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  1. Ahh Ground Branch. The Duke Nukem Forever of tactical shooters... Seriously though, can't wait.
  2. Still running into problems. Who ever is hosting can launch with the mod enabled with no issues. However, we're still getting errors and associated CTD's. It's just odd.
  3. You the man Brett, as is Rocky! We'll give this a try later on tonight when we have another go at it. FYI - Check the BFS forums (Screenshot Thread). It's basically where this all started.
  4. Rocky, you just replied to my post on the Steam Forums. I'll go ahead and consider that one closed and this thread the primary for this topic. Jeza, I and a few others have been attempting to sort this for a few days now.
  5. Okay, so you have to utilize a VPN in order to play MP, coop or otherwise? Is there no other way to self host a coop campaign or mission?
  6. As I said, I'll likely pick it up for PS3 which is where it'll most likely shine. People just need to come to terms with the fact that the day of the GR tactical shooter is long since dead. Sad but true. That said, have you actually watched the videos available? It screams ATFPS.
  7. Just finished watching all of the trailers and the behind the scenes footage. It's certainly GR in name only. Nothing but a bunch of gimmicky drivel, style of substance, nothing more. I'll be skipping this horrendous port, though I may pick it up for PS3.
  8. Thanks for the help, gents. Or lack thereof... Delete the post, please.
  9. After a long hiatus from the GR series and this site, I decided to give a few of the GR titles a go again. Picked up GRAW2 off Steam as I lost my hard copy some time ago, and am currently getting the following error during install - GRAW2 requires an up to date version of Ageia PhysX and associated DLLs. Please install the latest PhysX runtime I have the latest drivers for my card (GTX 590), which includes the latest PhysX drivers and updates as they're all integrated now. Any ideas as to how to get around this?
  10. A shameless plug for your mod. I simply added the [GR] music. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KyOkaWf76-w
  11. One more thing that wasn't displayed in the bug list, Brett. During loadout, the default/core weapons icons are blurred for some reason.
  12. That says it all, doesn't it? Goodbye PC gaming!!!! PC gaming isn't dead, it simply has a platform that's giving it a run for it's money. GRAW 2 (PC) for example, is currently in second place out of thirty in the UK. While GRAW 2 for the 360, has sold more than 500,000 units thus far in the US alone, 11,000 of which were sold just last week.
  13. Speaking as a former GameStop Corporate employee, I couldn't agree more. EB was a far better retailer and distributer than GS ever was. At least EB had a sense of standards when hiring occured.
  14. No problem, mate! Do not... I repeat... do not mess with the "Issues" tab and the registry functions. Unless of course you know what you're doing. BTW, how much space did it eliminate?
  15. I do't think it is related, mate. Unless he is running Vista, which of course, is a problem in-of-itself.
  16. These are and were the same issues concerning ArmA. Alt-Tabing simply clears your video cache, and while helpful at times, can often lead to more instability issues and crashes. Honestly though, there is no reason why you should be experiencing this problem with a rig like yours. I found that running CCleaner under the "Cleaner" tab followed by a defrag inproved overall FPS. For myself... AMD 64 X2 5000+ 3G DDR3 7900 GS OC I edited all of the render settings via the notepad to high, and I'm good on all fronts.
  17. No ######! I walked into GameStop/EB (GameStop owns EB) after confirming via telephone that they had received their shipment, only to be told that the copy I was purchasing was their only COPY. I once worked for GameStop Corporate in the marketing department here in North Texas after leaving the Marine Corps, and GameStops policies have now become EB's policies, unfortunantly. If you will recall, prior to the rather expensive acquisition (almost a billion dollars), EB would purchase used PC games, however, that went out the window following the buy-out. It's a console driven market, regardless of what annual PC game sales may reflect.
  18. Just picked up my copy thirty minutes ago from EB.
  19. This is what GRAW should have been. It's certainly makes playing the game far more fun than that of a chore, as was the case with the first installment of the AW franchise. I am thoroughly enjoying the SP demo. However, I do have a few qualms... One being the fully scripted events, and the other being the graphics options. Because I have a 256 meg card, I was unable to change the texture settings in game. But, I did alter the render settings in the directory via the notepad from medium to high with no discernable FPS lag what so ever.
  20. It certainly wasn't my intention to be combative, mate. It's simply that ArmA either likes your setup or it doesn't. Again, there are plenty of people that have like systems and experience no problems, while others do. There are also those with less than comparable/modern systems that have no problems what so ever, while others do. Just take a look at some of those BIS threads. Members with C2D based rigs with one or two plus gigs of RAM, and high-end cards have massive problems. And there is no one person that can explain why these issues are so diverse and complex. A few have have looked into the code, and found that ArmA may have been developed upon less than modern computers, using the older OPFlash (OFE), and thus the seemingly better preformance on older comps. Nvidia users are also experiencing problems, however, most of them are related to the 8800. You may get better preformance (10-20+ frames) by rolling your drivers back. This seems to work for most. Cheers! Bryan
  21. GRAW 2 for PC will not be a port from a console. It is being developed by GRIN just as GRAW was. We shall see, mate. Any real tentative details have yet to be released, and GRIN may simply be porting the console version over to the PC, which is a undertaking in of itself, if it is to be done properly of course. However, I had thought Ubi Paris was doing all versions?
  22. Actually, it isn't. I'd suggest you refer to the BIS ArmA troubleshooting forums to get an idea as to what is plaguing the game at present. I'm getting tired of that supposed explanation. You've just reiterated the same BS that has encompassed every single last post regarding preformance issues over at the BIS forums. Well, as it looks now, BIS is reviewing the engine as a whole, and seeking out the major memory, graphical leaks, etc that seem to affect people with gaming systems. There are those with high-end rigs that experience no problems at all, while others do. There are people with lesser systems that experience no problems what so ever, while others with like boxes do. Why do some with outdated AGP cards have better preformance than those with brand spankin' new PCI cards? NO ONE KNOWS. I'll refer to this: Dmitri's post that has been reposted time and time again. The devs, such as Suma, have totally avoided it and have refused to comment because it shows a major flaw in the way the engine uses VRAM and available system memory. I don't like being a beta tester. BIS
  23. I'm a long time OFP player. That being said, I had high hopes for ArmA when it came to overall stability. Unfortunately, that isn't the case, as BIS seemed to include as many bugs in this rehash as they did in OFP. Not too mention the fact that the game runs like a bag of ass on my rig, and yes, I have the full version (German). It's quite obvious the engine is highly unoptimized at the moment, which can be seen in the major issues revolving around foliage, and the subsequent massive drop in frame-rates when encountering various forms such as bushes, trees, and certain types of grass.
  24. Hello, gents. I've been a lurker here for the better part of five years or so. I buddy of mine I served with in the Corps who now works for Gearbox, related too me that GR:AW 2s' PC version will be a console port, and that there is no seperate PC specific development to speak of. Furthermore, I was told that Ubi came to the conclusion not to invest capital into a PC version that sold less than expected units. How accurate this is I don't know, but it looks as if it might just be true. Pretty damned sad if you ask me.
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