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  1. It seems like everything in development is for the adversarial types. But it's real nice to know that the co-op folks are still alive and kickin in a major way. Of course I hope Grin comes through an a few features absent in the gameplay, and that coop mapmakers get the gears churning. Either way, I'm having fun with the game.
  2. Well the "AW" in "GR:AW" was based on the Future Force Warrior that the US Army is evaluating right now. Crye has the contract for the lethal ranged weapon within the whole concept, so is the only reason I could see them wanting to include this in. As far as I know, the Italians are the only ones trying to get hooked up with the RX-4. I wouldn't be surprised if Beretta threw down a bunch of cash to get it included. FN, Barrett, and H&K all have cutting-edge operational equipment included in the game. The only other weapon in the game that Beretta has is the M9... So I could see them wanting to pull something outta somewhere to keep up. The M8... is a good question. All I could think of is that this weapon made quite a few appearances on military specials and R Lee Ermy even got to fire a prototype off on his show. So, it has a bit of household appeal and is definately futurey, so why not? There's a lot that doesn't make sense about this game, but meh.... it's a game.
  3. I wouldn't be against GRAW 3 per se. I like the premise of operating with near-future equipment. Like it or not, "the electronic battlefield" is where the Army is going, and it's great fun for a video game. I just think it'd be nicer to face a more complex enemy that would put the cool stuff to work, making them tools instead of toys. I don't like this George Lucas complex that GR has gotten. There's way too much emphasis on this cheesy plot and way too much focus on Mitchell. I want the game to focus on the battle, not the soldiers in the battle. GRAW 3 could keep a cheesy plot if it has to, just don't shove it down my throat. I'd want potential for long range engagements in addition to the short range shootouts. I guess I just wanna be an actual Warfighter, not a Wargod. That said, I think North Korea or China would be a good setting. There's mountains, there's open plains, there's wooded areas, and of course cities. Neither of them are in good ties with NATO and they have formidable forces. And in China, I understand some places have some wicked fog that comes through. I think it'd be perfect. BUT... Ubi struck gold with Splinter Cell, and created a fan favorite hero, Sam Fischer. Now they're just trying so freaking hard to cash in on that success, that they're trashing all their franchises by turning them all into Splinter Cell. Yet ironically, they're moving Splinter Cell away from its original gameplay style. Of course, I don't think Ubi will change their ways. They're now talking about going into movies. Their new style of making games lends itself to the silver screen and vice versa. Kind of a shame really, cuz even the console gamers are starting pipe up about wanting more complex games for their 360/PS3. I'd only buy GRAW 3 on a PC. But I don't know how Grin would pull off #3, between dealing with our whiny butts and Ubi's flippant attitude toward Grin's customers.
  4. True, I think that if we had ALL the toys from SP available in coop, then the maps would be WAY too easy. BUT, I think the weapons are very basic and it'd be nice to simply set em up the way you want. I don't think my personal preference inhibits teamwork. Granted I only have 2 or 3 loadouts that I ever really play with. After this patch, I can edit my and my platoon-mates' favorites into an xml file, but that's hardly user-friendly. PS- While the topic is somewhat derailed, it'd be nice to have the OPTION of having the target datalinking back or at least the tac map. Even GR1 had the overhead map with commander functions. Perhaps a server-side option of Datalinking/TacMap/None?
  5. A 4-man team does the work of an entire SF platoon with weapons that aren't used by the Army and we're talking about realism? This is for entertainment. The namesake of my clan happens to LOVE the Tom Clancy games. During our Raven Shield sessions, hearing a female's "Tango Down" was unique. And her ridiculous pink-camo RS:Vegas character left no doubt as to who just poached your kill! I don't think this is a pressing need for this iteration of GR/GRAW, but in the future it'd be a real nice touch. Ladies play too, and they deserve a piece of the escapism we enjoy too. BTW... Isn't the Eagle driver in Mission 9 a female?
  6. Boy talk about stirring the pot! Anyway, I think the "body-snatching" in GR1 was kinda weird. In GRAW2, you're always Mitchell, but the CrossCom gives you a great degree of control over your guys. Nutlink is right, try the demo and decide for yourself before dropping all your cash.
  7. I don't get it! What the heck happened to everything else? Where did the Ghosts who were supposed to be covering the entrance run to? I bailed em out of countless entanglements, they could have at least helped me into the chopper! What happened to the Mexican rebels? Are they done? How's the political climate? Too many unanswered questions! I bet there'll be one last pocket of rebels that are gonna shoot down Mitchell's chopper, capture him, and bring him into a highly-guarded, elaborate complex in another exotic location....... Rainbow Six: Miami anyone? This of course, leads to a whole new terrorist organization that Sam Fischer will have to infiltrate.
  8. Ok Bumbi, thanks for that. One last question. I figured out the base color for the suits, the helmets/gloves/glasses (RGB). But for the extra gear, like the waist packs and holsters, I can't get their base color to change. I've changed the ACU base color definition at the top of the ghost_template.xml and for each character. I noticed there's a separate gear diffuse dds. How do I make the base color change for that? Thanks for the help.
  9. @Bumbi- Thanks for the prompt reply, sir. My problem is now that I can't seem to figure out what's what as far HOW the base color is applied. Apparently the gloves and helmet use all three color channels, so you can apply color directly that way. Some straps, buckles, etc have the base color masked to em, while some of em don't. Hopefully you know something about how this works cuz I don't @Lancer- Do you think your woes may have something to do with your unbundling of the quick.archive? I gave my skin to my platoon-mate Dewey (who has NOT unbundled anything) for testing and he had no problems seeing it at all.
  10. I've searching around and was able to get my own (blue) camo into the standard ACU. But I want to turn the rest of the suit (straps, shoes, packs, etc) into a nice deep blue to go with everything. Standard-ACU-camo <texture_switch material="camo" texture="self_illumination_texture" file="data/textures/atlas_characters/mul_camo_xy/camo_02/camo_ACU_test_xy_df"/> <color_switch material="camo" color="base_color" value="0.83 0.95 1.011"/> I assume that editing "value" is how to do it, but I don't know what the min and max values on RGB are.
  11. First, I'll agree with Sleepdoc. Jenny, the namesake of our gaming group has never found a game she likes more than FarCry. She knows there are games that are better than it is and games that she plays way more. But FarCry is still her favorite, why? It was her first MP experience. Nothing will be able to match that mental response that FC provided that first time. Now I'll also have to agree with Dewey. GR1's open maps were really cool. But GRAW's gameplay is much smoother than GR1's ever was. I'm just waiting for the mapmakers to get their hands on the new tools. We will then see soom truly amazing stuff.
  12. What? Don't get me wrong, I've still had a blast playing this online. Despite its flaws, I still believe the co-op is better than GRAW 1. I think most of these flaws discussed here will be quickly addressed in some patches. The dead-eye thing can be easily fixed, I would think. If the AI in campaign is reasonable, I don't see why we can't have it Co-op. The eagle-eyes... that's just a representation of the state of AI in video gaming in general. For one thing, AI is color blind, and I don't know how you'd program an AI bot to see something as being blended in or contrasted. This type of thing is anywhere from a few years off to probably not being fixed in our lifetime. But I agree. Rainbow Six is dead and I wish Red Storm were back in the saddle riding the horse that got em here.
  13. You pretty much hit on my main gripes, BUT... It seems that even on easy in [GR], the AI is set to hardcore. In the quarry map in campaign mode, I was able to sit up top and pick people off before coming down. Sometimes I'd be detected, but I could shoot them before getting shot. But even on easy COOP, if I miss, they just whip around and headshot me instantly. But even if I connect sometimes it doesn't work because it takes 4 shots to drop them. And the AI have perfect aim even while being hit. I'd also like the TacMap back into this mode for situational awareness I'd like the target datalinking to be available, or at least have the option to turn it on or off. It just seems so weird having a game where all this high tech stuff is the crux of the gameplay, but you can't use it in multiplayer. I'd also like to heartily second... PLEASE get rid of ready-made loadouts! I understand this would probably be a good balancing feature for adversarial games, but we don't need that for COOP! The odds are already against us. I have a question: What happened to the day/dusk/night options? I'd love to mix some of this stuff up a bit.
  14. i don't know what it is exactly, but the campaign AI are pretty nice. Even when you're spotted, they're not complete dead-eyes. On the quarry map, I was dropping the rebels in one shot with a supressed HK 416. But even on easy in [GR] mode, I have to pump 4 shots into the tangos to get em to go down. And while I'm getting shots 3 and 4 outta the chamber, the tango just spins around, finds me prone in a crevice, and puts a headshot on me. I would think that implementing the sight bloom would be easy enough in [GR] (I don't know a thing about programming though). Couldn't they just have some sort of a sight cone that collapses onto my position? I hope they're taking care of this along with the other stuff that needs fixing in [GR].
  15. Haha, well that's quite a length to run to stick it to Ubi But correct me if I'm wrong, if you go to a shareholder meeting and say "Dude, stop killing Tom Clancy games" they'll pretty much just have a six-figure financial analyst (who doesn't know jack about games) explain why Ubi is making the right moves financially. But heck, 56.30 a share... buy a couple grand worth of shares and show up at a stockholder meeting with your grievance. At the very least, you'll get on YouTube.
  16. http://www.computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id=167384 I have to say, this is probably the worst review I've read for a game. It's not because I disagree with his opinion. That doesn't bother me. This guy must have spent 20 minutes total on the review, including 10 minutes to play the demo. My goodness, he barely covered anything about the game. What about the UI? How's the weapons? How's MP? Does Scott Mitchell drink Coke or Pepsi? These people have no pride in their trade anymore.
  17. Badazz, I loved how you can now ride along with the tanks in first person view. But I STILL wanna know how the enemy AI is improved! How does it behave when suppressed?!
  18. Probably crank up my headphones and stay up late playing SP all weekend. Then I'll probably get down with the coop action and run through the campaign. Then I know the modding gods will probably have churned out some [GR] maps and mods by the time the campaign has been spoiled. Then it's just hunker down on [GR] mode till The Next Great Thing...
  19. I agree with Sleepdoc. Back on topic.... so what exactly happens when you "suppress" and enemy this time? In GRAW I got tired of two things happening. Either you can lay a spray of bullets down and they'll still leave cover 1 by 1 and get capped, or you could lay down a spray of bullets and the enemy will just pop up and nail anything, dead-on accurate.
  20. I wouldn't mind going with the download version. Just download and then back up your files onto a DVD (if your machine can run GRAW, you should have a dvd burner). The great thing about it is not having to bust out your cd everytime you want to play.
  21. Haha, wow. I didn't mean for this to turn into EU vs. USA debate, but thanks for the help. Last time I bought the collector's edition thingy. I think it was the same price as the regular one, but extra dvd was kinda lame and I was wondering if this was gonna be the same kind of thing. BTW, I pay $3.40 for 91 octane here in CA and I drive a little car.
  22. When you exit the demo, it shows you two boxes. The left looks like a regular edition and the right says "PC Exclusive" and says "PC-DVD Online" at the top, and the box looks bigger. What extra do we get with the second version?
  23. Wow, what an uninformed hack. He doesn't know much about GRAW PC and didn't even pretend that he was too lazy to fact check. The "pop-up" thing does raise a flag for me, but nothing else in that preview was worth anything. It was basically just, "Hey those PC guys are getting GRAW 2 now and there's some cool extra thinky stuff we didn't get but the graphics are teh suk." This is why I never listen to critics.
  24. What makes you say that? Two certainly look like SP/COOP, but what makes you say [GR] specifically? I thought it was basically gonna be the same thing as last time but with multiple IP's. I didn't think they would add in all the fancy stuff like artillery, marines, etc.
  25. I remember a while back there was an Israeli company that was developing an AI processing card, much along the lines of the PhysX cards. Their goal was to release a toolkit that allows dynamic pathfinding and dynamic execution. They're intentionally flying under the media radar right now, but I think this would probably solve a lot of problems related to cheap heuristics. Hopefully they see the project through.
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