. Note the shadows on the buildings and the lack of refection on the van. Same for trees and other objects all across the map. Not lit properly, which means player models are not either -bad for gameplay! to... Fixed TDM Downtown. The van and all other props and dynamic objects are lit correctly by the addtion of two files to a folder in Local. Same van, just lit. TDM Com station. example: 1st floor interior. Note the wall prop (the light - which I have blown out with pistol) is brightly lit. Note my gun is brightly lit... Note no walls anywhere are lit at all.... there should be no light. to... Same fix as before: Lit correctly as seen in the HH map version. There are lots more examples. I haven't got all day to post them up for you though. With regard to hollow, I see the minimap problem on TDM, it is well out of line. The Lighting is peculiar also. Some objects appear too bright for their location and they are in the same places on all modes. All versions of the map use the same lightmap (hh01) but I think there are slight changes in other lighting.
  11. Ok ill rustle up screenies to show what I mean
  12. Lots of maps now contain lighting errors, downtown TDM, Hollow, Com station... This is pooh... Can't wait for more rehashed maps that aren't done properly. Great!
  13. Com Station HH and TDM shouldn't have differnent sun positions as the use the same sky (hh01). I think the rehashing of maps has been fudged for a couple of them. The cross use of lightmaps may be causing problems. Anyway, they just seem rushed and unpolished.
  14. TDM07 Com station There is something wrong with the lighting on this level when in TDM MP mode. It is fine in HH gameplay, it looks lit properly then, but in TDM all the props are very bright. The lighmap for static objects is correct, but props are over lit. For example, the litter on wall lamps in the central tower glow in the dark, as do player sprites, when shadows should provide concealment - shadows are not being cast on props and players I think. Easily noticible if you shoot out the lights. Other props like grass appear black when light is on them?? Having fiddled with the xmls I couldn't fix it. I tried redrawing the lightmap but that too didn't help fix it. In the end I copied 2 files from the original hh01 folder, the dxe and the diesel and renamed them to tdm07 and that seems to have fixed it now. Avenues They still havent fixed seeing through the underpass to the upper level in Avenues either, and instead of fixing it, they rehash the map and replicate the error three times for other game modes. I HAVE fixed it by using the editor and then redrawing the lightmap (3 passes - medium took 18 hours!!!). So if GRIN wants these fixes to include in the next patch, they are welcome to them (PM me) - these are the only changes I have made to the maps - bug fixes and errors nothing else. They are fixed for all game modes too. Jace
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