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  1. Anyone knows any IRC-server populated by GRAW modders? Its always nice to talk to fellow mod ppl..
  2. On shot #2, That placement of the cylinders are un-logical. You would stash the second layer in the hole between the 2 on the bottom. I just had to point it out. (Old beta tester) =P. But nice work!
  3. Read the tutorial and understood it right, Now im creating a more advanced one, and see how it works out.. (Woodland theme FTW) @Obmanta The blue/yellow squares indicates that the texture couldnt not be found, i had it on a terrain when i forgot to add the texture to the texture scope.xml. So something is wrong =)
  4. Making some progess at last.. managed to get terrain working into editor, when making my own from scratch.. Now comes to fun of testing different stuff with it! screenshot: Look here
  5. I managed to blend 2 random materials with Vtexpaint. So now i know that. I'd still love to have a look at a fully textured and blended terrain that is GRAW-ready. Someone should have one laying around. It will spare me some time.. Back to fiddling ------>
  6. Well, laying down textures is peanuts, can't get the blends and mix maps working tho, but ill have a go at it tomorrow, since this aint the best time of day to try and focus on things..
  7. Oh!. I think i just realised something. The mesh included is all material id #1, that was why i thought there were some other wierd way you did it. And i got all confused and stuff. But then i realised, its up to the user to apply those textures, both the ID's, to generally map out the textures, and adding the blends, as a part of learning the procedure. However the Vtex paint looked like it was painted on, that might have been one of the reasons for the confusion. I hope i got everything correctly now, if not, i'll uninstall max and load paint and draw a nice boat....
  8. Really great stuff! This will be one mod ill be keeping my eyes on! Im gonna start model more, until i'm skilled enough to help you guys out =) Oh, and you are gonna do modern day weapons too right? I'd love to see a nice M4 in GRAW..
  9. First i wanna say hi to everyone here (first post), And so, after reading thru the documents supplied by GRIN, checking around a little here and there, noticing the complexity of this engine (as compared to other game engines I have worked on). So, for the terrain, i am not at all familiar with vertex painting. But i do understand how it works. I can't however understand how/where the textures end up where they are supposed to be. I have always used different material channels when modelling and that's more logic. So, bottom line, have anyone stumbled upon a more user friendly guide to it, that can describe a bit more in depth or step by step. Since i personally seem to have an easier time understanding the stuff if its arranged a bit better. Sorry if there already is a thread like this one, and i'd appreciate any help!
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